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Faced with a nobler-than-thou Emma Thompson defying a High Court injunction to launch an anti-fracking campaign on his land, an irate pig farmer did the needful.In fact, he did what we have all been dying to do for years.
However, her fellow demonstrators got a jolly good soaking, so not all was lost.And it did get me thinking.
The striking junior doctors lost my sympathy a long time ago, but lately their aggrieved air of sufferance has become intolerableSecond, if they love the NHS so much, why do they continually threaten to go and work in the private sector or abroad if they do not get their own way?Frauds.
Jimmy Krankie, Wee Burney, Miss Nippy Sweetie, professional Scot, a right pain a€” call her what you will. Flora, the daughter he fathered with his secretary Sara Keays (pictured), didna€™t get a pennyIt takes quite a man to cut a love child who has Aspergera€™s syndrome out of his will.
As a sporting nation, we hardly ever win at anything, except indoor bowls and all-terrain moaning. And just when you think there is no further corner of Scottish nationhood or culture that can be insulted, abused or appropriated by someone else, it turns out that haggis was invented by the English.
So put this all, along with appropriate seasonings, into the big mincer and ask yourself this; how could haggis possibly be an invention of the milksop, faggot-loving English?
The earliest mention she finds in a Scottish publication is in 1747, which apparently proves that haggis was being eaten south of the border some 132 years before it appeared in print in any Scottish text. Yet 40 short years later, Robert Burns hailed it as the national dish in his famous poem, Address To A Haggis. The Scots are proud of their tartan - but where exactly did it originate?We Scots love our traditional culture deeply, but let's be honest - much of it must be strange and impenetrable to the outside visitor. And while no other country, not even Russia, could produce a national poet who writes paeans in praise of pinhead oatmeal or produce a people who continue to fetishise a meat pudding in his honour centuries after his death, it pains me to say that not everyone loves Robert Burns.
Ouch, that was a stab in the heart of our national psyche, particularly coming from a turncoat who happens to be of Scottish descent himself. So from what some outsiders might describe as the ghastly syrup of Robert Burns to the bagpipe's caterwaul, is there anything that Scots can be proud of?
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MPs broke cover for the first time to insist that Mr Clegg must go - with Vince Cable being tipped as his most likely successor.
The band were mentored on The X Factor by Simon Cowell, who signed them to his SyCo record label. Apart from a little bit of guitar noodling from Niall, they do not play any instruments on stage, but sing to a backing track. Direction are making a public appearance.They had already worked out a strategy (a€?We will be cool. These will help to shield your eyes from the hideous kryptonite glow of lips bereft of gloss, eyes au naturel, clear and present wrinkles in the cheeky chops department.A I mean, just look at this woman, daring to appear in public without recourse even to a dab of concealer or a spritz of Elnett.
Making an effort: To this day, Margaret Thatcher has never appeared in public looking anything less than freshly powdered, crisp and completely immaculate.
Even the tray looks tastier than the foodDespite the best intentions of Jamie Oliver, school dinners in the UK clearly remain a desperate and pathetic affair for some unlucky children.A For this insight, we are grateful to nine-year-old Martha Payne, who took photographs and blogged about the lunches served at her Scottish school. Another picture showed a pizza, one croquette, about a dozen kernels of sweetcorn and a cake on a plastic tray. Diana didn't do badly as a mumThe new biography of the Duke of Cambridge paints a rather dark portrait of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.Author Penny Junor suggests she was mentally ill and never got over feelings of abandonment when her own mother ran off when she was a little girl.
A gold medal for grumblingIf marathon moaning was an Olympic sport, Londoners would all be wearing gold medals. Never mind that Brad (above) is all stubble and biceps, he is going to be the first man to promote the scent and become the face of the brand. The politician faces being kicked out of the Labour party forever, after he admitted sending sexts to Miss Houlihan (left).
He revved up the engine of his muck spreader, turned on his slurry hose and blasted it in the direction of the Oscar-winning actress.As ripostes go, it was succinct and eloquent. The current ruler of that far, distant land known as the People's Republic of Sturgeonistan really gets on my wickJimmy Krankie, Wee Burney, Miss Nippy Sweetie, professional Scot, a right pain a€” call her what you will. Susan Boyle has shaved off her groaning eyebrows, which is a bit like the Monarch of the Glen cutting off his 12-point antlers.
