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A few days ago, word got out online that former Olympian turned much-mediated reality star Bruce Jenner had undergone plastic surgery, having had breast implants put in.
What gave credence to the report was the fact that, at the time it came out, Bruce hadn’t been seen out in public in a very long time. A separate report, this time in Radar Online, claims that Bruce might be coming out sooner than planned, because the news of his breast enhancement surgery leaked in the media.
He is now almost fully recovered from the intervention, but he doesn’t want to wait anymore until he comes out publicly.
In this, he has the support of the entire family, including his Kardashian step-daughters, insiders reveal. Kris found herself getting into all sorts of drama this week after a friend passed along some male enhancement pills.

Group Hugs After Kris and Kim heard about the trio's second blow-up, they sat Khloe down and suggested she go to anger management class. Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend Scott Disick hawked a male enhancement drug last year.Meanwhile Khloe was spotted looking bedraggled today after jetting into New York from Los Angeles. The next step, according to the report, was full gender reassignment surgery, which would take place in May or June. He emerged this weekend for a lonely hike in Malibu, and paparazzi photos snapped from a distance seem to confirm the rumor. In addition to that, Bruce seemed determined to discourage photographers from snapping away by covering his head and part of his face with a hoodie, and oversized sunglasses.
As of the time of writing, Bruce is yet to officially confirm he’s transitioning from male to female. They’re convinced that coming out and coming clean would take some of the heat off him.

Feeling what can only be described as romantic (we think), she decided to slip one into Bruce's coffee without telling him.
During a role-playing exercise where she had to vocalize what about Scott upset her, Khloe eventually admitted, "I feel like he's taking my sister away from me." With her newfound knowledge, Khloe finally apologized, coming clean about what was really bothering her. Overhearing their reconciliation from the kitchen, Kourtney then joined her boyfriend and sister in a group hug.
Stunned by another of Kris' schemes, Bruce bluntly told his wife, "This is about as dumb as you've gotten so far." Despite his mishap, Rob was still able to find the funny in the situation, and later teased Kris about her misguided decision with a well-placed cucumber.

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