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P6 Extreme is a testosterone booster that has a 3-in-1 formula that claims build lean muscle mass, increase libido and stamina, and increase your metabolism. Cellucor is a well known powerhouse in the bodybuilding and performance enhancing supplement industry.
Cellucor developed P6 Extreme under the premise that it would contain industry researched and tested ingredients that, when combined together, should optimize conditions in the body for natural testosterone production.
Boost natural testosterone levels, so you get all the lean muscle mass building, strength, stamina, increased metabolism and libido benefits of extra testosterone that is produced by your body rather than from injections from an external source. Understanding and noting the ingredients of a testosterone booster or any muscle building supplement is the very foundation of which the product is built on. One of the most common issues that will cause a product to get a lower review rating is when a supplement only contains one ingredient. What we have found is that typically one-ingredient products (one trick ponies) are not as effective and powerful as products that include multiple ingredients that work in concert with each other in a much more powerful, strategic, and effective way.
On the positive side of things, you can see by the ingredients label that P6 has over 9 different ingredients.

Another positive is that most of the ingredients listed have been studied and shown have natural testosterone boosting capabilities.
The ingredients contain a whole host of natural herbals that boost testosterone, and on top of that,  they also included a 500mg dose (when taken as directed) of the very powerful Tribulus Terrestris. Obviously ingredients are the determining factor of whether a product can really produce results are not.
Do you know the dosage levels of each of the ingredients you’re getting in the product? As stated in the Pros, the good news is that P6 uses a good variety of different ingredients that have been shown to boost natural testosterone.
The other question you have to ask yourself is why would you want to ingest anything without knowing exactly how much of any ingredient you’re ingesting?
Unfortunately, our opinion is that Cellucor did a below average job with this testosterone booster. The proprietary blend with no dosage levels for the individual ingredients are the biggest achilles heal for this product.

Would you like to know which three products we believe are the best three in the market for 2016? Click on the article below to find which products are taking the top three spots and, more importantly, why they were chosen! With our top 3 picks, you get more proven ingredients and dosages that are meaningful enough to actually make a difference. Our Top 3 picks will increase your free testosterone more, block more estrogen, and provide and even bigger boost to your libido, and it does it all at a cheaper price!

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