Has it escaped anyone's attention that Fred the Shred, modern folklore's answer to the Sheriff of Nottingham, is 100 per cent Scottish! As a former model cries in court as she explains why she needs A?196m from her Saudi billionaire ex, have the super rich ever been scarier or more out of touch?

And even if - and that's a big if - the English did invent haggis, at least the Scots were the first to think of deep-frying it.
Sometimes I think that smiling, polite tourists must go back to their overpriced hotel rooms and scream their heads off, rather like the Martians in the Smash potato advert. Last year, old Big Breeks complained that Britain is ruled by a kind of 'Scottish Raj' and that Robert Burns writes 'sentimental doggerel'.
The five-piece British group, who came third in the final of The X Factor in 2010 are on their first tour of the U.S. Last month, their What Makes You Beautiful hit won the Brit award for Best Single and dates for their shows in the UK next year are already selling out fast. So far, he has missed at least two dates, but sources close to the band insist he is to return shortly.
They dona€™t like people screaming all the timea€™) and had thought of what to say if they got the chance of speak to their heroes. For we are about to show you a photograph of a 64-year-old woman who is a€” now brace yourselves a€” not wearing any make-up.A I know! This left her, it is suggested, emotionally fractured a€” unsure of what it was to be a mother herself.
And if she was such a terrible and clueless parent, why have her sons (pictured with her in 1988) turned out so well?
There would be about three million of them, crammed onto the winnersa€™ plinth for Excellence in the Field of Sustained Grumbling over Nothing Very Much At All.A Right now, in the capital city, the cacophony of complaints about the forthcoming Olympic Games is reaching a crescendo.
Sadly, none of the pungent manure actually appeared to reach do-gooding Emma, who is the Greenpeace go-to girl for any headline-seeking initiative, no matter how wrongheaded she or it might be. For there are plenty of people in public life who deserve a flurry of slurry, a good old dousing of dung, just so they understand exactly where they stand in the public's affection.
The Scottish national dish of sheep's heart, liver and lungs, chopped up and cooked in an animal stomach with oatmeal and onions?
No other nation could distill 300 years of hurt into one supper dish fashioned from scrapings off the abattoir floor, and then build a tourist industry around it. Its opening lines seem to suggest that the haggis - with its 'honest, sonsie face' and 'pores' that drip juice - has human features. I mean once you have mentally crossed off the Prime Minister, James Naughtie, Lorraine Kelly, Speaker Martin and me? We never, not once, succumbed to the thought that bowler hats or morris dancing were particularly good ideas. Every time Niall does a scissor kick or waves to the crowd, the screams of delight hit lugs-busting proportions.
Her pics of one lunch a€” a grey cheeseburger, two potato croquettes, some bits of cucumber and an ice lolly a€” was particularly grim. Throw away the food and eat the tray a€” it looks as if it might have more nutritional value. And to the enduring appeal of her classic scent, Chanel No 5, the worlda€™s best-selling fragrance.Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve and Nicole Kidman wear it.
Being left out of a will is bad enough, but to inflict such disregard, a lifetime of snub upon a child of your own, is unforgivable.The fact she has health problems only makes his indifference worse.A  Oh dear! Prudence and pluck in one ingenious, hand-sewn bag of skin; full of steaming, peppery guts and fat, served with lashings of sentiment and double chips (one on each shoulder)?
If I want to wear my hair back, Ia€™m pulling my hair back.a€™The inference is that ita€™s frivolous and tiresome to bother about things like make-up and hair when there are more serious and pressing matters to attend to.
On her blog, complete with her Meal-O-Meter, Martha wrote: a€?The pizza in the first pic was all right but Ia€™d have enjoyed more than one croquette. And let us not forget that the Duke has always called her a€?the best mother in the worlda€™, and both boys adore her to this day. And as the opening ceremony draws ever nearer and rapacious entrepeneurs get ready to reap the harvest, I have opened my Olympic Black Book of Shame.A First name in, yoo-hoo!, the Travelodge hotel at Stratford, East London a€” the branch of the budget hotel chain nearest the Olympic Village. Iconic Frenchwomen such as Audrey Tautou, Carole Bouquet and Vanessa Paradis have all advertised it. The Bay City Rollers, Scottish country dancing, mutton pies, wee Jimmy Krankie and Gordon Ramsay?
