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Choose VDI file location and specify the maximum size for this VDI, If you specify 60GB as the maximum size, then maximum windows disk space will be 60GB.
We need to transfer the Windows system installed on the old VDI file to the new virtual disk image We just created. Many thanks that was very helpful – some settings were in different places as I guess I had a different version of VB but all went to plan! Also I wonder how to create a new virtual disk from just the Menu (VB) File -> Virtual Media Manger.
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It does what it says and took me about ten minutes to add 40GB to the boot drive of my Windows 7 VM.
It was resolved by removing (but keeping!) both harddisks from VirtualBox while doing the actual cloning.
Here is how I changed the Fixed-sized Windows 7 Virtualbox VDI from 20GB to a dynamically expanding VDI file.
You’ll want to download the 64 bit version of file in the language you want Windows to run in. I left this at the default 2 GB setting, but you can increase it by moving the little slider to the right.
Avoid a size that hits in the yellow or red zone, or you may have issues with running both OS X and Windows at the same time.Allow VirtualBox to create a virtual hard drive using the default setting.

Simply click on Create, then let it make a VirtualBox Disk Image, or VDI, on the next screen. I let it create a dynamically allocated hard drive, since that was the default option, as well. Click the green Start arrow, and then click on the little folder icon to choose the ISO you downloaded from Microsoft above. You can hit Command-F to go full screen and trick anyone into thinking you’re running a Windows machine (except your Macbook looks way better than most PCs).
Windows 7 is the oldest version of Windows that you should be running if you want to have at least the illusion of security.WindlasherThis is correct but, I just assumed that he is trying to out.
People get so touchy if you even mention a competing OS when the truth is no one cares what phone they chose to buy.
I’m actually thinking of trying to install MINT just to see if it can be done and to see what its like. I then made a partition using boot camp and installed it and it works great.Windows 10 actually (forgive me father for saying this) actually looks pretty cool and it seems to work well so far. Im also running windows 7 on my mac pro using boot camp and it out performs my PC by quite a bit.
When I need to replace my desktop PC and I am going to replace it with an iMac and install Windows on it.KhristyjeffThanks. I bow to your godlike technical opinions and acknowledge that you have considered every possible scenario and thus we are all morons.

Have a great New Year.Shobin DroganYou dont need an anti virus so long you dont turn off your firewall or windows defender which is usually set on by default. You’re google chrome or internet explorer will stop virus from the internet and so long you dont plug in an infected usb drive with virus you will be fine. If you are truly worried just install Avast.Howie IsaacksWe need to correct something at the beginning of this story.
I find it useful to be able to have different vm’s to test software and website design. Once you’ve become accustomed to using all 3 operating systems you find things you love about all of them. I use OSX and Windows 7 for work, Windows 8 on a Surface Pro, iOS on an iPad and Linux Mint as a media centre on an old desktop in my living room. They all have their fortes, but I prefer some over others.On a desktop, I reckon Linux Mint would be a good choice for many, especially if they want to revive an old computer (as I have). For touchscreens, my personal preferences is Windows 8.But for most use cases, we can be OS agnostic these days.
I’m a 69 year old former software designer who just wants to use the software rather than having to make it work.

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