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Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! ICON ATTRIBUTION AND COPYRIGHT INFO: Some of the icons seen in this theme are being used pursuant to a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). Digging deeper, we find what is generally considered to be the most familiar, best loved, all around greatest hymn based on music of unknown origin. The words, however, came from John Newton, a cleric who wrote them years before with the inspiration coming from his time on a slave ship threatened by fierce weather.  The prospect of imminent death elicited the beautiful words we know today, and in them he claims to have found his faith, and the realization of how immoral slavery is. January 1, 1773, was just the first of many January 1sts that are significant to people of sub-Saharan African heritage! January 1, 1804 saw Haiti become the first independent nation ruled by Africans in the New World. January 1, 1808 was the day the importation of slaves into the United States was finally banned, although it did not end slavery, as January 1, 1863 brought Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation into effect which freed slaves in the Confederate States, at least on paper.  The actual freeing part was largely dependent on Union troops liberating them. January 1, 1990, was the day David Dinkins became the first African-American mayor of New York City, the nation’s largest city, while on January 1, 1997, Kofi Annan became the first sub-Saharan African Secretary General of the United Nations. Not that it necessarily has anything to do with African heritage, but it is worth mentioning that on January 1, 1971 cigarette ads became banned from television in the United States.  So all you smokers start your New Year’s Resolutions with anti-smoking in mind!  Once again, Happy New Year! March 21, 1804: A Law That Says A Wife Could Divorce Her Husband For Adultery Only if He Kept His Mistress in Their House!
I never realized that January 1st was such an important date in history for the African heritage! I have been familiar with Amazing Grace since I was younger and never realized it was about slavery and John Newton finding his faith. The lyrics to Amazing Grace take on a completely new meaning when you think about what it was based on. Amazing Grace – a song I certainly have come to appreciate more and more every day I spend in the U.S.

I never knew the true meaning behind Amazing Grace and I find it interesting that it is about how wrong slavery is. Aside from celebrating the New Year, the African American community has even more reason to celebrate on January 1st. Growing up I thought Amazing Grace was just another religious song that happened to be more popular than the others, but I did not know it had such a profound inspiration of slavery behind it.
Alan Walker, a British-Norwegian record producer, established his name in the EDM scene in a short period of time. November 6, 2015 by Doreen Cagno Filed Under: Crafts & DIY, Decorating Leave a CommentHappy Friday! I put a card next to each place setting on my table and I’m planning to have each person share a few of their blessings before our Thanksgiving meal. Many people do not seem to realize that the Emancipation Proclamation did not free the slaves in the two slave states that fought for the Union, Kentucky and Maryland.  That came later.
I also did not know that the Emancipation Proclamation did not free slaves in Kentucky and Maryland.
I did not know that it was written about slavery, but it now makes me appreciate it even more. Back then it was just another song we were forced to recite, but now knowing that it was a song meant to inspire slaves the song gives much more meaning. Even though slavery did not end for a long time after this song was written, there was the ban of importing slaves about thirty years after it was written. January 1, 1863 brought a new life to slaves who were then proclaimed free in confederate states. Listening to the lyrics again, it has completely changed the meaning and perspective behind them. It is interesting to learn that many historical event shave happened on this day as well, making it that much more important.

I also didn’t know it was connected to faith and a realization that slavery is wrong.
After making big vibrations with his 2015 “Faded”, he’s back with a top notch remix of Coldplay’s “Hymn For The Weekend”, featuring vocals of American singer Beyonce, that is sweeping the Internet.
I think that a song such as this has the power to bring people together and to generate a connection between human beings with such an inspiring message about having faith during difficulties. Although the length of time between the creation of the song and the actual freedom of slaves was almost 100 years, the song was most likely prominent and helpful for many facing the hardship of slavery. It is also really interesting to find out all these important events that have occurred throughout history on January 1st. It is nice to know that it has a positive back story behind it as well, seeing as it influenced the composer enough to realize slavery was so wrong. The importation of slaves was banned, Lincoln brought the Emancipation Proclamation to light. This is the kind of track that inspires you with joyful feelings getting you in a dreamy mood.
I think we should start looking deeper into celebrations we have every year such as the one of New Year’s. He will my shield and portion be His word my hope secures; The Lord has promised good to me, And grace will lead me home.

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