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Around age three Jani started talking about imaginary friends: usually cats, dogs, and rats named after numbers and days of the week. After her diagnosis, her parents decided to get separate apartments for Jani and Bohdi, with her parents rotating between them. Jani hasn’t been admitted to the hospital since February 2012 and she is a lot more stable now. TLC aired the followup to Jani’s journey Tuesday night, but it originally aired last year on Discovery Health. I deplore the institutionalization of children, but I also deplore the drugging of children, especially heavy drugging of them. All the props in the world to these parents who have taken control of an almost uncontrollable situation and made it work as well as they can for their family.
Or maybe Jani and her brother Bodhi are both defenseless victims in the clutches of (one or more) Munchausen parents. It is also possible that the wife (Susan) might also have a degree of Munchausen’s by Proxy. The fact that people are generally unwilling to believe that a parent could willingly put a child throygh unnecessary psychotropic drugging and such is pretty much the main reason thing have to get to a point where someone is either caught in a lie or something else is exposed before it’s finally recognised as Munchausen by proxy. We need to come up with a better solution for mental disorders such as this one as it effects all of society in the end.
There were also clips of January being coached by her mother at a very young age, hoping to get her into UCLA’s psychiatric program a year before she actually did. I watched the documentary for the first time just now and came away with the awful suspicion that the parents were using their children as props (reminded me of a lesser form of Munchausen by proxy). I watched all of the shows about this family and I felt the parents are mental cases and January started out a child with some problems and a great imagination who is not drugged beyond the point of no return. Now it seems after years of the parents not paying enough attention to the brother he is mimicking the girl’s behavior for attention. Back to this family – these parents need to get counseling for themselves and have more balance in their home for the brothers sake and realize that January cannot control the entire family with her problems.
I have sympathy for both of those children (both Jani and Bodhi), and see both of them as victims of both toxic psychiatry and very unusual parenting (something that looks like Munchausen’s).
And I agree with others that maybe the huge cocktail of prescriptions drugs they’re giving to Jani might be the cause of a lot of her issues. I would love the attention too if it meant getting help for a child in a situation such as theirs. I do not believe that Schizophrenia should be regarded as totally genetic, as that most families with a schizophrenic family member have just that one schizophrenic family member.
Ignorance is Bliss, For the doctor with the opinion from an empty mind, there are far more people out their who have children who are totally uneducated to the signs of a serious disease of this nature. LHHH Ray J & Princess Love wedding photosThe Ray J & Princess Love wedding photos are here! Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards shoots feral cats on his property, the internet is not happyIt probably won’t surprise most Teen Mom OG fans that Maci Bookout’s ex Ryan Edwards likes to hunt now and then, but it might surprise you to know that the game he hunts is often cats!

