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Jelinek toured the record this spring with a live band of guitarist Andrew Pekler and drummer Hanno Leichmann. Is the live setup similar to how (Australian jazz band) Triosk took your loops and jammed with them? Given that so music of your music is built on looped samples, what do you have to say is the power of the loop in electronic music? As you mention the meditative and hallucinatory qualities of your work, I have to say that many of your rhythms sound very mechanical and yet, there is also a ghostly drone that hovers above that rhythm.
When I start to produce, I dona€™t have a real intention of what something should sound like.
The most interesting thing about sampling is that you can focus on the sample source, and also focus on the medium where the sample source is taken from like vinyl, which has a texture. As you sampled a lot of soul and jazz music in your albums, what interested you in exploring krautrock on your latest record?
This time, I tried not to only focus on the sample sources on the krautrock records, but I also tried to work like the groups from that period as well. Given that you live and work in Berlin, I often see that city as a clash between the very modern and the very old, decaying Eastern Bloc past.
Thata€™s a good interpretation, but I dona€™t have images or pictures when Ia€™m producing.
I thought about starting this year with new recordings, but so far, I dona€™t have an idea of which direction it will go. In Farben, what interested you in breaking down samples and creating funk music out of them?
As a teenager, I was really a€?retro.a€? I didna€™t like contemporary music very much and I also hated electronic music. When German hip-hop producers wear the same clothes as American hip-hop producers, I think ita€™s surreal. Are you going to record insect and bird noises like those heard on Martin Dennya€™s a€?Quiet Villagea€?? I know that you released the exotica-like lounge song, a€?Sexing Dean Martina€? a while ago.
I dona€™t like reverb and in the 80s, a lot of studio producers were starting to work with reverb.
I think that from the early 70s, the social ideas are coming back like collectivism which plays a big part in music right now. Magic Carpet is Radio Prague's monthly music magazine that looks at music from Czech, Moravian and Silesian towns and villages.
For copyright reasons we are unable to archive the programmes in audio, but here at least are a few words about some of the recordings featured recently in the programme.
Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release.
Jan Jelinek recorded under the names Farben and Gramm, as well as his birth name, and became a revered producer of electronic music.
The post-techno pioneera€™s touch has also sang as microhouse in the form of Farben and as droning ambience under the name Gramm. Stylus caught up with Jelinek during his San Francisco tour stop a few days before he performed at the Mutek Festival in Montreal. I have a synthesizer and I have an instrument called the Hohner Guitaret, ita€™s comparable to an African thumb piano. Sometimes, ita€™s been a little chaotic but, so far, wea€™ve always had fun and I think it went well for the audience.
I think that loop-oriented music is such a strong thing because it doesna€™t have parameters like time.

