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A common held middle-class view is that villagers tend towards lethargy and complacency, and are not driven by an impetus for change. This latest public hearing and grievance redress camp was organised by Suchna evum Rozgar ka Akhikar Abhiyan, in collaboration with Prayatna Sansthan, a local organisation.
Prominent financial advisors and policy makers from key ministries, including the Ministry of Rural Development and Ministry of Panchayati Raj, observe the proceedings, assuming the role of ‘jury’.
Various women come to the stage who had received their entitled Rs 1400, yet each one of them recounts that they had been made to pay a ‘cut’ to nurses and doctors. To conclude the public hearing proceeding, the District Collector engages in an interactive and animated session with the villagers and the audit team.
The positive experience of the recent public hearing in Bharatpur signalled an important message for the entire country: in order for the innumerable grievances that a common person is faced with to be heard and addressed, a grievance redress mechanism must be institutionalised. I am really feel that its a piece of something related to treasure, we need to keep it safe for our future generations..
One of the top ranked medical institutions of the country, Maulana Azad Medical College (abbreviated and often referred to as MAMC) straddles the historic old city of Delhi and has been in its full glory since its establishment in 1959. Even the professors, who are usually perceived to be strict and grumpy, are actually pretty nice and student friendly. It is not just the merit of 250 students of a batch that puts MAMC where it is, but also the way curriculum is designed to ensure that students don’t deviate from their path. MAMC with it’s new student constitution has different societies each for: drama Mrichkatakum for drama, Prodigy for dance, Confluence for music, Pravachya for Literature, Fine Arts and lastly Fashion or ‘Fash’. Professor Didier  Coste of Bordeaux University, France, conducted the seminar on “Indian Literature as Comparative Literature” at Bharati College on 14th January, 2013. He began his talk on Modern Indian literature being a heterogeneous literature due to the numerous languages in India. In the end, teachers and students asked questions and gave their comments regarding the talk. Rajni Gupta, a student, felt that “The talk was intended to enlighten one and all, but Prof. Every year, societies from colleges across the campus compete neck to neck and put up spectacular performances during the fest season. The best college society in each category was selected by creating a tally of the top 3 positions at competitive events held during 13 cultural fests of this season. When it came to Choreo Societies, Kamala Nehru College’s Adagio led the group with 13 points. Adagio, the 13 member Choreography society of Kamala Nehru College has excelled at most of the fests at DU this year which including big names like Crossroads and Mecca. However, this myth far from corresponds to reality, which reveals that, when provided a conductive platform, villagers can be highly outspoken and articulate about their grievances and demands. Prior to the public hearing, an audit team comprised of the two organisations had spent three days carrying out surveys and door-to-door verifications in Barkheda Gram Panchayat. Desks corresponding to each of the departments have been set up, with volunteers facilitating the registration of complaints.
From the electricity department, the Junior Engineer, the Assistant Engineer, and the Executive Engineer have all shown up.
They have been invited to attend the public hearing as part of a policy and service delivery workshop organized by theInstituteofEconomic Growth. Under this scheme, a mother is given Rs 1400 per delivery of a child in a government hospital, as well as Rs 300 to cover the travel costs and free medication. When asked whether they were given reasons for this payment, they respond that they were told that it was for ‘chai’ or ‘mitai’.
The representative from the electricity department is requested to inform the villagers on their entitlements under the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojna, which provides free electricity connections to BPL families. The Gram Panchayat secretary reads out the amount that Barkheda has spent on NREGA over the last years, which amounts to a mere 15 lakh in total.
In response to the individual and collective complaints, the Collector makes a range of promises, all of which he ends up keeping. It became evident that villagers know all too well that they are being deprived of their rights and entitlements, yet they have no opportunity to make themselves heard. Without such a mechanism in place, people will continuously be subjected to the apathy of government functionaries. The task is so daunting with the concerned authorities finding work-arounds instead of giving the receipt to the applicants. It is named after the great patriot and the first education minister of our country Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and ranks second after AIIMS, Delhi in producing doctors, specialists and super specialists. The first time one walks through it, an overwhelming feeling is there with all the students rushing to their classes and canteens adorned in white coats with a stethoscope around their neck.