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Jani Schofield, una nina con tan solo 9 anos [ano actual, cuando se dio a conocer esto ella tenia tan solo 6 anos], nacio con esquizofrenia.
Debido a su corta edad no se le puede inscribir en ningun hospital psiquiatrico, y los padres se enfrentan a la peor de las pesadillas posibles, no solo por el caso tan extraordinario y falta de recursos economicos, sino porque en realidad no parece haber una cura definitiva.
The girl, who is now 10, was formally diagnosed after she tried to choke herself and jump out of her second-story bedroom window.
The family visited scores of doctors who failed to diagose her, instead throwing around conditions such as autism or bipolar. January Schofield, 6, suffers from schizophrenia, a chronic, severe, and disabling brain disorder most strongly characterized by sensory hallucinations. In 2010 a film crew followed January and her family around as they dealt with helping Jani get treatment for a documentary that aired on the Discovery Health channel. Some of the friends were good, but others were bad and told her to hit other people, including her younger brother Bohdi. They basically had to sacrifice their own relationship to do what’s best for their children, but they were able to move back into one apartment in 2011. Phil episode last year Jani’s dad Michael Schofield admitted that he kissed another woman and almost had an affair. Now her parents are worried that Jani’s four-year-old brother Bohdi is showing signs of schizophrenia. The parents obviously have a lot on their hands here, yes, and they are doing good things by being a good support system, yes. I would like to see her Unmedicated and away from her bizarro parents for a little while before making assessments. Not saying he is deliberately plotting this at all it’s just probably the only way he can feel loved. I may be dead wrong but I similar things went on in my house growing up with myself, siblings and mentally unstable mother.
I do have sympathy for each of them – mental illness is very real but there must be balance for normalcy. They start off just like the Jani parents, seeing the signs and hoping they mean something else. Esta enfermedad nunca se habia presentado en ninos tan pequenos siempre se hacia aparecer en la adolescencia. La pieza esta escrita de manera magnifica por Shari Roan, y las circunstancias que describe podrian convertirla a toda regla en un relato al mas puro estilo dickiano: ademas de su hiperactividad y subitos arranques de violencia, Jani sufre de alucinaciones bastante peculiares, donde sus amigos imaginarios, gatos y ratas en su mayoria, estan bautizados con nombres como Emily 54, la rata Saturno, 34, las ninas 100 grados y 24 horas. She instead lived between reality and an imaginary island she called Calalini, where her 'friends' included animals and people she named after numbers. While imaginary friends are normal for children, they usually are aware that the friends are not real. Jani took, and still takes a number of powerful medications including lithium, clozapine, and thorazine to help quite the voices and numbers she experiences.

It does make sense, just hard to believe that any parent would put their child through that. We have become a society focused like a laser beam on the lowest common denominators among us too embarrassed to support the gifted and brilliant, who have the potential to help mankind deal with such complex and difficult matters. Also I have a child in my family who displays similar symptoms of January and does have diagnosed problems but also knows how to play his parents and teachers to his benefit. It is because of families who open their lives to help educate other young and old parents of what to be aware and the steps that is needed to help their love ones, is how others get a jump on a mental process that is controllable and can be rehabilitated in most non-severe cases. While the cameras were rolling for the show, the footage won’t air for months–so read on for tons of photos & reports from the big day! El peor de sus amigos imaginarios es un gato que le ordena hacer cosas malas, parece sacado de una pelicula.
He or she may have gradual changes in behavior, for example a child who once enjoyed relationships with others may begin to become withdrawn and shy, and appear to be in a world of their own.The child may start talking about unusual ideas and fears.
If he doesn’t have schizophrenia then he most likely has some sort of other mental illness. No the cameras may not have been the best thing to do, but jani was a little girl who not only was s highly intelligent, but was aware of what and why her mind was functioning different than her peers, and why the cameras was filming her. A decir de los doctores que la tratan, ella perdio el control de estas criaturas, muchas veces son sus amigos imaginarios los que la controlan a ella. Puede parecer una broma, pero cuando ves el video, te das cuenta de que esta nina jamas va a poder llevar una vida normal si no es que avanza la medicina en ese campo, cosa que no va a depender de ella, una lastima.
They may become clingy with their parents and say things that do not make any sense.Experts are not sure what the causes of schizophrenia are. You’d think authorities would step in, most pediatric doctors would be trained to screen for this, no? SHE is the one who is literally fighting for her life every day, though she may not realize that until years later. I am in my 2 stage of becoming a Psychologist for multiple diseases that could fall under this umbrella very easy and the more people are educated of the process and the environmental changes, by the means of tv or pamplets, it is a help and early prevention or assessments can be made. He conocido esquizofrenicos, que me contaban como durante sus ataques las mayores locuras les parecen normales (Un conocido, andando por la calle, empezo a imaginar que toda la gente eran periodistas que investigaban sobre su vida y le espiaban. Recent studies suggest a combination of factors, including brain changes, as well as biochemical, environmental and genetic factors may play a part.
I urge you to get to a bible believing and following church and take Jani to them for healing. A la hora de contar la historia, comprendia que era una locura, pero en ese momento el lo creia asi y lo veia lo mas normal, termino ingresado), el problema es que esta cria parece estar continuamente viendo visiones, y en muchas personas esto se acrecenta con la edad.

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