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Headbutting your opponent is illegal in—wait, let me check—yep, pretty much every single sport there is. Of course, the incident with Dwight Howard wasn’t the first time KG used his head as a weapon. Hey, remember that time during the 2014 FIFA World Cup when a Cameroonian guy headbutted his own teammate? Michael Morse had a rather unique way of celebrating his hits with Giants first base coach Roberto Kelly.
And speaking of cunning, how about this reverse headbutt from Belgian Mousa Dembele? I wonder who taught him that? That teammate was Nneka Ogwumike and, as you can see, the accidental headbutt left her a bloody mess.
Premier League 2016-17: 12 players injured for the start of the season – did you know these stars were ruled out?

So, which players are expected to be injured for the start of the Premier League season (August 13)? This little maneuver earned Kevin Garnett a one-game suspension—though he and most NBA fans probably thought it was worth it. Still, Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace brought the unsportsmanlike conduct flag upon himself by lunging toward him helmet-first. Now that Morse is on the Marlins, I wonder if his new first base coach Perry Hill will be willing to carry on the tradition.
Roman Zozulya of Ukrainian side Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk lowers his head, takes aim, and lets Jan Vertonghen of Tottenham just walk right into him.
Nene goes in for the headbutt, then their heads just stick together like they have magnets in them. There’s really no need since guys are basically allowed to just drop their gloves and punch each other in the face any time they want.

Make like you’re going in for a conciliatory hug, then whack the guy right in the orbital bone. She recoverd, scored six straight baskets in the second overtime, and led the Sparks to victory.
You had to know the Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt from the 2006 World Cup Final would take the top spot.

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