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The Masterful Melancholy of ‘Lamb’ and ‘Lions’ - Novelist Bonnie Nadzam at Boswell Book Co. The Ba’thification of Iraq: Saddam Hussein’s Totalitarianism (University of Texas Press), by Aaron M. Chris Cleave’s War-torn Love Story - British author of ‘Everyone Brave is Forgiven’ speaks at Boswell Book Co.
Unbecoming is a detailed and entertaining odyssey that moves from high-level theft to the ensuing underground re-imagined life of a young protagonist who flees the scene. DNA testing has led to the release of wrongly convicted prisoners, including death row inmates, as well as the identification of guilty parties. Bernie Sanders has reissued his 1997 political biography, Outsider in the House, with an optimistic new title. In the decades following World War II, polka briefly crossed into the musical mainstream and polka records entered the era’s eclectic hit parade.
America was once a nation of joiners, and one thing many Americans joined was a network of fraternal organizations.
Over the last three decades, elephant populations in Africa and Asia have suffered startling declines. Comic book readers rank Will Eisner with the preeminent stylists of 20th-century comics—and one of its most imaginative storytellers.
Kenosha-born actor, director and writer Orson Welles is best known for his 1938 broadcast of “The War of the Worlds” and his path-finding film Citizen Kane. During World War II Ezra Pound, ranked with America’s greatest modern poets, broadcast from Italy endorsing Benito Mussolini’s Fascist regime and hurling recriminations against the Allies.

Created in 2012, “Welcome to Night Vale” is a twice-monthly podcast reporting on the strange happenings in the fictional desert town of Night Vale. Music is a language of its own, but even many of us who speak it don’t actually understand the grammar, can’t read it or possess a limited vocabulary. Adam Johnson won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for The Orphan Master’s Son, his absorbing, eye-opening novel set in Kim Jong-il’s North Korea. Del Hall isn’t a familiar name from history, but he recorded history being made in the 1960s and ’70s. According to the United Nations, half of the world’s population—2.8 billion people—live on less than $2 a day. As the 20th century began, Paris was a mecca not only for art but for sex—especially in manifestations hard to find elsewhere. Ferdinand de Saussure was one of those thinkers who influenced the way the world is thought about—and yet is generally incomprehensible to the average reader. Wisconsin author Shelley Tougas has covered issues spanning civil rights events to present-day battlefront action as well as creating touching stories for young tween readers.
Mass panic: people fleeing their homes, traffic jams heading out of town, the night sky ablaze with the fury of otherworldly invaders. British sociologist Svetlana Stephenson’s sober analysis traces the rise of Russian youth gangs out of the rubble of the country’s 1990s shock-treatment capitalism.
Woodland Pattern Book Center regularly welcomes poets, artists and writers to share their work with the public. Africa is as resource-wealthy as any continent, but the vast reserves of oil, diamonds, gold, copper and other minerals have been more a curse than a blessing.

As one of America’s most significant presidents, Abraham Lincoln continues to find interpreters.
When UW-La Crosse history professor James Longhurst first became a bike enthusiast, he had no idea that it would lead to the creation of a brand-new history of bike culture in the United States. We usually take the signage we see for granted, but travel to foreign parts and eyes can open at the wonder of it all.
Fairy tales don’t always have “fairy tale endings” and not everyone lives happily ever after. Max Planck was Albert Einstein’s mentor, a bright light in physics often eclipsed by his star protege. But stirred by a sense of duty during a war that threatened America’s existence, Zeidler volunteered for the U.S.
The just-out edition by New Jersey’s Figlo Press is a slight revision of an earlier version self-published nearly a decade ago by the author, Obie Yadgar.
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A sense of place is important to all of us, and the neighborhood where we reside can say a lot about personal values, priorities and lifestyle.

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