I tried to mix my ideas of using a sample source from the past like on Loop-finding Jazz Records and put it into a new context and a new setting. The good thing is that when you work for a longer period (like) listening to the same loop for 10 hoursa€¦you can make the decision that this loop is really worthy as a track or not. I see that image while listening to your music a lot, where ita€™s very futuristic but ita€™s also worn by time. Of course, sometimes when youa€™re producing you think it sounds like blah, blah, whatever.
The listenersa€™ own cognition causes them to listen (sharper) and recognize overtones after hearing the same loop for 20 minutes.
As you asked me (earlier), I was into De La Soul, their first record was working with those kind of samples as well. But some of the music is a bit obvious and I dona€™t understand why they want to be like producers here (in America). It doesna€™t have the authenticity, but maybe when it loses the authenticity; it gets its own quality. The plan is to make a record with those sample sources and also play the instruments that were used on those records as well. Every decade has its own aesthetic and I like the 70s because there is not that much reverb, ita€™s very warm in a way and very organic.
In 1977 they started as an acoustic trio with two guitars and percussion and their music was in stark contrast to every existing fashion.Jablkon blended instruments with voices in very unorthodox way. The fretless bass guitar player Sina and her partner, guitarist Daniel Salontay, formed Slnko Records in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. In Prague a big festival was held: The United Islands, with live music played on the 10 islands on the course of the Vltava River in the city. But now the delicate wooden box with a generous array of strings looks more like an antiquity than an instrument people play.
Last year, Jelinek recorded under his own name again and explored his native Germanya€™s krautrock heritage in the psychedelic masterwork, Kosmischer Pitch. There are some loops that we prepared before but we drift into improvisationa€”I think that ita€™s 60 percent improvising. Mortiza€? and a€?Moire (Strings).a€? Is that the way your music usually turns out to be or is it inspired by something else? Ita€™s not like I recognize the saxophone players who are playing, Ia€™m oriented in how it sounds.
For instance, when you are listening to a minimalist composition at a concert, everyone is listening to it in a different way and everyone is recognizing something different.
I was always really frustrated because I played bass in a band and I loved to play soul music, but nothing is more ridiculous than German teenagers who try to play soul music. The musicians invented a wide spectrum of howls, wails, screams, grunts and other deeply human sounds, and used just the right amount of this vocal seasoning to build a pattern, a momntum of a non-verbal message, or just a joke.
In the beginning, they burned the CDs on their home computer, packaged them and sent by mail - but with growing success of their company this became harder more difficult.
Yet the final concert took place on the mainland, with the Gypsy Kings, the world famous band from Southern France topping the bill, plus two promising local Roma bands as support, Gulo Car and Bengas. The decline of zither in the Czech lands started with independence from the Habsburg Empire. Repetitive, loop-oriented music doesna€™t need virtuosity, ita€™s actually anti-virtuosity. Everything is focused on processing the sample sources, so I dona€™t know which direction it will go when I start with a sample. When Ia€™m listening to jazz music, Ia€™m not interested in the parameters that describe jazz-like virtuosity.

There are a lot of possibilitiesa€¦ Sometimes when I use samples, you cana€™t recognize the original source anymore because all of the parameters and functions from the sampling software can hide the original sample source. One (person) is recognizing overtones, resonances, or whatever, and the other person is listening to the drones.
In general, when you are listening to a soul sample, ita€™s obviously pop or R&B, and I tried something different.
Thata€™s the reason why I was so happy when I went to my first house party where I realized that there is some contemporary music that had the same message like soul music, but ita€™s contemporary and I could do it as well. With their band, Dlhe Diely, they were one of the brightest surprises of last years Colours of Ostrava festival. The instrument was often identified as a German import, and the next generation choose to play guitar instead.
I like the jazz records from the 60a€™s and 70a€™s because of the sound and how they are recorded. The good thing is that you create something that is maybe different from the other stuff, because youa€™re not able to do it like every house producer. It shows the reception of hip-hop where German teenagers, for instance, think about American hip-hop and translate it into their style and culture. Is this just a short lived fashion, or are Czech audiences bored with the non-Roma mainstream? I wouldna€™t say that Ia€™m a huge fan of jazz music, Ia€™m a fan of the sound of the genre. The bad thing is that you try to (make) it like the usual house music, but you cana€™t reach it. On a memorable concert in the Prague Archa theatre, Jablkon performed with the Moravian Symphony orchestra and other guest players. One of the most gifted Czech players, Michal MA?ller, chose to study the instrument at the Vienna conservatory. While you are listening to the same loop for hours, you are starting to hallucinate, and youa€™re listening to the overtones, and starting to imagine elements that are not actually in the track.
When you talk about soul music in Europe, the reception of African-American music is quite different than the reception here (in America). He graduated 3 years ago, and now he's the one and only Czech zither teacher with a diploma - and also an adventurous and prolific musician. In general, there were three to four loops playing on the computer and I was jamming to them with my gear, the mixer, the effects, and the synths.
I was recording for a few hours and I tried to cut only five minutes from that jam session out and use the excerpt as a final track.
The reception is definitely different, you dona€™t understand as much of the lyrics, youa€™re more oriented to the (instrumental) music. I was a bit tired of sitting at the computer and making an arrangement from the first to the last second. Sometimes, I played during peak time and sometimes people understood what I wanted to do with it, and had fun with it and danced.
Now, Ia€™m getting tired of working with a sequencer program, so I tried to find a new solution.
But most people wanted to have (the music) very in-your-face in clubs, (lowers voice) and I had a problem with it.

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