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President Pratibha Patil presenting the 'Kalaignar M.Karunanidhi Classical Tamil Award' to Asko Parpola at the inaugural of the World Classical Tamil Conference in Coimbatore on Wednesday.
Terming Tamil as one of the old secular languages of India, he referred to a poem from Sangam literature to underscore his point.
Karunanidhi Classical Tamil Award from President Pratibha Patil at the inauguration of the World Classical Tamil Conference here, Professor Parpola said Sanskrit, with its 3,000-year-old tradition, had produced an unrivalled number of literary works.
Tamil goes back to Proto-Dravidian, which, in my opinion, can be identified as the language of the thousands of short texts in the Indus script, written during 2600-1700 BCE. Karunanidhi to take steps to publish a monogram highlighting the greatness of the Tamil language, culture and society, K.
The Tamil equivalents of scientific terms must be formulated to address contemporary needs.

Tamil was also spoken in six to seven countries and enjoyed a constitutional position there.
Hart, Chair, Tamil Studies, University of California, Berkeley, said the conference would strengthen research in Tamil, which was a part of the Indian heritage. Kulandaiswamy, vice president, International Association of Tamil Research, said the conference had united Tamils across countries as never before. It went back to Proto-Indo-Aryan [which was] attested in a few names and words related to the Mitanni kingdom of Syria between 1500 and 1300 BCE, and earlier forms of Indo-Iranian, known only from a few loanwords in Finno-Ugric languages as spoken in central Russia around 2000 BCE.
There are, of course, different opinions, but many critical scholars agree that even the Rigveda, collected in the Indus Valley about 1000 BCE, has at least half a dozen Dravidian loanwords,” he told a large gathering.
Sivathamby, Sri Lankan Tamil scholar and Chairman of the Academic Committee for the event, said that publication should be brought out in all the UNESCO-recognised languages.

This old language had a great corpus of literature of excellent poetic quality and grandeur from the Tamil Nadu, parts of Kerala and the northern region of Sri Lanka. He referred to the role of Professor Hart in the Central government granting classical language status to Tamil.
Stalin, Deputy Chief Minister, said the Chief Minister had convened the conference in order to promote Tamil vigorously.
The literature, around 2,000 years old, portrayed the human experience in a rich fashion, he said and read out a verse each from Purananooru and Ainkurunooru.

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