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When a close friend sent me an e-mail newsletter article from Jan Markell, I was amazed I had not already made an effort to look into her ministry. Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). And now even the president of the United States has jumped aboard, making Bachmann the butt of his jokes during Saturday’s White House Correspondents Dinner. Bachmann, the former four-term Republican congresswoman from Minnesota, criticized Obama earlier this month for his support of a framework agreement with Iran that she says will lead to war and bring judgment on America. When the progressive media heard Obama’s mocking of Bachmann, they dutifully took his cue and heaped more invective on the former congresswoman. Author, Bible teacher and documentary filmmaker Joel Richardson recently returned from a missionary trip to Iraq and has seen firsthand the misery that Obama’s foreign policy has unleashed upon Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities. At the same time Obama engages in these activities, he props up partial birth abortion, the destruction of the defense of marriage act, homosexual marriage and, what many believe to be, turning his back on and even threatening Israel and its leadership.
At the same time, many of Obama’s critics have noted that he completely shies away from anything that even comes close to mocking the Islamic faith. But two solid weeks of trash talking has accomplished more to get Bachmann’s message out than any single interview on a Christian radio station ever could, Markell said.
Joseph Farah, WND founder, chief editor and CEO, believes Obama’s mocking of Bachmann is just the latest example of his disdain for anyone who actually believes what he reads in the Bible and is willing to discuss it publicly. While Obama certainly does not stand alone in mocking the warnings of the Bible, he represents the current leadership position of America, Gallups said. If Christians won’t communicate godly wisdom for their elected leaders, he asks, who will?
To our readers: A Donald Trump presidency threatens to empower dangerous elements of the Radical Right that have, until recently, been relegated to the fringes of America.
A project of People For the American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement. During a discussion about how ISIS imposes the discriminatory jizya tax on Christians in its territory, King interjected to claim that Clinton “said basically, Christians and religious people in America need to set aside their religious beliefs and serve secular humanism, and in that point she was saying abortion or the thing with ISIS, and she really has said that we are going to have to learn in America to set aside our religious beliefs. Yes, we've nearly closed the global gender gap in primary school, but secondary school remains out of reach for so many girls around the world.
I don't believe Hillary is the Antichrist, but the fact that so many people are utterly convinced is telling. Disappointingly, the video doesn’t directly address the question of whether Clinton might be the Antichrist.
The video includes snippets from Benghazi hearings, attacks on Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger, right-wing news coverage of the Clinton’s email problems, and old news clips about the Whitewater scandal.
Sunday marked the first anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality decision, which, if Religious Right activists were to be believed, was to usher in a horrible tyranny that would lead to mass deaths and war. Here are just five of the craziest predictions that conservative politicians and pundits made about Obergefell v.
One year later, no anti-gay revolution has occurred and Rick Scarborough has not self-immolated. Following the passage of the 2009 law that expanded hate crime protections to LGBT people, many right-wing politicians and analysts falsely claimed that the act legalized pedophilia.

