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How thrilled was I when I had the chance to interview Jan Arnold, the Co-Founder of Creative Nail Design, backstage at the Barbie show during Fall 2009 Fashion Week?
And so we filled a niche of a fashion accessory in the form of nails that designers didn’t really even have a consciousness of. Do designers look to you with an idea of what they want or is it sort of each designer is different, sometimes you have the idea, sometimes it’s collaborative? Jan Nordstrom Arnold is a co-founder of Creative Nail Design and one of the children of Dr.
Jan is an electrifyingly dynamic link between the worlds of professional nail beauty and international high fashion. Since CND’s incorporation in 1979, Jan brings both powerful acumen as a brand engineer and a dynamic fashion sense to her many roles within the company. Jan is in year-round demand as a speaker on the beauty trade-show circuit, with a travel itinerary taking her from Des Moines to Dubai and beyond. She is married to David Arnold (with her in the photo, right), and is the sister of Jim Nordstrom, who also worked at CND and now runs Famous Names, a manufacturer of natural nail care treatments. Mentoring a new nail tech can be a rewarding experience for both the mentor and the mentee.
On the MenuYour clients will thank you for pampering them with all of the essentials plus an invigorating scrub for the feet and legs, a warm paraffin treatment, and a hydrating sea extract mask with conditioning mineral clay and botanicals.
Co-Founder of Creative Nail Design Jan Arnold attends the Rachel Antonoff Spring 2013 presentation at the Drive In Studios on September 8, 2012 in New York City. If you paid attention to last year’s Next Top Nail Artist competition, then you know the name Lauren Wireman quite well by now. Back in May at Premiere Orlando, Wireman got a chance to talk with CND co-founder Jan Arnold who suggested Wireman do her nails for Fashion Week.

Her armor nail design came about after an Internet search and a prototype was made for Arnold to see. She created the shards and shields of armor out of full coverage silver press on nails, which are already curved to the shape of the nail, making them really easy to place. I try never to miss her show because she always uses nails in kind of a fun and quirky way. She is known for her high fashion, high-energy presentations and indefatiguable schedule, which includes year-round speaking, visiting salons, working tradeshows, and conducting training. After winning a Beauty Changes Lives student competition, Marinello Schools of Beauty student Cheyanne Birchall was awarded a day of mentorship with CND co-founder Jan Arnold.
To help us celebrate this landmark, we talked to the top brass at several companies that have been around from our very beginning. Complete the treatment with a foot massage while your clients enjoy a sweet treat and complimentary drink of their choice.
She had the daunting task of encapsulating wire netting into eight nails, which were sculpted out into a clear free edge using CND’s Retention liquid and powder. Jan founded CND in 1979 with her brother and father and has since taken the company to soaring heights. We realized that in every fashion publication you would see fabulous makeup, great hair, fantastic clothing, and the nails were not to be found! Here, they both share their experiences attending Beauty Buzz 2012 in Detroit and inspiring each other. The prize package for this big win was a chance to attend NYFW to design nails in the CND Design Lab. As NYFW inched closer however, Arnold presented Wireman with an NTNA-esque challenge for her nails.

Seen backstage at over 70 shows during the current New York Fashion Week alone, the company is responsible for creating some of the most innovative nail designs and colors seen anywhere. Because I hated the patternmaking part, I hated the burning of the fibers, identtfying what fiber you’re smelling. All I really wanted to do was to be creative and to see the total picture, not the architecture or the mechanics of fashion but the total look. We’re doing sort of weapon nails, like medieval, gothic, fantastic kind of deconstructed finishes, heavy metal. All in all, it took a total of 10 hours for Wireman and Robinson to complete Arnold’s nails. She was sporting a gorgeous manicure with custom-blended midnight blue tips accented by an incredible silver foiled design. But the nails, if they’re pointy and red with red lips, all of a sudden she turns into a different girl. But Arnold isn’t the only person raving, Wireman had many positive things to say about the nail icon.
So it’s been really exciting to be able to kind of implement a new element that the designer now really appreciates and asks us back season after season.

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