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During the Vietnam War, the United States Army sought to field a new, dependable sniper rifle. Original XM21 sniper rifle withART telescope sight; note that it has an original M14 wooden stock(with cut out for fire selector above the trigger guard, and a hingedbuttplate).
Current productsion SpringfieldM1A target rifle set up to duplicate M21, but with modified woodenadjustable stock. US Army sniper with re-issued M21 sniper rifle fitted with new scope mount andtelescope sight in Iraq, 2006. The XM21 sniper rifle was developed jointly by theArmy Weapons Command  at Rock Island, Combat DevelopmentCommand at Ft. Finally it must be noted that more than few M21 rifles were recently re-issuedto US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan to complement older M24 rifles before enough M110 semi-automatic rifles will be available.
M21 sniper rifle isgas operated, semi-automatic rifle which uses Garand-type rotary boltlocking and gas-operated short stroke piston system, located below thebarrel.
The M21 Sniper Rifle, based on the M14 rifle, was the primary Army sniper rifle of the Vietnam War and remained standard until replaced by the bolt-action M24 Sniper Weapon System beginning in 1988.
The Rifle, 7.62mm, Sniper, M21 began as a the prototype XM21, developed jointly by the Army Weapons Command (Rock Island, IL), Combat Development Command (Ft.
The Rock Island Arsenal converted 1,435 M14NM rifles to XM21 sniper rifles for initial fielding to Vietnam in 1969. The M21 was accurate to 750 yards (690m) due to hand-made improvements over the standard M14. The gas cylinder and piston were reworked and polished to improve operation and to reduce carbon buildup.

The M21 is described in TM 9-1005-223-10 and other manuals for the M14 rifle, as well as in Appendix B of FM 23-10 "Sniper Training". The long-range ball ammunition uses the M118 bullet, a special 173 grain boat-tailed ball bullet consisting of a lead slug with a gilding metal jacket. The M21 sniper weapon system is equipped with National Match rear sights, normally replaced by the telescope. The M21 Sniper Rifle was equipped with a Leatherwood 3X-9X Adjustable Ranging Telescope (ART).
The ART is based on a commercially procured telescopic scopesight, modified for use with the sniper rifle.
In no case I shall be liable for any damage or harm, caused by use or misuse of any information, facts and opinions, placed on this site. The rifle originally had a hardwood stock, walnut impregnated with an epoxy, which was later replaced with a fiberglass stock. This scope has a modified reticle with a ballistic earn mounted to the power adjustment ring on the ART I. M25 rifles are ususally issued with more modern Baush& Lomb or Leupold telescope sights. Most suchconversion and re-issues use new generation scope mounts with Picatinny railsand new-generation telescope sights.
For specialoperations, M21 rifle was often issued along with Sionics soundsuppressor (silencer). The XM21 was an accurized M14 National Match (NM) semi-automatic rifle equipped with a Leatherwood 3X-9X Adjustable Ranging Telescope (ART).

The XM21 was officially type classified M21 in 1975, though it had been informally called the M21 since December 1969. The base of the cartridge is stamped with the year of manufacture and a circle that has vertical and horizontal lines, sectioning it into quarters. The Rock Island Arsenal converted 1,435 M14NMrifles to XM21 sniper rifles for initial fielding to Vietnam in 1969.The rifle was initially fielded with a wooden stock, which was laterreplaced with a fiberglass stock.
It was the primary Army sniper rifle of the Vietnam war and remained standard until formally replaced by the bolt-action M24 Sniper Weapon System beginning in 1988. Its spread for a 10-shot group is no more than 12 inches at 550 meters (fired from an accuracy barrel in a test cradle). The XM21 was officially typeclassified M21 in 1975, and remained a standard US Army sniper rifleuntil 1988, when it was officially replaced with M24 SWS. The rifle used 7,62mm NATO M118ammunition, especially developed for sniping and long range matchshooting. The ART telescope featured a variable magnification power offrom 3X to 9X, for adjustable ranging between 300m and 900m.

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