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EXCLUSIVE: Gina Rodriguez's Heartwarming Story of How She Became the Star of 'Jane the Virgin'!
EXCLUSIVE: 'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez Talks Britney Spears' Debut & Season 2 Shake-Ups! I could talk about how feminist this show is, how diverse, how progressive… and that would all be true. I have not seen the show, but I have seen the Spanish telenovela is based on and I enjoy it because of the main heroine. The family sitcom marks a move toward Latino-targeted programming for the kids’ cabler. Ortega’s character is an engineering whiz who uses her inventions to navigate life as the middle child in a large family of seven kids. The siblings are played by a mish-mosh of familiar Disney faces and newbies to the network.

Storyline: A young, devout woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated. The premise is off-puttingly strange, as the protagonist is accidentally artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant with the child of a rich crush from five years before. Although they have their differences and struggles, they are always there to support one another, and the familial love between them is rock upon which the rest of the show stands. It’s full of melodramatic plots, racing along at break-neck pace, with larger than life characters, but it takes the time to make every one of them feel genuine and human.
JTV is my favorite show on TV at the moment because it’s just so wonderful in every way. The single-cam series centers¬†around the Diaz family, and is told from the perspective of the middle child, Harley, played by Ortega, whom Disney Channel is grooming to be their next big star. Harley’s overlooked status proves to be both a blessing and a curse, as she maneuvers her way through the everyday antics that come with being part of a big family.

It throws out accidental artificial insemination and supervillains who can change their faces, and then it explores the human reactions to that, the emotional consequences, perfectly balancing the tongue-in-cheek drama and the effect that it would actually have.
We fall for Jane as a protagonist, and even as we laugh at how ridiculous things become, we genuinely feel for her.
And because of that emotional connection, when she swoons, when the music swells for the big romantic moments, we swoon too.

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