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This article answers a range of questions on dog castration, including the pros and cons of Labrador castration, and what you can expect to happen afterwards.
We look at the costs of castration, what is involved in castrating a dog, the recovery time, and there’s even a dog castration video for you to watch if you want to. And most importantly, we also considerA the potential effects of castration on the long term health of your Labrador. Castrating your dog may change him in ways you do not expect,A  and may not change him at all in ways that you do expect.
People often hope and expect that their male dog will be easier to manage after castration.
Many of the changes that sometimes occur after castration, only occur with about half of all castrated dogs. The success rate of castration in curing a whole range of perceived problems is not very impressive. If you have your dog castrated before he is mature,A  he is unlikely to develop in quite the same way as an uncastrated male.
This is because castration removes some of the hormones involved in telling your dog to stop growing.
Constant piddling, ie cocking his leg every five minutes, may be reduced, and probably is in about half of castrated dogs, but there are no guarantees.
Bouncy, lively, and generally boisterous behaviour isA unlikelyA to be reduced as a result of castration.
Roaming is one behaviour that is significantly improved after castration, because roaming tends to be powered by the testosterone fuelled drive to procreate. However, roaming is also preventable by secure fencing.A  Obviously if your garden is the size of a football pitch that could work out expensive,A  in this case a smaller enclosure for your dog might be an alternative solution.
Aggression towards people, often based on a€?feara€™, A is unlikely to be relieved by castration. Vets used to believe that castration made dogs less aggressive towards other dogs, but recent studies suggest that the opposite is true. This is probably because testosterone is a confidence boosting hormone and when your dog is castrated his testosterone production is turned off.
In conclusion, if your dog is aggressive, seek advice from your vet and a reputable behaviourist before lopping off his balls! Vets are often quick to point out the health benefits of castration.A  These include removing the risk of testicular cancer. For the sake of balance,A  it is worth taking some time to consider the potential health problems that have now been associated with this procedure. Some recent studies have shown that castrationA A increases both the risk of some cancers in male dogs, and of joint problems such as hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament disease. A study of heart tumours in 1380 dogs showed that the risk of developing such tumours was increased for castrated males. A recent study also showed an association between epilepsy and castration.A  Though this relationship is not necessarily a a€?causala€™A  one,A  it is food for thought.
One of the benefits to castrating a dog is particularly relevant to dog owners that work full time.
Many doggy day care centres or dog creches simply won’t accept an adult male dog that has not been castrated. The same applies to those who live in states or countries where castration is a legal requirement for all male dog owners.
Castration is a relatively minor operation but there is still some recovery time involved, and a bit of post-operative care. Because castration is carried out under a full general anaesthetic, your dog may still be a little woozy when you collect him from your vet. Your dog will have a small wound with a couple of stitches in which you’ll need to keep an eye on, and report back to your vet if it looks sore or infected. Outdoors, you’ll probably need to keep your Labrador on a lead for a few days and to keep the operation site clean – so no lying in muddy puddles! If your dog has been castrated as an adult you will also need to consider that he will not be infertile immediately.
If you don’t like the idea A of your dog undergoing a surgical procedure, or would like to see what the effects of neutering are on your dog before making a permanent decision,you may be interested in chemical castration for dogs. With chemical castration your vet will place a hormone implant just underneath your dog’s skin that has similar effects to surgical castration. The costs of dog castration surgery are not usually covered by pet insurance so this is something you will need to pay for yourself. It is a minor operation but includes the anaesthetic, vet teams time etc, so don’t expect much change from $200 A (or A?100 in the UK) A from a private vet.
Check with your vet, and don’t be afraid to shop around for a better quote if your vet seems expensive. Obviously castrating a dog will render him infertile (though not immediately)A  which may be very important to you if you own or are intending to own an entire female dog. If you have a male dog and a female,A  neutering the dog is probably the least invasive option. If your dog is an only dog,A  and your property is secure,A  it is not a straightforward decision as there are both benefits and disadvantages to the dog. Labradors as a breed are particularly susceptible to joint problems, and there is a significantly increased risk of these arising in a castrated male, together with a higher risk of some forms of cancer, so this is something you need to consider. Have you noticed benefits or disadvantages to castrating your dog?A  Share your thoughts in the comments box below. You can find out more about how to keep your Labrador as fit and healthy as possible in the Health section of our website.
