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Himachal Pradesh has hundreds of places to visit, it is the northern state of India known for its awe inspiring, picturesque landscapes and cultural extravaganza. Kullu is, perhaps, the most desired place for newlywed in Himachal Pradesh because of its riveting valleys, foggy climate and magnificent mountains. These are just a few places and Himachal Pradesh has a superfluity of such hundreds of places scattered along the length and breadth of the state. Situated at an elevation range of 450 meters to 6500 meters above sea level the state has many tourist destinations whose panoramic view and serene splendor make these places a must see. The name Shimla is, in fact, derived from the deity Shyamala Devi – incarnation of Goddess Kali. Along with the natural splendor, this city is known for its rich religious and spiritual mythological history.

The city of Shimla has breathtaking sceneries such as snow covered hilly terrains, mystic valleys, and fields that swing and sway to the tunes and music of Nature.
Unlike other places of Himachal Pradesh this serene place is known for its fairy tales and fantasies that leave you captivated. Even though one can see the cultural and linguistic variations, all these destinations of Himachal Pradesh have one thing in common: Unpolluted Scenic Natural Beauty! The forests that surround the city are another attraction which leaves the tourists spellbound throughout their journey. This is a city which is a perfect holiday destination with its unpolluted fresh air, cool streams, and lush greenery surrounding the location. Vineyards and the grandiose mountains of Kinner Kailash range are the other attractions of this place.

Let us take a brief look at these destinations and explore what Mother Nature has instilled to make these places so mesmerizing. It is indeed a pleasure to watch the rising Sun rays create spectacular scenes of crimson and golden colors on the mountain walls.

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