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A proposal to cut Medicare spending in order to fund the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program is being met with fierce opposition from U.S. The House has not yet taken up the trade legislation, but it could do so as early as this week.
To offset the cost of extending TAA, the Senate-approved bill seeks to save $700 million by extending Medicare sequestration cuts through 2024 and another $250 million over the next 10 years by adjusting Medicare reimbursements for renal dialysis services for those with acute kidney injuries. The minority leader's statements came after the Progressive Caucus sent a letter on Monday signed by 61 House Democrats to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH,8) and Pelosi, urging against "cuts to critical social programs like Medicare" to fund the TAA program.
In addition to Schakowsky, House Democrats from Illinois who initially signed the letter include U.S. The congresswoman said there is "definitely a groundswell of opposition to" using Medicare savings to fund the TAA program. If such a proposal came before the full House, Schakowsky said there is a good possibility that it would be rejected.
Governor Pat Quinn, Senator Dick Durbin, and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky – who just ended a week living on the minimum wage as part of a national challenge to elected officials – stood among low-wage workers and families to strongly endorse the Raise Illinois ballot referendum. The Raise Illinois coalition said that its ballot referendum is an opportunity to give low-wage workers and families, especially women and communities of color, a stake in this year’s election and a reason to vote for their own economic interests.
Robert Lee, a father of five who works at a South Side car lot making minimum wage, and who is a member of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, said he was excited to support the Raise Illinois referendum.
Governor Pat Quinn spoke passionately about his efforts to raise the minimum wage to support working families and to lift up small businesses.
Congresswoman Schakowsky described her experience living on minimum wage this week as part of the Live the Wage Challenge.
The Raise Illinois coalition said that raising the minimum wage will strengthen Illinois’ economy, create jobs and help small businesses by putting more money in the pockets of consumers and working families. Raise Illinois is a statewide coalition comprised of minimum and low-wage workers and their families, small businesses, community and faith groups, and labor organizations that are committed to raising the minimum wage in Illinois. Donald Trump has gone too far with his attacks on Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan, whose son Army Capt.
A Donald Trump White House would be a disaster, and this goes way beyond any ideological difference. This morning, the Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly released their gerrymander of Illinois's Congressional Districts. The map has the potential to produce a Democratic majority of 13-5 in the best of years, however, a neutral year will yield a 12-6 delegation. The map may appear fairly innocuous from a far, however, it is a strong Democratic gerrymander. This suburban Chicago district contains the most ancestrally Republican areas of the Chicagoland area.
The elected officials called on all Illinoisans to vote to raise the minimum wage this November to send a clear message that now is the time to support low-income families who are suffering economically. Living for an entire week on the minimum wage has truly been an eye opening experience for me,” Schakowsky said. Senator Durbin who has been waging the fight in Washington to raise the federal minimum wage said that Illinois’ voters have a huge opportunity to move this issue forward.
It is estimated that raising the minimum wage to over $10 per hour would inject over $1 billion into the state’s economy. Democrats in Illinois have been annoyed for years that they haven't been able to take over the socially moderate, fisclally conservative 10th district.
Lipinski's seat is filled with conservadem labor types, and Lipinski represents the district's intersts well. Together are freshmen Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren in an exburban Republican vote sink, Peter Roskam and Judy Biggert in a DuPage County vote sink, Aaron Schock and freshman Bobby Schilling, and finally,Don Manzullo and freshman Adam Kinzinger are paired in another vote sink. Interestingly, Lipinski's 3rd Congressional District is left more vulnerable to Republicans in a good year, however, it will be safer for every DKEr's least favorite Democrat in a primary. The Fourth District is an extremely ugly VRA compliant hispanic seat, comprising of two crescent shape swaths of Chicago connected by the Tri-State Tollway (I-294).

