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As 90% of the world’s population is in Northern Hemisphere, most of you must be enjoying the chilling effect under your blankets and sweatshirts. First of all, we would suggest you to read your horoscopes of 2016 to know what is coming to you. As this is the month of January, you might also like to know how this month will fare for you. We hope that this will help you in making a better plan to have even more blissful life ahead.
Find out what the month of August has in store for you with the ongoing monsoon, with our monthly horoscope for it. Take a step forward towards success by reading the predictions of our panel’s expert astrologers.

Today is the first Sawan Somvar and here you will know how to turn this day into a blessing. January 2016 has begun and it is the best time to think about making this year the best one till date. These lazy moments don’t allow us to do anything and entice us to bury ourselves in the softness of mattresses.
Most people believe that Chinese civilization is older than India; rather it is the oldest on planet earth. The cat was angry at the animals for not including him into the Zodiac, and had planned to pin the Zodiacs against each other for revenge and amusement. But, still there is something that we can do while cherishing the cozy comforts; and it is the planning of the year.

Both Zodiacs were born for the same purpose, but had a different way of showing it, the Eastern Zodiacs representing animals and the Western Zodiacs representing the stars. The figure had told them, "I have something that will bring the twelve Zodiacs great fortune and power!
Fear, jealousy and rage overfilled the minds of the Zodiac, causing a war between the two groups.

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