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Meanwhile, Jane's (Gina Rodriguez) choice as to which man she will wed will serve as the second main storyline for the entire season. Following the shocking baby twist, Urman told TV Line that fans should not worry because Jane will be reunited with her baby very early on in season 2. The upcoming second season of "Jane the Virgin" will also feature a handful of guest stars. Urman released a statement confirming Spears' appearance on the hit the CW series and said, "We are so thrilled. However, it was recently revealed that the baby playing the role is actually a girl named Aria. The real-life parents of Aria have been sharing photos of their daughter with "Jane the Virgin" season 2 lead star Rodriguez.
In one of the photos, Aria's dad Josh was photographed with Rodriguez holding the baby in her arms. Meanwhile, another photo showed Aria being held by Brett Dier, the actor who plays Michael on "Jane the Virgin" season 2.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Jennie Urman said that Mateo will only be away from Jane momentarily. We're sorry, currently our movie video library can only be streamed or downloaded by members only. Starofracing – horse race game, Have fun while you race and ride the greatest champions of all time. The CW Is Developing a Lost Boys Series From the Creator of Veronica MarsWill this be the successor to The Vampire Diaries?
One of the stories will focus on Sin Rostro's background and the mystery that has been surrounding his character.
Personally, after hearing about their long-standing feud from Rogelio's point of view, we are eager to hear Ms. However, just a few hours after her delivery, Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan) kidnapped their child.
Unfortunately, Mateo spills orange juice all over her computer causing it to crash and Jane loses all her hard work.

Mega Buzz: Is Daisy's Sweet Van Making a Comeback This Season?And will it be down by the river? We play a little bit with the who, and then she realizes who she wants to be with at this moment," Urman said.
When Jane brings her computer to be fixed, she meets Dax and with the urging of her friend Lina (guest star Diane Guerrero), Jane considers dating again. Rogelio decides to have his mother Liliana become his manager, but soon realizes that was not the best decision. When Rafael comes to after being attacked by his mother now known to be the crime lord Mutter, he goes to Michael.

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