This district contains much of downtown, along with Lincoln Park's yuppies, and a lot of blue collar areas of the North Side of Chicago. It is what has commonly been referred to as the "DuPage County Republican vote sink" that Democrats were expected to draw. At 75 by the time 2012 rolls around, she is widely expected to defer to Congressman Roskam and retire. The whole western portion of the seat is cut off, but is visible when looking at the map of IL-4. Veteran Tammy Duckworth and 2010 failed Treasurer Candidate Raja Krishnamoorthi are rumored to be vying for this seat in the Democratic Primary.
This northside suburban district starts in Rogers Park, includes heavily Democratic Evanston, home of Northwestern University, and stretches all the way through wealthy and heavily conservative suburban areas of the North Shore, and middle class conservative areas of Arlington Heights. This district, stretching from the Missouri border all the way to near the Indiana border, is another COI nightmare.
The solid conservative and widely respected former high school teacher from downstate Illinois will have no problem being easily reelected in this agriculture based 55.5% McCain seat.
This industrial district loses its ugly arms into Springfield and Decatur, but picks up all of Peoria and Rockford. This rural, agricultural based Western Illinois vote sink will be represented well by the youngest member of Congress, who just turned 30 this past week (happy birthday, Congressman!) He received quite a present in the form of an R+8 54% McCain Safe Republican district, that he can hold for as long as he wants.
The Democrats have drawn 5 very effective Republican vote sinks, and one Tilt Republican swing seat, that will usually be held by Republicans. Doris Matsui (D-CA,6), co-chairs of the Congressional Task Force on Seniors, joined representatives from senior advocacy groups in denouncing a Senate-passed measure that would reauthorize TAA at Medicare's expense.
The New Trier Precinct Map has the majority of its precincts in the 9th District and its northernmost precincts in the 10th.
Our friends at Daily Kos Elections can't stand him, but he really is a good fit for his district. This monstrosity of a district combines Chicago's Puerto Rican and Mexican communities, who ironically, don't seem to associate with each other much, except for their Congressional District. Mike Quigley, a rare, clean Cook County Democratic reformer, will have no problem holding onto this 69.9%, ~D+20 Obama seat.
Congressman Davis is rumored to be retiring, but Democrats will have no problem holding this 89.4%, ~D+38(!) Obama seat.
It is a monstrosity in terms of keeping communities of interest together, but will stay safe for Rep Schakowsky. It could also serve as a comeback district for Bill Foster, a 1.5 term Democrat who lost to freshman Congressman Randy Hultgren in 2010. The Republican base in this district consists of farmers and suburbanites living in "suburbs" of Bloomington and Springfield.
Adam Kinzinger (R-Manteo) would not live in this seat, however, he may run here, as it contains some of his current territory. At 60% Obama, this D+6 or D+7 district will likely be too Democratic for Schilling to handle, however, he may as well try, in case Democrats nominate Phil Hare 2.0 (or the man himself!). I think a lot of families who are struggling to make ends meet want our voices to be heard. Illinois voters have an immense power to send a clear message that now is the time to raise the minimum wage.
The 3rd kept its blue collar core, and shed the home of Jason Atkinson, a "progressive" running in a primary against Dan Lipinski, and placed his home in Burr Ridge into an open district, hoping that the new district will be enticing enough to leave Lipinski alone. Louis based Illinois's 12th Congressional District, currently represented by labor style Democrat Jerry Costello, is left at D+2. However, it extends down into Kankakee County, where it picks up a lot of unfortunate rural white Republican voters, including Rep.
Conservadem Dan Lipinski would represent this district filled with blue collar Reagan Democrats well.

This 51.3% Obama R+3 or R+4 district is a 5% improvement for Congressman Roskam, and will be in Republican hands for the decade. These very liberal areas drown out the reddish exburban areas that make up most of Lake County, and ruby red Lake Forest. The Democratic base consists of labor Democrats in Bloomington, college town liberals in Champaign, and government workers in Springfield. Rep Aaron Schock also lives here, but he'd just run in the far friendlier IL-18, which contains much of his current territory. While safe for Costello, the district could fall in an open seat situation, and is trending towards the GOP by the year.
Speaker Mike Madigan, a Democratic machine affiliated friend of Congressman Lipinski's father and former US Representative Bill Lipinski, basically drew the whole map around this district, as he wanted Lipinski to be safe from a primary from the left, yet still not vulnerable from the right. Congressman Roskam is 4th in Republican House Leadership after only his third term in Congress, and has a bright future in Republican Leadership in this comfortable district. Robert Dold (R-Kenilworth), who would certainly not run a Kamikaze mission in this 68.5% Obama ~D+15, Safe D district. While one may say this ~D+8 seat is only 2% more Democratic than his current seat, it contains areas that will not swing for any Republican, not even Mark Kirk or Bob Dold. This 61.2% Obama district also has a fairly large Hispanic population, and is trending away from the GOP. Louis based 54.7% Obama district would be just around D+2, but Congressman Costello, who has served since 1987, will be safe in this seat for as long as he wants it.
Kinzinger gives great speeches, and is a naturally gifted campaigner, and he may also scare Manzullo, who hasn't had to campaign tirelessly for years. He is one of the nicest Members of Congress that I have met (and I have met many Congressmen).
Dan Lipinski will continue to annoy progressives everywhere, and will also likely represent this district for years to come.
While Congressman Hultgren has 30,000 more constituents in the seat, neither Congressman is entrenched, and this primary could go either way. If a primary between the two materializes, look for it to be a battle of conservatives trying to push to the right. However, at only 58% Obama, this district could be vulnerable in a wave year, so I'll call it Likely D, but Safe D in 2012, and in most years.
It's worth noting that SW Illinois is trending towards the GOP, so this district could have a truly EVEN PVI (adjusted for the Obama home-state effect, of course) by later in the decade. This would be the 13th district Democrats would win, and the 6th that Republicans would win. Kinzinger will have more Tea Party support, but it'll be an uphill battle to knock off Manzullo.
The Tea Party favorite Walsh had a strong fundraising quarter, far stronger than Hultgrens. If the GOP in Illinois has its way, Manzullo will retire, and Kinzinger will have a long, prosperous political career in this 50.1% Obama, R+4 or R+5 Safe R district (again, those seats do not fall in Illinois). Rep Walsh also hosts more constituent events than any other of the 435 Members of Congress. He has a lot of name recognition in his district, far better than any other freshman Rep in Illinois.
Congressman Walsh also is a tireless campaigner, and gives a very dynamic stump speech, as compared to the slightly boring, yet very smart Hultgren, a former State Senator and favorite of the establishment. Rep Walsh will be able to bring in national fundraising money as well, as he is one of the most frequent Congressmen on cable news.

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