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New Electronic Filing Requirement Use eForms to electronically file your July CT-75, MVR-420, TT-8 and VM-2 returns by August 20.
Protect Your Identity Learn what we're doing to keep your information secure and how you can protect yourself.
Walk-In Center Closed Our Customer Service Walk-In center, located at 1957 Westmoreland St., Richmond, has closed for the 2016 filing season. Find out if your computer or browser is compatible with our online documents and applications. This week’s headlines include, breakthrough in stem cells, new center established for stem cell genomics, study shows breakthrough therapy designation meets goals, more deal-making from drug makers in 2014, EMA approves more drugs in 2013 than FDA, pandemic vaccine deals, mice retinas repaired using stem cells.
The establishment of an appropriate feeding rate and the mode of feed addition are both critical aspects of cell culture fed-batch process development. IBC’s 2nd Annual Flexible Facilities conference brings together senior level executives and scientists from biopharmas, CMO’s, technology providers, engineering firms and regulatory groups to explore the changing landscape of biologics manufacturing and to share case studies of the latest flexible facility implementations, lessons learned and practical experiences.
The 4th annual Cell Culture World Congress 2014 is the region’s largest event dedicated to process enhancement, technological innovation and business development.
It is an exhibition, a strategic keynote conference, technical roundtables and practical workshops.

HPAPI World Congress is the region’s leading event dedicated to process enhancement, technological innovation and business development. HPAPI World Congress is an interactive 2 day event with multiple, disruptive learning formats and offers real practical outcomes around High Potency API Development and High Potency Finished Product Manufacture. BDP Week provides you the most in-depth coverage of bioprocessing methods in the field, to give you the tools you need to develop and manufacture the increasingly diverse and complex molecules emerging in the biopharmaceutical pipeline. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
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With 5 days of the latest industry data, interactive focus groups, panel discussions and dedicated networking time, Informa’s event is the conference to ensure streamlined processes and strategies to get products to the market quickly. In this talk, it is presented how both over- and underfeeding can negatively affect cell culture performance and productivity. Between 2011 and 2016, patents in developed markets will expire on brand-name drugs that would otherwise have generated sales of $127 billion, according to data firm IMS Health.
Snyder was at the center of an important paper published in 2012 that offered an outline of how the emerging field of personalized medicine could develop.

Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. In addition, continuous versus once-daily (bolus) feeding strategies are compared and the impact of the choice of strategy on culture parameters is discussed.
To replace some of the lost revenue, larger drugmakers are looking to bring in new products, often in areas of significant scientific advancement such as treatments for cancer, rare diseases and drugs designed to turn off the activity of rogue genes.
In sequencing all 6 billion bases of Snyder’s own genome, scientists determined he was genetically at risk for type 2 Diabetes. Much of the breakthrough science is coming from biotechnology, meaning drugs derived from living cells.

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