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Jan-Pro EnviroShield’s Effectiveness Proven at Clean Middle East Magazine Facilities - Distributed in Middle East exclusively by Jan-Pro, EnviroShield Disinfection reduces harmful contamination readings from an alarmingly high 173 preliminary reading, to a safe low reading of only 2 within minutes. In going from a 173 contaminant reading to a 2 in just minutes, we were delighted to demonstrate how EnviroShield is a disinfection system for one of today‘s important issues in the Middle East.
Clean Middle East Magazine, a publication dedicated to informative content on the cleaning and hygiene industry in the Middle East, recently invited Jan-Pro to demonstrate its EnviroShield Disinfection System at the Clean Middle East Magazine offices in the UAE. The test was conducted by Terry Kochanowski, Jan-Pro Country Master Franchisee UAE, and Dennis Thompson, Vice President of Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc. The EnviroShield System uses PCMX (parachlorometaxylenol) as its active ingredient, produced by a proprietary emulsion process resulting in a low concentration of active ingredient equal to 0.02 percent, making it highly effective, yet totally safe.
Launched on June 1, 2010 in the Middle East, The Jan-Pro EnviroShield Disinfection Spray System is entirely new to this market, and offered through the exclusive distribution of Jan-Pro International, Inc. Jan-Pro was founded in 1991 by Jacques Lapointe in Providence, Rhode Island, with a desire to offer the highest quality cleaning techniques and systems available.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Jan-Pro Canada announced today that Liana Munteanu has opened, in partnership with Montreal and Quebec City Master Franchisees Owners, an office in Sherbrooke for Jan-Pro; 4050 Lesage, Suite 115, Sherbrooke, QC. Liana Munteanu is the Regional Director and started in Jan-Pro as a unit franchisee seven years ago. She graduated in Economic Management from the Academy of Graduate Studies (ASE) of Bucharest in Romania from where she originated. With a 93% customer retention, once people hire Jan-Pro Canada, it is the last cleaner they ever hire. Jan-Pro was founded in 1991 by Jacques Lapointe in Providence, Rhode Island, with a desire to offer the highest quality cleaning techniques and systems available and is now located in 9 countries and over 100 Metropolitan Areas, with more than 10,000 Unit franchisees. NAWBO Richmond’s Carolyn Hawthorne is the owner of Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems of Richmond and is our latest Featured Member.  Carolyn has been with Jan-Pro for over a decade, and has built an amazing team to become a most successful franchise operator.

Jan-Pro® of the South Carolina Coast provides one of today’s exceptional business opportunities, allowing you to become your own boss in one of the fastest growing industries.
With Jan-Pro® you will enjoy the guidance and support of an established franchise organization. The comprehensive Jan-Pro® franchise program combines sound business practices with fresh ideas. So, if you are ready to take hold of exciting business ownership opportunity in a growing industry – to be in business for yourself but not by yourself - contact us today! To start, the keyboard of a PC at the magazine offices was swabbed and had an alarmingly high contamination reading of 173 on the meter.
The electrostatic spray charges each droplet (30 microns in size) with a negative charge, and when sprayed has far greater force than gravity, reaching and touching surfaces which traditionally do not get disinfected. Currently, the Jan-Pro team is comprised of business leaders with experience around the world, as well as seasoned cleaning industry executives. However, due to the development of the industry in the Eastern Townships, we are opening a regional office in 2012. Thanks to its availability and experience at both the technical aspect and the customer service. Jan-Pro Canada makes it easy to buy their services, manage their people and experience the results.
And you can tailor your business to your specific situation — you can start small, even on a part-time basis, and build the business to achieve your financial goals.
This program is designed to assist unit franchisees every step of the way and in every aspect of business.
That’s why you must choose a business opportunity in a fast growing industry, with expansion possibilities limited only by your own energy and drive. It starts with training that begins when you purchase your franchise and continues with ongoing professional support.

Jan-Pro® staff will be there to provide assistance every step of the way, designing a complete work schedule and teaching how to complete each task in a proper and timely manner.
You’ll receive monthly income from the customers provided to you by your master franchise owner, without the expense of an accounting system and the worry of collecting the receivables.
Quality control, customer account inspections and customer support are provided by our specially trained technicians. Additional customer accounts will be provided to build your business at a pace that meets your needs. Remarkably, just minutes later after applying the Jan-Pro EnviroShield spray, the same keyboard had drastically dropped to a reading of merely 2. The Eastern Townships are also a lively area with some 130 festivals and events of all kinds. Whether you are looking for a good way to supplement your income or are seeking a whole new business career, becoming a unit franchisee with Jan-Pro® may be the right vehicle for you. The Jan-Pro® unit franchise program is designed for the small business owner to grow their business in manageable stages, with various investment programs. Most building owners and managers prefer working with a larger company that has a good reputation, excellent references, and professional customer support and service.
Its capital, Sherbrooke, is the sixth largest city of province of Quebec and is surrounded by nature. Entrepreneur Magazine has cited the company as “the #1 fastest growing franchise” in 2008, 2009 and 2010, an honor never before achieved in the history of the award.

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