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WikiArt.org allows unlimited copying, distributing and displaying of the images of public domain artworks solely. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. Johannes Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring is easy to fall in love with a€” she's young, dewy, beautiful (Scarlett Johansson played her in the 2003 movie about the painting), and she looks right at you. Vermeer's Girl With a Pearl Earring is also showing on the West Coast, at the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, until June 2. The Allure Of 'Woman In Blue' Woman in Blue could be Girl With a Pearl Earring's slightly older aunt a€” less innocent, more serious. Provenance:The catalog of the 1696 sale in Amsterdam enumerates three different tronies (one described as in antique dress) that may or may not be identical with this painting. This painting, as opposed to the Girl with a Pearl Earring, is very well preserved and permits us to judge Vermeer's approach, both technical and conceptual, in all its brilliance. This painting of Vermeer does not enjoy as much favour as the "Gioconda of the North," although it is, in many respects, a much better picture. Images of that type of artworks are prohibited for copying, printing, or any kind of reproducing and communicating to public since these activities may be considered copyright infringement.

But the 17th-century Dutch master's Woman in Blue Reading a Letter is different a€” her face is shadowed and she stands in profile, totally absorbed in her letter.
Though Vermeer was awfully good at creating instant, if enigmatic, messages; you "get" the scene quickly. Neither this young woman, nor the Girl with a Pearl Earring in the Mauritshuis, wears antique costume. People in the seventeenth century were sufficiently aware of Easterners, such as Turks, so as not to have mistaken a turban for an antique dress. He did not produce a large body of work but what he painted spanned from the normal every day like The Milkmaid to portraits of the wealthy and rich. Once again, we see this woman from the side, looking over her shoulder, though her face is turned further towards us. Certitude starts only with the painting's presence in the collection of Prince Auguste d'Arenberg, Brussels, 1829. Her black hair is combed back severely from her forehead, and is plaited together with her (bridal?) veil. Hidden during World War I (the d'Arenbergs owned vast estates in Belgium but had always retained their German citizenship. Vermeer's Woman in Blue, meanwhile, wears a short, full-cut blue jacket with a lustrous sheen that could be satin.

The painter used different shades of blue to contour the jacket, which is pale and almost neon in front as she faces a window, and darkly shadowed in back. And I think even after 350 years it still has these same kind of artistic qualities and power to involve us and make us part of the story." But Vermeer is only telling a bit of the story. We certainly do not have here a portrait, but again, as in the Girl with a Pearl Earring, a generalized type that communicates with the spiritual world almost as if in a trance. DeliveryIf Jan Vermeer Young Woman with a Water Jug is printed by machine on textured canvas, it takes about 5 working days to your address; if you choose it as hand painted reproduction, it takes about 18 working days to your address.
This part of the painting is delicately executed, while the light-blue robe or loose cloak that the young person is wearing has been more broadly and crisply treated. It's all very alluring." Vermeer's Instant, Enigmatic Message The Getty's website is inviting visitors to imagine the letter's first line. Given how intent the woman looks, along with those parted lips, it just might be a love letter, penned in a distant place a€” at sea, maybe a€” and carefully composed.

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