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8 Biggest Diet and Nutrition MythsBy: Diane Sewell August 17, 2016Cooked versus raw, frozen or fresh? Exercise As Effective As Surgery for Patients with Knee DamageBy: Judy Gerstel July 20, 2016According to a new study, exercise is as effective as surgery for middle aged patients with knee damage. 4 Energy-Boosting Tips from an Olympic TrainerBy: Jason Sutcliffe August 10, 2016Olympic trainer Peter Jensen is in Rio for the Summer Olympics this month.
Small Investors Pushing For Greater ProtectionBy: Peter Muggeridge August 15, 2016The investment advice industry gets a wake-up call as small investors push for greater protection. 10 Romantic Destinations to Swoon OverBy: Cynthia Ross Cravit August 10, 2016#Bucketlist this. 4 Classically Canadian GetawaysBy: Zoomer August 1, 2016From the Ex to the Stampede, here are some getaway ideas for your great Canadian summer.
7 Great Canadian Road TripsBy: Zoomer July 29, 2016When the travel bug bites, Canada has a wealth of experiences to offer. Recipe: Grilled Asian Tuna BurgersBy: Bite Me More August 18, 2016You don't care where the beef is and you don't want to talk turkey? Salah Bachir Says Thank You To FriendsBy: Derick Chetty July 8, 2016"He's one of the most philanthropic people in the world," declared Kate Alexander Daniels. Are You and Your Spouse Drifting Apart?By: Diane Sewell July 21, 2016Here, why it happens and how to reconnect. How Much Sex Do Couples Need to be Happy?By: Judy Gerstel July 21, 2016The sweet spot for sex, in case you were wondering — and who doesn't? Fun Facts From 5 Robert Redford FilmsBy: Laura Grande August 18, 2016The Hollywood legend turns 80 this week (Aug.
On Tuesday December 15th from 6 AM to 6 PM we will be featuring songs from Jann Arden’s new Christmas album, aptly titled “A Jann Arden Christmas”. SpotlightJoin our Fan Club and Get a Free Limited Edition Key Chain!Sign-up to join the Zoomer Radio Fan Club and receive a limited edition collectors key chain!
3 Super Good-for-You Blueberry RecipesBy: Vivian Vassos August 3, 2016Go ahead, get the blues with these three recipes to try.

These Foods Can Help Lower CholesterolBy: Diane Sewell July 27, 2016Here, the top 6 foods to lower your cholesterol through diet.
3 Microwave MythsBy: Cynthia Ross Cravit August 17, 2016A microwave oven is a convenient way to thaw, cook and reheat food. 7 Money Myths That Can Cost YouBy: Zoomer August 15, 2016Are common misconceptions putting a dent in your budget?
5 Boomers Who Are Making a DifferenceBy: Timothy Collins July 18, 2016Here, boomers and millennials unite to show that making a difference in not a generational thing.
Can You Afford to Retire?By: Gordon Pape July 11, 2016Here, a financial checklist will help you be the judge. Donald Trump Threatens NAFTABy: Gordon Pape August 1, 2016Donald Trump wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Finding new ways to save money as you travel simply adds up to more overall bang for your buck. Canadian Staycation: 3 Summer Hot SpotsBy: Vivian Vassos July 26, 2016Summer's here, so why not take a staycation? Pet-Proof Your Home and GardenBy: Cynthia Ross Cravit July 13, 2016While puppies are no doubt adorable, they are also prone to getting into piles of trouble.
The Simple Joys of a Japanese GardenBy: Cynthia Ross Cravit July 6, 2016Capture nature in the most natural way possible, yet with artistic feeling. Making Love LastBy: Leanne Delap July 6, 2016Here, how to make love last by reinventing ourselves - and our relationships as we age. Prince Harry Runs His Own ErrandsBy: Zoomer Buzz August 18, 2016Prince Harry runs his own errands. Kensington Palace is a relaxed placeBy: Zoomer Buzz August 18, 2016Kensington Palace is a "very relaxed" establishment. Ladybird Books Releases Hilarious Adult ReadsBy: Mike Crisolago August 15, 2016The British company Ladybird Books releases a series of witty reads for adults. Small Ship Cruises on Canada's East and West CoastsBy: Toby Saltzman July 19, 2016Close encounters of the Canadian kind.

Canada 150 QuizBy: Zoomer June 30, 2016In 2017, Canada will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation. How Grey Divorce Became the New NormalBy: Wendy Dennis June 3, 2016Ready to toss your marriage into the proverbial wastebasket?
Robert De Niro (Sort Of) Opens Up About Family And FilmBy: Johanna Schneller August 17, 2016In honour of Robert De Niro's 73rd birthday this week (Aug. MS Bike combines fun with fundraising as cyclists of all ages and fitness levels ride to end Multiple Sclerosis.
Zachary Levine May 11, 2016Good news breakthroughs and quirky studies in medicine make for interesting conversation starters.
Swimming May Slow Down Aging By DecadesBy: Diane Sewell June 22, 2016From cradle to grave, swimming might just be the best exercise ever. 7 Common Household Items That Make Great Travel GadgetsBy: Evelyn Hannon August 16, 2016Not all gadgets designed to make your journeys easier have to come from fancy travel boutiques.
World's 10 Greatest Train JourneysBy: Cynthia Ross Cravit August 9, 2016Relive the golden days of travel on these 10 classic train tours.
9 Ways to Save on FuelBy: Cynthia Ross Cravit July 12, 2016Ease your pain at the pump this summer with these tips to put the brakes on gas guzzling.
Choose your challenge and ride with friends and family as part of a team or as an individual. Recipes: 7 Cool Cucumber DishesBy: Bite Me More August 17, 2016What's low in calories but super high in hydration, vitamins K and C, and magnesium? Meet the Canine Stars of Downton AbbeyBy: Alyssa Castle August 11, 2016We look back at some of the furry celebrities who graced the screen on the hit British TV series, Downton Abbey.

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