If you’d like all of our best Labrador information together in one place, then get your copy of The Labrador Handbook today.
The Labrador Handbook looks at all aspects owning a Labrador, through daily care, to health and training at each stage of their life. One thing to bear in mind is that neutering reduces a dog’s metabolic energy requirement, therefore quite a few dogs gain weight following their neuter. My black lab is 5.The most beautiful English block head i have ever seen and such a sweet loving boy. I have a 15 month old chocolate lab, he’s extremely friendly and never been aggressive. Hi there I have a 3 year old miniature schnauzer and he is not neutered and we have never had problems, however recently he has started running off to another house in the village which has a female dog on heat.
MaryNew York, USA I'm a skeptic of pretty much everything that has to be purchased online.
CNS depressants prescribed for symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances are among the most widely used and abused drugs. Individuals who abuse substances fail to complete tasks of separation-individuation, resulting in underdeveloped egos. The members of the European Peat and Growing Media Association, EPAGMA, have agreed and committed themselves to start using commonly agreed labelling standards on their professional horticulture products. Don't believe the advertisement on product quality before you actually have opened a bag, seen what the soil looks like, or used it for a test grow.
When you go to a garden center one of the first things you notice in the soil section is that there are different types of soil for various plant species. Quality potting soil automatically provides good drainage and has an excellent water-air ratio.
The main point is to select a container with maximum volume so that you can fill it with as much soil as possible. Consult the guidelines (above) to see our general recommendation for specific plants and environmental conditions.
Photo: cuttings and seedlings raised in small cups quickly suffer from stunted growth and nutrient deficiency. Is it necessary to add anything for drainage such as perlite, vermiculite, sand, expanded clay pebbles? Especially harmful is to fill the bottom of the container with coarse materials such as expanded clay pebbles.
Up till now we have not received any satisfying feedback on Dutch soil products except for CANNA Professional.

The complete design of this web site and all its contents and single components such as images, logo, text, etc.
According to statistics, crimes that concur with the domestic violence definition are underreported.
Domestic abuse can take several forms, and if you or someone you love is suspected of experiencing the pain of IPV (Intimate Partner Violence), it is important to get help right away. Physical abuse is physical violence or control that intimidates or harms the other person. If you are in an abusive relationship by any domestic violence definition, it is imperative that you seek help. A Labradors may become calmer as they mature, but dona€™t assume this is down to castration. Castrated dogs may in fact be more likely to be aggressive or have behaviour problems than other dogs. For these people, castration is not optional, it’s just something that they have to do. A If you would like to know exactly what is involved, the video explains the procedure perfectly. Your veterinarian will give you full instructions as to when and what he can eat or drink after surgery. It does not reduce testosterone as effectively as surgical castration but should give you an idea of how your dog will respond to reduced hormone levels. The issue of potential long-term effects on health appears to be very complex with outcomes seemingly differing between breeds and being influenced by the age of neutering. Your vet may have given you a rule of thumb figure by which to reduce your dog’s daily ration. However when he does get excited chasing other male dogs and tries to hump them, he will stop if they tell him off.
We had worked thru marking in the house, were improving his apparent attraction to human females, and were dealing with having to restrict his interactions with neutered males since they seemed to want to attack him.
He humps my leg then gets nasty after he is scared of other dogs won’t play with them when they go away he plays with his frisbee? It was hard to believe how quickly I was able to remove a few warts that had been lingering over the years. These drugs are very likely to be abused when the underlying conditions remain untreated.
Although the margin of safety of these drugs is great, they have a characteristic syndrome of withdrawal that can be very severe. The person has a highly dependent nature, with characteristics of poor impulse control, low frustration tolerance, and low self-esteem. These role models have a negative influence, and the child learns to handle stress in like manner. Although this should not be a difficult task it can turn into one, especially if you have no horticultural experience and don't know what to look for. We are not responsible for the use of a product mentioned and any effects or consequences it may have on your cultivation.
The harmonised standards will provide consumers across Europe with more complete and transparent information.
There is soil specifically for roses, geraniums, rhododendron, bonsai plants, cacti, lawns, orchids, palm trees and so on. Manufacturers add limestone to standard potting mixes to ensure that the pH is stable and in the correct range.
Pro-Mix BX (not to be confused with other Pro-Mix products) is one such brand that should be avoided.
The composition of the mix is professionally put together to facilitate rapid root growth, sufficient water retention, and optimal drainage.
