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Through it all, I’ve been in love with my amazing husband who stands by my side no matter what my passions and dreams are.
Last April I finally found the mental strength and love for myself to participate in the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. I finally realized, in my seasoned age and all my wisdom, that something else had to be up. My daughter’s 3 weeks old and now that I think of it, hmmm… My husband DID grow a beard last winter!
I’ve already congratulated you, but this is the first time I got to sit down and read how it happened. I’ve learned to love myself in my skin and try to inspire other women to do the same.
I have formula fed, pumped, breastfed, tandem nursed (yep, two kids…but they had to take turns), used a crib, co-slept, homeschooled, and sent them all to school.
And get ready for the annoying pregnancy updates that are sure to fill your news feeds on Facebook and Instagram. So happy for you and your hubster, can totally understand you being pregnant again with his rather yummy beard.
In fact I shared this on my husband’s wall, and said “Do you want to rethink growing your beard? I’ve had the mr reading here and now he is having dreams (literal) of an at home birth! Hearing your story at BWF Chicago was so inspiring, and I’m glad that you and that sexy bearded husband of yours will be welcoming a new life! BWF’s conversation, but it has been a couple of hours now and it has really been bothering me.

Also, I’m a coffee and sarcasm addict, a blogger, a speaker, and a Body Positive and Self Care advocate. But dear lord I have been soooo broody lately and this certainly didn’t help, ha ha ha!! I love reading all your blogs and stories an I was actually thinking ” when is Mrs BWF goin to have another baby !
I hate to see that sacred trust and safety diminished for any woman, including the founder and creator of this wonderful community.
I hafta say, I feel exactly the same way with my hubby sometimes – arrrhh – a lot! The beard thing and being happy with my hubby is why my hubby is getting a vasectomy soon lol no more babies for us ! No matter what I’m doing to survive the craziness of motherhood, I love my children and I am a good mother. Thirty five years old, sixteen years together, and five children, but here we are acting like teenagers. For those of you coming to the 2nd Annual Conference in Austin, you will get to see me with a nice, round belly! I just think it’s a double standard (and confusing to your readers) to say that you are an active member of the Church, but casually (and jokingly) talk about drinking vodka. Your further comments will be deleted for you since you can’t seem to control yourself. You support so many, it’s only fair for someone to support you and help you along your journey. Little did I know at the time, Ashlee Jackson was also documenting the beginning of another life.

So here I was at the store and all I could think about was oatmeal cream pies, bagel bites, and startbursts. Like you’re proud of it and you wanted to share it with the many, MANY people who are inspired by you. I’m a mother of two gorgeous bubbas and run the Red Tent down under at Bondi Beach in Australia.
But I hope once you realize that this is an AMAZING and INSPIRING post without the reference to vodka, that you’ll take the sentence out. I have so fab friends who aren’t active, or make choices that are not in line with the standards of the Church.
We treat pregnant women all the time and I always recommend they read your blog for all it’s incredible inspiration. There may have also been some steamy vampire books hidden away in my Kindle app, but we don’t need to go there. It just really left a sad feeling in my heart thinking about all the people reading this thinking of you as an example and you’re talking about vodka. I really want mums to know that birth can be positive and uplifting and just plain awesome.
There’s so much horror out there around birth and your site really has lit the way for change on that.

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