Lectures start at 8 in the morning with no delay.  With the beginning of first year, also comes the first experience of Dissection Hall. 75% is mandatory but if you are a hosteller, chances are you won’t miss lectures because the centrally airconditioned lecture theatres act as a big incentive for the nap lovers.

MAMC has 5 hospitals associated with it- the major ones being Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital (LNJP or LNH), Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital (GB PANT) and Guru Nanak Eye Centre. Adjacently placed is the play ground where boys are seen playing cricket and football during evening hours. All of them have their specialties and sucky dishes and your taste buds figure them all out eventually. One of the largest campus publications in India, we are strong believers of Freedom of Expression. Comparative literature is the study of literature and other cultural expressions across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Dr.
Professor Coste expressed concern over how Indian literature was considered modern only when written in English. Coste points out that modern Indian literature uses old stories, myths, epics and fables, such as the conclusion of The Guide by R.
As one of the answers, the speakers said that Indians usually know three languages, their mother tongue, the national language and an international language, while the citizens of most other countries are mono-linguistic. Coste ended up striking a chord only with the teachers and as for the students, we ended up feeling obfuscate”. Mukti Sanyal, lecturer of English, commented that “It was surprising to know that trends in literature sometimes grow autonomously at the same time, in different places.
Whenever a society won the first prize they were award 3 points, for the second position they received 2 points and for the third position, 1 point was added to their tally. College for Women’s Shruti, Daulat Ram College’s Manjari, Hindu College’s Mecca, Jesus and Mary College’s Montage, Miranda House’s Tempest, Kamala Nehru College’s Ullas, Kirori Mal College’s Renaissance, SGTB Khalsa’s Lashkara.
A recent public hearing and grievance redress camp held in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, brought to light just how many grievances an average villager is faced with and how ardent they are to make these heard.
The main schemes audited by the team were the Janani Suraksha Yojna, the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojna, and the MGNREGA. Throughout the public hearing, names of women from the official list of beneficiaries under this scheme are called up so as to cross-examine whether the recorded information is correct.
One woman was made to pay on so many instances (for the cleaning of her baby, for medication, for the doctor and the nurse, for the taxi fare) so that at the end, she was left with nothing of the Rs 1400 that she had been given.
Under this scheme, BPL households receive all the components required to set up an electricity connection, as well as a CFL bulb, which consumes less electricity. When asked why so little had been spent when a Gram Panchayat can claim up to crores of rupees under NREGA, the response given is that people are not demanding work. In the current state of affairs that does not favour the poor and marginalised, an awareness of rights alone does not translate into redress and accountability.
A platform from which people can publicly and collectively raise their concerns, as well as a system that facilitates the registering of complaints, as was the case in Bharatpur, ought to be seriously deliberated at the policy level.
This is a college of nerds with glass-rimmed spectacles, buried in their books as if they were their muse.
The room has an eerie feeling associated with cadavers lying by your side and a scalpel held between your fingers. Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences (MAIDS) is the dental college with its separate hospital for the BDS and MDS aspiring students. You eventually start to gulp down the fact that those school days of 90% are long gone and even fifty percent starts seeming to be a great deal.
Cricket lovers have MPL (Maulana Azad Premier league), where players are auctioned and sold and ultimately 8 teams of MAMC play against each other. There are not too many lush gardens and grounds, only a few small cozy parks that turn a bit too cozy when the darkness strikes. Follow us for news, analysis and opinion from Delhi University and much more for the student community!
Chandra Mohan, Secretary General of Comparative Literature Association of India, chaired the seminar that was attended by  Students and teachers of B.A. He said that Indian literature is based on the concept of cultural plurality and comes naturally to us because of our multilingual aspect.
Modern Indian writers are returning to historical novels, and there is a sense of continuity”.
We bring you a series with college societies that put their heart and soul into their respective fields and took home the top prizes at various cultural fests. This jan sunwai and shikayat nivaran camp in the Gram Panchayat of Barkheda unprecedentedly gave villagers the opportunity to publicly speak out their personal and collective grievances before the concerned government administrators.
