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But I do know I’ve had the feeling I wanted to become a designer since I was really young. But it also has something to do with my trying to find ways of making fashion that fit with my personal views and believes.
And although quite some of my designs are indeed very loose and oversized, to me they are very clear volumes that are very deliberate and thought true.
I grew up knowing the Antwerp fashion designers, so I’m sure some of that Antwerp style must have influenced my work. Jan-Jan traveled widely, knew people in many parts of the world and worked together with them. Yap?mc?l?g?n? Gokhan Ozen ve Selen Ozen'in ustlendigi TNT ekranlar?nda yay?nlanan 'Y?ld?z Masal?' dizisi, rock star Kaya Deren (Gokhan Ozen) ve onun c?lg?n kardesi ve arkadaslar?n?n olusturdugu Janjan K?zlar muzik grubunun maceralar?n? anlat?yor. DAMLA: Kaya Deren (Gokhan Ozen) soz konusu olunca, gercek kimliklerimizi ac?klamak cesaret istiyor da ondan! IPEK: Abimin gozlerinin icine bakarak, Janjan K?zlar oldugumuzu gizlemek icimi huzursuz ediyor ama bir yandan da k?zlar? ve icimizdeki muzik ask?n? yar? yolda b?rakmak istemiyorum. ISIL: Guzel bir insana cuval da giyse yak?sacag?n? dusunen biriyim… Ozguven onemli bir sey! DAMLA: Rengarenk bir k?s bizi bekliyor ama bence siyah?n yan?nda her zaman dikkat cekici bir renk sart!
CG: K?sa boylu k?zlar, biraz tombul olanlar ve cok zay?f k?zlar k?yafet seciminde en cok nelere dikkat etmeli? ISIL: K?sa boylu k?zlar asla bol pantolon giymesinler ve cizgili desenlere dikkat etsinler.
IPEK: Magaza vitrinlerindeki ideal olculu mankenlerin uzerindeki k?yafetler bizi cezbedebilir ama biz kendi vitrinimizin fark?nda olmal?y?z. ONEMLI NOT: Bu sayfalarda yay?nlanan okur yorumlar? okuyucular?n kendilerine ait goruslerdir.

Binbir cesit sac: Kristen StewartSurekli sac stilini yenileyen unlulerden biride tart?smas?z Kristen Stewart.
But if I must describe myself anyway I can say that my zodiac is Gemini - not that I am strong believer of astrology - also I have two identical first names and I have a twin brother as well. Respect for the people who wear my clothes, respect for the craft of making clothes, respect for the people who work with me on creating the collection. I hope this could help giving a self-conscious and relaxed feeling to the person who wears it. It gives me the chance to reflect on all the facets of the collection a bit more: on the design part and on its business part.
For example, I think fashion would not get worse if it all slowed down a little bit, if the turnover between the seasons would be less abrupt. The fact that a lot of my clothes can be worn by both men and women is a result of those shapes. He was such a lively, creative and inspiring person that he leaves a great empty space behind. One of his major interests was to help people with disabilities to leave institutions, to develop schemes how to finance and organize personal assistance services and how to create individual support networks in the community for people who had been institutionalized including persons with cognitive disabilities. Since childhood he had been a nature person, had traveled around most of Europe to watch birds, he loved to design gardens with bath tubs full of water plants and mosquitoes for his bull frogs. Here was a person who by all common standards should have been an object of pity: unable to move anything but his head, totally dependent on the help of others, confined to bed for long periods in order to prevent pressure sores.
Kaya'n?n konsere gecikmesi uzerine, haylaz k?zlar?n k?l?k degistirip, kendilerini sahneye atmalar? ve izleyicileri buyulemeleriyle baslayan macera, Ipek, Damla ve Is?l'?n s?radan hayatlar?n? bir anda degistirecek ve onlar? ulke cap?nda unlu y?ld?zlar yapacakt?r. DAMLA (Nora Tokhosepyan): Asi, kimseye guvenmeyen ama sevdiklerini her seye ragmen koruyan biriyim! Sahne tozu yutmak, muzigin icinde yeniden dogmak, dansla kendimizi kaybetmek ve janjanl? kostumlerin icinde benligimizi bulmak oyle guzel ki… Maceralar?m?z? 19:30'da TNT'de izleyebilirsin!

Straples giymemeye ozen gostermeliler ve vucut hatlar?n? belli etmeyecek bollukta giysiler giymeliler. Art and creativity in general can motivate me a lot to continue and go deeper into what I’m doing.
One of his most recent projects was to test in court whether such a personal support network could replace a so-called good man. He was an expert on bamboo and it is all his fault that our garden in Stockholm has been taken over by a dozen varieties of this lovely plant. And yet I am sure everybody who met him experienced Jan-Jan as a happy,  active and attractive person! It’s the city that I live and work in, so probably it will leave some trace in what I do. Since then we not only worked together on various projects, we also became very close friends. Jan- Jan’s disability made him dependent on assistive technology and soon after he had become disabled, in his early twenties, he designed and developed his own solutions, started two companies that cooperate with university researchers and import and sell sophisticated computer input devices for people who cannot use their hands. Antwerp does have a very specific atmosphere to it, and I’m sure that you can feel that in my work. But sometimes the best idea comes when you least expect it, so I always try to keep my eyes open for anything that might inspire me. His partner Theresa is a singer and performs songs from the Renaissance in a group of female vocalists.

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