Many of these same people claimed years later that the Obergefell ruling would also legalize pedophilia, which, obviously, it did not do. Predictions about the government throwing pastors in jail, outlawing the Bible, and even murdering Christians came flooding in after the Obergefell decision. No pastor has been arrested for refusing to officiate a same-sex couple’s wedding, reading from the Bible or preaching against homosexuality, all things that conservatives predicted would happen. Some right-wing pundits even thought that the ruling would lead to forced gay relationships and parents losing custody of their children. Many pundits, however, have wrongly used the case of Kim Davis to claim that their fears were realized. Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, was temporarily incarcerated by a federal judge when she refused to abide by court orders which found that she was unlawfully denying same-sex couples marriage licenses. Davis was not incarcerated because of her religious objections but because, in her role as a government employee, she clearly defied the rule of law. Televangelist Jim Bakker is a big fan of the work of End Times preacher Jonathan Cahn, even though last time Bakker became enthusiastic about a Cahn doomsday prophecy, he ended up making a long list of predictions that didn’t come true.
One such apocalyptic event, according to Snyder, would be the election of Hillary Clinton, whom he compared to Jezebel, the biblical figure who killed prophets who refused to commit apostasy, and her daughter, the murderous, Baal-worshiping Athalia.
But unlike the ancient Israelites who didn’t have much choice in their leaders, Snyder said, Americans would be responsible for choosing a modern-day Jezebel as their president. Lotz also believes that the recent announcement that she will chair the National Day of Prayer was a sign from God that He will restore morality to America and potentially usher in the Second Coming of Christ. America, he warned, will be wiped out just like our Baal-worshipping Old Testament predecessors. Since none of those prophesies ended up coming true, Bakker has now started making much vaguer predictions, including one he delivered this week while pitching his famous food buckets. He then won cheers from Bakker’s studio audience when he lashed out at the refugee resettlement program and American immigration policy, which he cited as proof that the government is deliberately attempting to incite unrest. Televangelist Jim Bakker will find any reason to pressure his viewers to buy his ministry’s survival food buckets.
Last week, the televangelist urged viewers to purchase food buckets from his ministry because of the Zika virus.
The truth is, from what we understand in history, there hasn’t been one nation in the history of the world that has openly embraced homosexual lifestyle and begun to practice the homosexual lifestyle that has endured. Taylor explained that God told him that Donald Trump will be the next president and that anyone who criticizes him will be struck down, explaining that God has been preparing Trump for his entire life to become an extraordinarily successful president who will fight Satan. Indeed, Taylor said that God has already started killing people to further Trump’s presidential ambitions. Yesterday, Alex Jones spoke with Kamal Saleem, whose fanciful tales about serving as an Islamic terrorist have been roundly discredited, about what Saleem sees as an alliance of Islamists, liberals, socialists, fascists, gay rights supporters and abortion rights advocates who are working together to create a one-world government that will throw the world into the End Times.
Christian, Jewish and business leaders, according to Saleem, are all pushing the Islamist agenda, and now there are even many U.S. Bachmann let her inner-Dominionist go all out in an interview with the extremist radio show Understanding the Times: Obama is an enemy of the USA who supports Al Qaeda. Within her long conversation with host Jan Markell and co-host Eric Barger, Bachmann suggested that Americans read Islamic study materials to learn about Muslims’ supposed plot to conquer Western civilization, comparing the tactic to reading Adolf Hitler’s infamous book, Mein Kampf.

Jan Markell, an end-times preacher and longtime friend of Michele Bachmann, defended anti-Islam statements by Lynne Torgerson, Rep. Beingblind now for a number of years, I am particularly interested in checking out audio archived in ministries with radio programs. He has been a reporter and editor at several suburban newspapers in the Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina, areas and also served as managing editor of Triangle Business Journal in Raleigh, North Carolina.
But remember who the cheap laughs come from – people who look at what Obama has done over the last six years and see success, progress, achievement, prosperity, wisdom.
Already seen by more than 1 million people, it’s available now at the WND Superstore. Never has the work of Right Wing Watch, a project of the People For the American Way dedicated to exposing the Far-Right's extreme and intolerant agenda, been more important. Yes, we've increased the number of countries prohibiting domestic violence, but still more than half the nations in the world have no such laws on the books, and an estimated one in three women still experience violence. It includes bits of video and audio from some recognizable speakers like Dick Morris, Robert Novak, Phyllis Schlafly, Glenn Beck and Ben Carson. She was not attempting to exercise her religious freedom as a private citizen but was trying to impose her personal religious beliefs on the functions of government, and make all the people in her jurisdiction abide by her faith.
7, that was not even hit by a plane, could freefall from furniture burning at the speed of gravity is nonsensical, but they’ve been able to get away with that version of things because they control the message. Yes, we've cut the mortality rate in half, but far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth.
One thing is clear, believers are paying close attention to the signs of the times—including the rise of the Antichrist.
Oddly, it ends with a number of somewhat endearing clips of Clinton gamely dancing with celebrities during speaking appearances like Ellen DeGeneres’s television show. If you do practice biblical convictions and you carry them out and you do what you’ve been led by the spirit of God to do, your behavior will be criminal. The fact thatone of her primary areas of interest is eschatology as it relates to Israel makes her ministry one of special effort in these exciting times.I'm now a fan of Jan Markell!
If you use Right Wing Watch, please consider making a contribution to support our work at this critical time. And deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed. We’re making the nations drunk with the wine of our fornication and God brings judgment on a country that does that.
Olive Tree Ministries hosts conferences on current issues, and produces a weekly live, call in radio program on almost 820 radio stations across North America.

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