As people begin trickling in they crowd around these tables, each villager anxious to have their complaint noted or their demand for work registered. The first woman to speak up is an old woman who is asked whether her daughter had received Rs 1400 for the delivery of her child, as stated on record. The first man to come to the mike is asked whether he received a CFL bulb, to which he responds that he was given a bulb by the electricity company just the night before. This public hearing and grievance redress camp allowed the aggrieved direct confrontation with those who deprive them of their entitlement.

Work is provided at their convenience and technically there is no chance for unemployment allowance. Unlike what most other medical colleges are reputed to be, MAMC stands different, as neither the teachers nor the seniors are hostile towards the students.
But as you go through your first year, eating and sleeping with human bones becomes a daily routine. But this is all for the students to keep a steady pace with the syllabus that actually does run at the speed of light. If you are someone with the knack of doing something out of the box, you’ll have to take the initiative. It can also be confusing and contradictory due to the many traditions of different regions and their languages in India. He also said that translation is very important, as it goes very well with the inter-culturality. We don’t focus on a single form of dance and try to make sure that we excel in every facet”, says Aseng Borang, Adagio’s President. When asked to describe myself, I simply wonder what static thing to tell about me because I believe life is always a perpetual self exploring journey.
What is more, a simple and ad hoc grievance application mechanism had been set up, allowing each villager to register their complaints and to demand work under NREGA. No one wants to miss this unique opportunity to have their accumulated grievances registered. The old woman explains that her daughter has been a migrant labourer in Gujaratfor the last few years and that both of her children were born there, and had thus received no money from the local health department authorities. They are all evidently entertained by the unscrupulous, yet all too familiar, extent of these cases of fraud.
All of them say that they are in dire need of work, but that since years work has not been provided to them under NREGA. Because at the end, when Annual Professional Examinations strike, you no longer function like a normal human. Finding people here to support you is actually not that easy since most students have their heads buried in their textbooks.  After 3rd year, even majority of the seniors refrain from co-curricular activities or atleast cut their leisure time for the sake of PG entrance. He states that the way to make sense of the mystical aspect of Indian writing is not the validity, but knowing the structure. Coste was engaging and had such a vast amount of knowledge that the one hour was not enough for him to present all his views. I take as gospel the fact that books are written to be treasured, movies and tv series to be revered and entertain and music to be cherished for a blissful course to take delights in our lives. In a manifested proactive and spirited manner, over the course of the day hundreds of complaints were written and swarms of people rushed to the mike to testify the non-deliverance of government schemes.
The commotion around the desks only subsides, when the crowd is convinced that the registering of complaints will be resumed later on and on the following day.
The next woman whose name appears on the official list as having received Rs 1400 for the delivery of her child, announces on the mike that her child was born at home, and was thus not entitled to the government scheme.
The villagers are informed on the significance of ‘Form 6’, which gives an applicant of work under NREGA a receipt as proof of when the work was sought. With several threads to work on including demand generation, work sanctioning, participatory planning, it is like swimming against the stream. Be it the book fairs or auto expos at Pragati Maidan, or the sumptuous streets of Connaught Place, or even the monument of India Gate, nothing is more than a ten minute auto ride away from the college. He elaborated on how he “was a young man of the 1960s, the time of the hippies,” and supporting his statement was his psychedelic sweater that attracted many listeners’ attention. The calculation is made that if each CFL bulb costs Rs 100, and there are 83000 households in this block, the non-deliverance of bulbs alone amounts to a fraud of 83 lakhs rupees!
If work is not provided within 15 days of application, the person is entitled to unemployment benefit. The gates of the college open directly into the famous Khooni Darwaza, and the dream-come-true of all the cricket fans- The Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. One woman says that her child was born en route to the hospital, so she was not given any money. He says his electricity has not been working for over three years, and yet he continues to be billed.
One woman’s name appears on the record three times as having received money for all three of her children’s delivery, yet she states that she received Rs 1400 only for the birth of one of her children, as the other two were born at home and in a private hospital.
Many such stories repeat, with people complaining that they still have no electricity, or that they were made to pay for their electricity components, or that they had not received CFL bulbs, with some exceptions who received a bulb on the previous day.
Yet another woman announces that her child was born on the 29th of a given month, yet on record a cheque had been issued to her on the 22nd of that same month.

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