This is a good starting point and, of course, you can also find online horticultural shops or enquire at a local gardening center for a particular brand. How long the fertilizer in the soil lasts and when you need to repot depends on the size of your plants and amount of light they are getting.
Choose larger containers for sufficient root space and plentiful natural nutrients from quality potting soil.
This allows you to grow large plants in containers without the risk of early yellowing and other deficiency symptoms. In many indoor grow rooms we see nutrient problems caused by wasting a big space underneath the plants because of cultivating in small containers that are not wide enough. The strain details often contain specific recommendations and information on container size and how big plants from seed grow indoor under 400W HPS and 4 weeks of growth. For optimal discretion what type of plant can I say that I’m growing in case I am asked? Both cannabis and tomato plants are fast growing plant species and have similar needs regarding soil nutrients, container size, light.
It is added very sparsely (approx.1% only) to the soil mix and greatly enhances overall health in the root zone. Humus, such as from compost, is the best additive because it also provides many microorganisms and nutrients to the soil mix. In fact such reports of intimate partner abuse, as domestic abuse is defined, is one of the MOST underreported crimes. Domestic violence can occur between two people intimately involved, or extended family members. Call a Hotline, or find a Trusted Friend to help you get assistance with the Police, as well as a Shelter that will offer safety.Abusers may have manipulated the victim into believing they will kill them, or left them simply suicidal. A  The findings are interesting and may find it helpful in deciding whether or not to go ahead with neutering.
A few of my friends didn’t want to socialize their female dogs until I had mine fixed. For example, age of neutering was *not* considered in the 2013 study that was based on a data for 40,000 dogs. In my opinion it is a good idea to observe your dog’s body condition closely anyway and even more closely in the months following his neuter (particularly if he is at an age at which he may still need more energy to grow or fill out). I’m more concerned about the fact that the other day a small child was bent over, bobby sniffed his bum, then pushed him over and started humping him. But when our erstwhile sweet natured pup started to show signs of aggression toward other dogs, especially puppies, that did it. He wees on anything and everything and his behaviour is starting to become a problem on walks.
If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please return your order within 30 days for a complete refund. Thanks for shipping the product to me so quickly and for helping me with some of my questions. I’ve tried a wide array of creams, acids, gels, et and nothing worked as well or as quickly as Wartrin. Characteristics that have been identified include impulsivity, negative self-concept, weak ego, low social conformity, neuroticism, and introversion. However, parents may be average, normal individuals with children who succumb to overwhelming peer pressure and become involved with drugs. This soil guide outlines the basics about horticultural potting soil and what you need to know about your Mandala plants (or cannabis in general) and soil in order to make the right choice*. Even established companies with a good reputation sometimes have a production error and churn out thousands of soil bags with the wrong composition. This is very important because the point of growing in soil is that the plants have a sufficient storage of nutrients at their disposal.
This tells you that the mix supports vegetative growth very well and is suitable for a nitrogen-loving plant like cannabis. You should avoid soils that are compact and loamy or very low in humus content and too airy. One of the most common mistakes growers make is to ruin their soil mix with high amounts of perlite. You should adjust the container size according to your setup, observations, and the feedback the plants are giving you.

This guarantees that the soil is not too heavily fertilized, that is does not contain course materials which can obstruct the sprouting of the seeds, that it is sterile and free of pests, and that it has a proper pH for germination. In a properly filled container with quality potting soil you can wait until sexing to repot your females.
This should be sufficient for all Mandala strains grown under low light and you do not need to worry about extra fertilizing. Especially tapering pots with a narrow bottom are a complete waste of valuable space and unnecessarily restrict plant growth. Potting soil eventually settles down and becomes more compact thereby reducing its volume naturally. Plants in the late flowering phase will probably not grow any substantial new roots and repotting may lead to overwatering and pose a danger of bud mold. During vegetative and early flowering time rootbound plants quickly yellow because nutrients are depleted in the container.
Adding Rock Dust mineral content to a soil increases bacterial activity and promotes new root growth. If they reach a dry and sterile layer of substrate the delicate root hairs shrivel, valuable space is lost where the plant requires rich soil that stores moisture and minerals. If there is no space for repotting you have to begin a mild feeding schedule to top-up nutrients. Most of them are too strongly fertilized for indoor cultivation and others are too light and require a complicated supplementary feeding schedule with liquid fertilizers.
