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Here are 15 milk-boosting Indian foods that must be a part of of every breast-feeding mom's diet.
The humble Sabudana  Khichadi has the incredible power to increase and boost milk supply in lactating mothers. A traditional dish mostly given to nursing moms in North India, that helps in improving the quantity of milk.
Palak Soup or Spinach soup is super healthy and contains photo-oestrogen a plant based chemical similar to estrogen (hormone responsible for milk production in women). Drinking water is one of the simplest ways to increase milk supply, so drink whenever you are thirsty, keep yourself well hydrated through out the day. Warm, wet weather linked to climate warming is promoting disease in the coffee-rich mountains of Colombia. If beef is the meat of the western diet, coffee is the drink of choice—and demand is rising in Brazil, China and India. The prospect of peak coffee raises the menace of massive caffeine withdrawal, with hordes of headachy addicts rendered into grouchy slackers.
For ages, the bitter black brew has been scorned as jet fuel for jittery insomniacs, providing nothing more than a momentary surge of focus and energy. But recently, some researchers are starting to see java as the juice of the gods: In some studies, coffee appears to be protective against dementia, type 2 diabetes and even several types of cancer. Coffee, it turns out, is loaded with polyphenols, anti-oxidant chemicals that fight damaging free radicals, which are implicated in many of the diseases of aging. The long-term studies needed to link coffee and health hinge on estimates and memory: Who remembers exactly how much coffee they drank last week or last year? All these studies relied on observation: no group was assigned to guzzle coffee (hey, we volunteer!) and another to abstain. Bees respond to caffeine and nicotine: research from the University of Haifa (Israel) found that bees prefer nectar lightly dosed with these toxic, addictive substances.
Many studies over the past decade have suggested that coffee can partly block Parkinson’s disease, a movement disorder that afflicts millions of elders.
In a coffee-house conversation, are these Finns protecting their brains against dementia and Parkinson’s disease? Caffeine removed harmful beta amyloid plaques from the brains of mice that simulate Alzheimer’s disease. Hazard ratio means the probability of an outcome, compared to the reference group (non-drinkers, in this case).
To decipher conflicting or inconclusive studies, scientists can pool data using meta-analysis, a technique that sets standards for acceptable studies and then statistically groups the results.

In 2010, Mia Hashibe, in the department of family and preventive medicine at the University of Utah re-analyzed6 nine studies and found a 39 percent reduction in mouth and throat cancers among people who drank at least four cups. If we shift the focus to all cancers, a new meta-analysis7 of 59 studies showed that each additional cup of coffee reduced the incidence of cancer by 3 percent. The traditional way to transport java fuel: Although the health impacts of our favorite fuel are intriguing, question marks remain. Similarly, a 2009 study in the Netherlands 9 found no association between coffee and breast cancer.
Ironically, coffee contains a chemical that could stimulate the many breast cancers that respond to estrogen by growing, according to Clinton Allred, an assistant professor of nutrition at Texas A&M University. In the lab, Allred showed that trigonelline can affect cells even when it is thousands of times more dilute than the effective concentration of isoflavone, a common plant estrogen found in soy. Allred is not worried about trigonelline, since people have been guzzling coffee for a long time, and plant chemicals consumed in a whole food or beverage act differently than they do in isolation in the lab.
Coffee beans, such as these Brazilian arabicas, contain significant amounts of a plant estrogen, but it’s too soon to say this would increase the risk for breast cancer. Could coffee slow the epidemic of type 2 diabetes, which disrupts sugar metabolism, which raises blood sugar that harms small blood vessels in the kidney, eye and heart? According to a meta-analysis11 based on more than 450,000 people from Asia, North American and Europe, “Every additional cup of coffee consumed in a day was associated with a 7 percent reduction in the excess risk of diabetes type 2. A 2010 study13 of 37,514 Dutch people found a slight benefit for coffee in heart disease: People who drank two to three cups a day had only 79 percent the rate of heart disease as abstainers, but the reduction was not statistically significant.
However, Swedish researchers studied14 people after a heart attack, and found that drinking one to three cups of coffee reduced the odds of dying to 68 percent of the risk for abstainers. We put down our coffee mug with a jittery hand, wondered whether swilling coffee could harm the heart, and phoned Richard Page, a professor of medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Although Page was not alarmed by coffee, he was not so sure about the mega-doses that were linked to health benefits in some studies. If Captain C seems helpful against some cancers, dementia and diabetes, is it guaranteed to extend your life? A long American study, using data from 41,736 men (followed for 18 years), and 86, 214 women (24 years), found a slight, significant trend toward fewer deaths from all causes; those who drank at least six cups a day had a death rate just 80 percent (men) to 83 percent (women) of the non-drinkers.
BibliographyTea and Coffee Consumption and Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality, Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology.
Oats is also known as comfort food and is guaranteed to keep stress levels down and help activate milk producing hormones in a mother's body.
Moong Dal, Palak and garlic will help lactating mothers and this curry goes well with roti or rice.

So why not stock up on those famous Maganlal Chikkis or make some til gud chikkis at home if your are breastfeeding.
Indulge in a handful of cashews and almonds after a session of breastfeeding, make a powder and add to your smoothies and shatavari kalp. That was enough to make 297 billion liters of the joyous juice – which would fill about 2 million railroad tank cars. Could a cut in coffee production also cost us the many health benefits that coffee seems to provide? Rising temperatures in some of the world’s coffee-growing regions could herald the onset of “peak coffee” and threaten our wake-up routines. When drunk alongside alcohol, “Blue Bull” elixirs may mask the drunken feeling and permit higher alcohol consumption. Does this keep the pollinators awake, or could it help the flower achieve maximum pollination and seed production?
In 2011, when Gary Arendash and Chuanhai Cao of the University of South Florida compared coffee, caffeine and decaf,4 coffee was most effective at stimulating chemicals that apparently defend against Alzheimer’s. After adjusting for factors like age, alcohol and smoking, the hazard ratio of those who drank four to five cups was 0.44. A 2008 report8, based on data from 85,987 women, found no significant link to coffee, decaf or tea, except for a slight reduction in breast cancer among post-menopausal women who ingested a significant amount of caffeine. A 2006 study10 of 88,259 American women showed that drinking at least four cups of coffee reduced the diabetes rate to 53 percent of the rate among non-drinkers.
A 2007 exploration12 of the soaring rate of cancer after World War II in Japan linked coffee to reductions in liver and pancreatic cancer in men, and liver, colon and endometrial cancer in women. Here are all the things you need to eat, snack and feast on to make sure you are producing enough milk to keep your baby happy.
Include oats in your diet by eating oatmeal cookies, cereals, granola bars, or by mixing roasted oats in fruit smoothies.
Although this concern is real, our subject is the health benefits of coffee … not the downside of caffeine-plus-alcohol abuse.
Although both coffee and decaf (but not tea), were beneficial, diabetes prevention was most closely linked to coffee intake rather than caffeine intake. Also make sure to try the namkeen dalia upma in case you need a break from the sweet version.

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