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Jan Murray, one of a generation of comics who honed their skills on the borscht belt before conquering television, emceed nine game shows during television's golden era. One of the most popular was "Treasure Hunt," which aired on ABC and later NBC from 1957 to 1959, in which the contestant who gave the most correct answers chose one of 30 "treasure boxes" for a prize. Murray also hosted "Blind Date," "Chain Letter," "Dollar a Second," "Go Lucky," "Charge Account," "Meet Your Match," "Sing It Again" and "Songs for Sale." He also starred in a short-lived variety show for NBC, "Jan Murray Time," with cohost Tina Louise.
Although highly successful in game shows, Murray shifted to movies in the late 1960s and appeared in a variety of roles, including a Nazi war criminal in "A Man Called Dagger" (1967) and Annette Funicello's father in "Thunder Alley" (1967).

Born Murray Janofsky in New York, he grew up going to 25-cent vaudeville shows with his mother. Soon he was a regular at Catskills resorts, practicing his routines on "the fat ladies in the exercise room." He was a "tummler," Yiddish for an all-around entertainer.
Murray is of counsel with Foley & Lardner LLP and a member of the Health Care Industry Team.
I believe that Jan Murray deserves his name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.He was a wonderful entertainer.

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