The fear, shame and humiliation that comes from being in an abusive situation often leaves the victim feeling powerless and unable to take action. Anytime someone pushes, grabs, punches or threatens physical harm, physical abuse has occurred. The abused partner may also check in constantly to give a report of where they are, or they will receive harassing calls or visits from their partner.
Being strong and taking effective steps to restoring a good self worth while remaining safe are possible. Then I moved in with a roommate and I thought it would be appropriate to finally get it done, I hoped it would have lowered my Labs energy, his spotting, and aggressiveness towards people.
If you make a point of checking his body condition weekly, it is easy to adjust his ration slightly downwards or upwards as needed. Underlying psychiatric status must be assessed, as these individuals may use stimulants for varying self-medication reasons. Products that pass the requirements of the certification program and comply with ongoing audit testing of products in retail markets earn the badge of the MSC certification logo for their packaging. So the first thing you would look for are the products which have the correct pH for cannabis. After this period, all you need to do is repot into larger containers to provide fresh soil for further plant growth and flowering. These types of soils are probably specialized mixes for particular plant species, or intended for use in outdoor landscaping and mulching, etc. You have to adjust container size and repotting schedule according to the requirements of your plants!
This growth needs to be supported by quality potting soil and the appropriate container size. Most often a lot of available space get's wasted by growing in containers that are not wide or tall enough although there is plenty of room in the grow space or homebox.
This can cause a major plant care problem with smaller containers used for clones and young plants.
Fertilizing is rarely a satisfying long-term solution and rootbound plants should be repotted as soon as possible. It shows that the soil was filled intelligently right to the top edge of the container to make maximum use of the available space. These extended root systems allow plants to increase their mineral intake, and provide for even stronger, healthier plants. It can only be used in small amounts for greenhouse or outdoor gardening in the ground and in large containers.
Start with the lowest recommended dosage for organic fertilizers, or with 10-15% of the recommended dosage for mineral fertilizers. I have not bred him though this was my best intention as he has a fantastic pedigree.Is this sexual frustration? Bio Bizz Light Mix is also a similar product that relies on a standard fertilizer schedule almost from the seedling stage.
Check the container volume by lining it with a waterproof plastic bag and filling in a measured amount of water.
Mandala strains have very vigorous root development and require a sufficient container size to support their quick growth. Even if you are involved with your partner in consensual sex, if you have been forced into sexual activity that you are not comfortable with, it is abuse. This isolation can be caused by a combination of shame, not being "allowed" to go without their significant other, or because there have been restrictions set on use of car, money or credit cards. The skin around did become excoriated, but in between treatments, I applied antibiotic cream and this seemed to help.
They do not contain enough fertilizer and can only be used in small pots to start seeds or root clones.
Your soil mix should therefore have a good balance between the three major nutrients of N-P-K during growth and flowering for optimal results and easy cultivation.
You should transplant the seedlings within this time frame to a standard potting soil for further growth. If you have to keep container size smaller due to space constrictions then you should plant late in the season, choose short Mandala strains, or prune the plants 1-2 times for shorter growth. If you see as much empty space as containers it's time to act and upgrade your containers! For outdoor use it is also best to only apply small amounts onto the top layer of the soil. Now, I have stopped the treatment and have just been using the cream to keep the healing going. CANNA Professional and CANNA Professional Plus also rely on early fertilizing schedules to sustain healthy growth. The main advantage of soil mixes for seedlings is that they are finer grade and it is easier to fill small cups and plant the seeds.
Bio Bizz Light Mix requires a feeding program and is not sufficiently pre-fertilized for natural growth. The point of growing in soil is to have an easy and uncomplicated cultivation and that is not guaranteed with these products. Emotional abuse is often dismissed as someone being too jealous, or short tempered, rather than complying with the domestic violence definition.
That's why you should start seeds in small pots and then transplant into the standard potting soil within a few days.
But, the long term effects of emotional abuse can affect someone for a lifetime.Victims of emotional abuse may be the most difficult to identify.
This behavior erodes a person's feelings of worth through a series of verbal abuse (name calling, shaming, and blaming), as well as psychological abuse. I simply won’t do it .However have I waited it out by letting him grow to maturity before neutering , or is it too late to neuter ? The abuser may frequently make threats to physically harm you, or controls who you see, talk to or go. The perpetrator may control the finances, withhold necessities (food, clothing, etc), or sabotage work or friend relationships.

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