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Jan Urban, coach of Legia Warszawa during the UEFA Champions League play-off first leg match between FC Steaua Bucuresti and Legia Warszawa held on August 21, 2013 at the National Arena Stadium in Bucharest, Romania. Jan Urban, manager of CA Osasuna looks on during the Pre Season Friendly match between Notts County and CA Osasuna at Meadow Lane on August 1, 2014 in Nottingham, England. Journalist and one of the leading dissidents during the communist regime, he is a Professor at New York University in Prague. Jan Urban, journalist and historian, filed news stories for Radio Free Europe and the BBC as a dissident during the seventies and eighties.

During the Velvet Revolution he managed logistics for Civic Forum and remained active in that organization until after the elections of 1990. Urban was a member of the International Independent Commission on Kosovo and he worked in Iraq training journalists and on heritage preservation projects (2003–2006). He was editor in chief of Transitions magazine, founded in Prague in 1994, dedicated to fostering independent journalism in Central Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and successor states of the former Soviet Union. He served as a war correspondent in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1993–1996) and was the publisher of Transitions magazine (1997–1999).

Urban made two documentary films on the Kosovo conflict and in November 1989, helped to found the Civic Forum, working as its spokesman.

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