If you feel the need, pop on a pair of ladsa€™ mag standard issue, lead-lined crone-o-vision spectacles.
She has had enough of the old powder puff, the painstaking painting, the blend-blend-blending, the cleanse, tone and moisturising.

Of course, in some ways she is right a€” and maybe the exuberant freedom from the tyranny of slap is a good thing.
Ia€™m a growing kid and I need to concentrate all afternoon, and I cana€™t do it on one croquette. Travelodge prides itself on low prices and no frills: no trouser presses, no chocolates on the pillow, no nuthina€™. And after this, life would be complete if I could hose down George Clooney with my Insolence. The world is rubbish, the apocalypse is a-coming and politicians do nuffink for the poor.He believes that 'profit is a filthy word because wherever there is profit, there is also deficit'.
It is hardly a roll call of the great, the good and the admirable - and I haven't even mentioned deepfried Mars Bars. They have voices like angels, even though they are just ordinary boys,a€™ says Jillian, who adds she loves all things English including a€?those big red buses you guys have and also Adelea€™.And while the group a€” Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis TomlinsonA  a€” are undeniably cute, the true Directioner loves the boys for more than their good looks. Of making an effort, of getting her hair done, of the daily onslaught of being a woman in the public eye who is supposed to look her best at all times.
Maybe we will all celebrate a Hillary Moment in later life and burn our mascara wands in a great pyre on the village green. Yet the room rate for the night of the Opening Ceremony in July is a whopping A?480 a€” not including breakfast.Kerching! Yet the old fraud is worth an estimated A?15 million, a sum raised by accumulating profit from his career as a comedian and author.He could do a lot for the poor himself. A minor incident, perhaps, but it speaks volumes.When is he ever going to grow up and shake off his fourth-form hubris?
Ita€™s a perfume by Guerlain.A The Japanese have invented a vacuum cleaner that chats to you as it cleans the carpet. We want a leader who shimmers with integrity and vision, not a class bully.MICHAEL SHEENA Grrr! For giving up caring how you look is not an expression of emancipation, it is one of resignation and defeat.To this day, Margaret Thatcher has never appeared in public looking anything less than freshly powdered, crisp and completely immaculate. It is not hard toA  imagine that prisoners in Scottish jails probably get a better meal deal. And I weep for the poorer children who have free school lunches and for whom this paltry offering might be their best chance of having a decent meal every day.So thank you for this important insight, Martha.
Congratulations on your good writing and excellent reportage skills.Your school should be ashamed of its lunches a€” but very proud of you.
My iron would be moaning, my dishwasher would be wheezing, the mini-chopper would be rasping a€?Oil my blades, womana€™.
I cana€™t be bothered with all the hats and robes and matching handbags and make-up and shampoo and sets. The steam cleaner under the sink would be crying and weeping like a girl at a Berlusconi bunga-bunga party: a€?I was so expensive a€” and you only used me once!a€™Call me cruel, but I want my domestic equipment to be efficient and silent. I think Ia€™ll just nip down to open Parliament in my tracky bottoms and a beanie.a€™Of course it would never happen.
Looking your best and wearing make-up is not about taking part in a beauty pageant or trying to be the prettiest girl in the room. Powerful women all over the world understand the power of image, of good grooming and polish.
She has recently discovered eyeliner, which a€” I am not joking a€” gives her a more commanding and focused air.
Clinton.It was a very different story when she sought the Democratic nomination four years ago, wasna€™t it? The physical transformation of this former militant feminist a€” whose views on abortion and stay-at-home mothers would surely alienate the moral valuists and faith-based groups who wield enormous power on the American political landscape a€” was huge.Warrior Hillary morphed into a pastel-wearing personette in lavender eyeshadow and smiling peach lips before the electoratea€™s eyes.
She carefully softened and calibrated her appearance to appeal to her wavering army of older, female supporters.So what I am saying is the reason Hillary has gone all hairy-legged basket-weaver on everyone is not because she is giving up lipstick, but because she is giving up politics.
Politics is not a beauty contest, but I do think those in high office should be as groomed as possible.
There would be outrage, not fem-applause, if it was a male Secretary of State who was wandering around unshaven and unkempt.A Hillary also looks exhausted a€” and no wonder, given her gruelling schedule.

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