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The new 24 MP, full 35 mm format CMOS sensor doesn’t come from one of the big manufacturers but was designed and constructed in collaboration with the Belgian company CMOSIS especially for the camera and its use with M and R lenses. The LEICA M is the first Leica rangefinder camera with video capabilities – up to 25 fps in 1080p in MOV and Motion JPEG.
Three years ago Leica’s Stefan Daniel promised a Leica camera allowing to use Leica R lenses digitally in full format.
The Leica M can also be connected directly to a computer workstation via the handgrip’s integrated USB socket.
This was also on the wish list of many photographers: Special rubber seals now protect the camera body against dust, spray and moisture. The high-resolution electronic Visoflex viewfinder Leica EVF2 has a resolution of 1.4 megapixels and a 90° swivel action for capturing images from unusual angles.
The CMOS sensor with live view, the additional focusing methods, the EVF and the Leica R adapter make the LEICA M the long awaited option to use the outstanding quality of LEICA R lenses in digital full format. Leica Camera AG, Solms, presents a groundbreaking milestone in the history of the Leica rangefinder system at the photokina in Cologne (18 to 23 September 2012): The Leica M.
The Leica M also marks the beginning of a new era with regard to the Leica product naming policy. The Leica M is the first in a long line of Leica rangefinder cameras to feature a completely new development in sensor technology; the Leica Max CMOS image sensor. The Leica M offers two additional focusing methods that can be activated quickly and easily with the new focus button.
All the new features are optimally combined with the typical values of the Leica rangefinder system and guarantee the accustomed dependability of the Leica M in all photographic situations, from available light photography to discreet and aesthetic fine-art image composition. The new rangefinder camera is also a typical M with regard to its intuitive handling concept with direct manual setting options and fast access to functions. The Leica M will be available from authorised dealers in early 2013 in a choice of black paint or silver chrome finish.
In classic viewfinder mode: Through the Lens (TTL) metering, center weighted with variable aperture.
In Live View and advanced viewfinder mode: Through the Lens (TTL) metering, center weighted, spot or multifield measuring. Large, light bright-line rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation, LED illuminated frame lines. While the new M looks beautiful, but I kind of wish it had not been burdened with video capability.
Sounds like a dream come true for all those who have a full set of Leica lenses and a way to attract many new uses to the Leica line. Availability is scheduled for early 2013 with a retail price of $6,950 in the US and ?5100 in the UK. Our L E G A C Y limited edition beeswax finish leather wrist straps have been a big hit and this customer submission was sent to us from San Fran.

Some of us saw no more potential for rangefinder cameras, others wrote long wish lists to Leica with urgently wanted features.
Regarding to Leica the characteristic advantages of CCD sensors, such as colour rendition and impressive reproduction of details, were transferred to a CMOS sensor. Here, contours in the subject are automatically displayed as red lines to allow simple and convenient focus assessment. Sound is recorded via an internal mono microphone or an external stereo microphone adapter.
This allows full remote control of the camera with the ‘Leica Image Shuttle’ software package and the transfer of image files directly to the computer by USB cable. The top deck and the base plate of the Leica M are machined from solid brass blanks and the full-metal chassis is a completely self-contained diecast element manufactured from high-strength magnesium alloy. As the first camera to implement a newly designed and constructed CMOS image sensor and to feature additional focusing methods and functions like Live View and Full HD video capability, it is the most versatile model ever in the history of Leica rangefinder cameras and sets entirely new standards. In future, Leica M and S model names will omit the number suffix to emphasise the enduring and long-term significance of the respective systems. This 24 MP, full 35 mm format, sensor was designed and constructed in collaboration with CMOSIS especially for the camera and its use with M- and R-Lenses. In line with the principles of the M-Philosophy, all functions and features are designed and constructed for absolute robustness and a long working life: The top deck and the base plate of the Leica M are machined from solid brass blanks and the full-metal chassis is a completely self-contained diecast element manufactured from high-strength magnesium alloy. The new layout and particular user-friendliness of the menu interface guarantees a clear and uncomplicated overview of all camera settings at all times. A particular highlight of the range is a new Leica R-Adapter M that allows almost all R-Lenses ever built to be mounted on the camera. He runs the international Leica Forum, the Systemkamera Forum (about CSC cameras) and the Fuji X Forum. In order to distinguish single Leica models will have a type code of three digits deriving from the internal numbering.
The camera menu offers profiles for more than 20 R lenses completely with an individual calibrated workflow and EXIF lens recognition. It unites the numerous advantages of innovative digital technology with a rangefinder technology that has been continuously perfected over decades. A further intention of this policy is to reinforce perceived value following the launch of new product generations. This new development successfully transfers the characteristic advantages of CCD sensors, such as natural and brilliant colour rendition and impressive reproduction of details, to a CMOS sensor. Image composition can now take place in real time with the view of the subject through the lens. The new ‘Live View Zoom’ option enables up to 10 x magnification for precise assessment of the sharpness of subject details or the close focusing limit. Further accessories are the Leica EVF2, Visoflex electronic viewfinder and a multifunctional handgrip-M with an integrated GPS module that, in combination with optional finger loops in various sizes (S, M and L), helps to ensure safe and steady handling of the camera and lens system.

At the same time, it remains true to the legendary values of the M-System, while expanding the opportunities offered by rangefinder photography – and, for the first time, offers compatibility with Leica R legacy lenses. In combination with the high-performance, Leica Maestro processor that is also employed in Leica S cameras, this new, full format, sensor guarantees maximum imaging quality and speed.
The sharpness, exposure and colour content of images can now be precisely assessed on the camera’s large, 3-inch, high-resolution monitor screen with 920,000 pixels. Live View Zoom and Live View Focus Peaking can be selected with the new focus button on the front of the camera.
The range also includes a Leica Microphone Adapter set for perfect sound with video recordings. Those rectangular buttons are really bad, the screen is over size and not proportional to the body. By the way, finally I shall use my R lenses on a full frame digital camera, throwing away my DMR and buying the new Leica M for 10.000 US dollars! This now also means that all elements in the image creation chain, from the lens to the image file are under complete control of the Leica engineers and therefore guarantee the ultimate in imaging performance and quality.
The glass covering plate of the monitor screen is manufactured from particularly tough and scratch-resistant Corning®Gorilla®Glass. User profiles can be programmed with any camera and shooting settings, stored under an arbitrary name, and accessed quickly whenever required for particular situations, and can now also be saved to an SD memory card. Another particular highlight is the low power consumption of the components that, in conjunction with the particularly high capacity of the battery, ensures outstanding system-autonomy.
Thanks to the Live View function, photographers now have access to entirely new opportunities that, in combination with the outstanding performance of Leica M- and R-Lenses, go far beyond the classical capabilities of rangefinder photography. For increased comfort in use, the Leica M now provides an ergonomically formed thumb rest with an integrated setting dial at the top right on the back of the top deck. I guess this is what happens when you have a bunch off people always asking for more and more when there was no need for all those “features” in the first place. This applies particularly to macro and telephoto photography, but also allows even more discreet shooting. In combination with M- and R-Lenses, the camera’s new, 1080p Full HD, video capability also opens up totally new horizons. They should’ve just update the 9 with better screen resolution, better sensor and keep the design intact!.

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