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The social welfare schemes, aimed at reaching to the door steps of the poorest of the poor, were in addition to LPG and PDS schemes in which the apex court had allowed the voluntary use of Aadhaar cards. The bench, while including the four other schemes along with LPG and PDS where Aadhaar may be used, said, The Union of India to follow all other orders passed by this court since September 23, 2013. The bench also said that a larger bench was required to be set up for final disposal of the petitions that also include the question as to whether the right to privacy is fundamental right. On August 6 morning, I learnt about the reports of infiltration from the Pakistan side from across the LoC. During August, infiltrators were active all over the brigade sector, which resulted in unplanned movement of troops. 7 Sikh battalion commanded by Lt Col Bhagat Singh was deployed in the Mandi area, which was the worst affected by infiltration, and some of their posts were cut off. In the last week of August, another Infantry Battalion was moved to the Mandi sector to relieve 7 Sikh battalion, which had been under continuous sporadic attacks by the enemy for a long time. The Poonch airfield and town were under direct observation of the Pritam Post of Pakistan and the day time movement in this area would draw their artillery fire. The Poonch, Hajipir Pass and Uri road was opened to vehicular traffic, thanks to Lt Col Dayal, who was awarded Mahaveer Chakra for his feat. A five-judge bench headed by Chief Justice H L Dattu also put a caveat in its interim order for the Centre and said, We also make it clear that Aadhaar card scheme is purely voluntary and not mandatory till the matter is finally decided by this court, this way or the other way.
It also said the Constitution bench, which also included Justices M Y Eqbal, C Nagappan, Arun Mishra and Amitava Roy, was set up only for the purpose of deciding applications filed by the Centre and bodies like RBI, SEBI, IRDA, TRAI, the Pension Fund Regulatory Authority and states like Gujarat and Jharkhand seeking modification of the August 11 order. In the first phase, they infiltrated a number of groups from across the Line of Control (LoC) from Kargil into the3 Naushera area.
The Military Hospital, Poonch, where I was admitted for treatment of an eye injury was requested for my immediate discharge. Around August 7, the Gali Post came under intense firing from infiltrators and was subsequently cut off. However, a portion of the road was being dominated by fire by Pakistan troops deployed on the eastern spur of the Pritam Post, including Knoll, Ring Counter and Point 6160. The main aim of the infiltrators was to disrupt civil and military control within Jammu and Kashmir. On August 7, I was appointed the Officer-in-Charge of the convoy that was to move from Rajouri to Poonch. Their shells were not heavy enough to cause damage to the fortified bunkers on the Pritam Post. On September 19, the battalion was ordered to return to their Poonch base, and on September 19 and 20 night sent for an impending task.

Secondly, they were to encourage, assist and direct an armed revolt by people of Jammu and Kashmir with the an aim to achieve independence and subsequent merger of the Kashmir valley with Pakistan.
The heavier 5.5 medium guns held by the Army could not be moved to Poonch as the bridges en route could not take their load. However, experts are of the view that this may not be enough to make the nearly decade-old programme successful.
Else, the enemy would have overrun us and most of us would have either been killed or taken prisoner of war.
In the last week of August, it was decided to dismantle one medium gun and carry its parts to Poonch at night.
This coupled with intermittent shelling by Pakistan troops delayed the move of the unit and the battalion was able to converge on Poonch by first light only.
In the initial stages, the Indian Army was taken by surprise and most of our actions were retaliatory.
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However, the situation was brought under control by about the third week of August and a large number of infiltrators were either killed or captured and the balance became ineffective.
Next morning, the gun engaged the Pritam Post by direct fire though the range to the post was around 6,000 yards. India celebrates 70th Independence Day World Mourns The Victim of Dhaka's Long Night Of Terror!
The scheme a€” now rebranded the 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi scheme' a€” touched a low in 2012-13 when reports suggested the closure of 50 of its stores.
As part of this operation, they launched a major attack in the Chham–Jaurian Sector and made some gains posing a threat to the Akhnoor bridge, which was the the only road link between Poonch and Rajouri and the rest of the country. 7 Sikh battalion less one company was tasked with capturing the above areas before first light on September 22.
In a bold move, the the Prime Minister Lal Bahadhur Shastri ordered Indian armed forces to launch an offensive against Pakistan across the international border. Suddenly, I remembered that at the School of Artillery we were taught that in high altitude areas, because of rarified atmosphere, guns tend to achieve additional range. This gun now became our master weapon to engage various enemy posts which would interfere with our movement. Experts believe a broad expansion of JAS, if done right, could greatly improve access to crucial medicines. This took the Pakistan army by surprise and as is well known that they lost most of their latest tanks at the battle of Assal Uttar.

However, there was a fair chance of shells landing ahead of the post, while odd rounds landing on own troops could not be ruled out. As the situation was desperate and the chances of infiltrators capturing the post were very high, we decided to take the risk.
Artillery Officer Capt Harbax Singh, deployed at Dhana Heights, from where the Galli Post area could observed, was directed to engage the area ahead of the Galli Post. Everyone was aghast by this order since it meant that the three guns allotted to the battalion would fire 90 rounds.
However, experts are skeptical of the stores picking up momentum as they rely on doctors for their customers.
It was now planned to remove the vehicle from the road and move the convoy out of the area as quickly as possible. However, the order turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since after communicating the order the radio set of the officer conked off.
As the possibility of the vehicle being a booby trap was high, no one was prepared to approach it.
The unexpected firing of guns saved the situation and the enemy, after suffering casualties, withdrew in haste from the area. I, along with a few men of Light Battery, moved towards the vehicle, took position a few yards away and fired at it to ensure that it was not a booby trap. Previous researches show that in many states, even public sector doctors are not willing to write (generic prescriptions)," said Indranil Mukhopadhyay, health economist at the Public Health Foundation of India.
Jan Aushadhi does not have such a mechanism," said Syed Nusrath, professor of surgery and the joint secretary at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Academy of Medical Specialties in Hyderabad. At Surankot, the Post Commander informed me that the brigade Major was upset with me and wanted to speak to me immediately. During the initial phase of these operations, no dedicated communication network was provided to the convoys and one was at God’s mercy.
The Brigade Major was unhappy at the delayed arrival of the convoy and blamed it on my inefficiency. Doctors willing to back JAS drugs argue that the government needs to build trust in the scheme, using government set-ups to dispense them and having government representatives, especially the Prime Minister, use them too. According to him, the government should allow the inclusion of other branded drugs in JAS so that chemists can have the opportunity to convince patients of JAS' quality.

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