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Foods to improve sex drive in males

By contrast, stuffing your face with a daily dose of spinach will leave you firing off live rounds like Al Pacino at the end of Scarface.
Bananas are basically concentrated lumps of vitamin A, B1 and C, three things guaranteed to boost sperm power, health and productivity.
In 2014, a study found that foods containing lycopene, which helps give stuff like tomatoes their red color, could boost mena€™s sperm count by up to 70 percent. You may have heard someone ask a€?what did the Romans ever do for us?a€™ We think wea€™ve stumbled across the perfect answer.
Not only do these humble sea creatures send your sex drive through the roof, theya€™re loaded with enough zinc to open their own sperm factory. The words a€?fungusa€™ and a€?genitalsa€™ are not ones youa€™d ideally like to hear in the same sentence. Mushrooms of all varieties are stuffed full of vitamin D, a vitamin that improves all aspects of your sex life. Of course, if you live in California, youa€™ll be getting enough vitamin D from the sunlight anyway.
A study in Human Reproduction concluded that men who eat oily fish rich in fatty acids have higher quality semen than men who skimp on Omega-3. A totally non-scientific poll we just conducted in our own heads has proven what we knew all alonga€¦ men love red meat. From having the biggest to knowing how to use it best, therea€™s no wang-related goal wea€™re not desperate to hit.

Now you know why men traditionally give their girlfriends a bar or two on Valentinea€™s Day. Thata€™s why God decided to shape them just like a wang, so wea€™d all know exactly what they were for (or just to make us nervous about eating one in public).
You probably remember your mom telling you to eat them because theya€™d help you see in the dark.
Even if youa€™ve only got a handful of lonely sperm swimming around your sack, wondering where their friends went, thata€™s a tremendous increase. Zinc is an essential building block of sperm, and having a ton of it in your body will increase your count by staggering levels.
A 2012 study has shown that 75g per day is enough to send levels of sperm vitality, motility and morphology through the roof.
Packed with Selenium, these guys will give you a testosterone kick thata€™ll push your body to produce more sperm naturally. But make no mistake, eating fungus in the form of mushrooms will make your genitalsa€™ Christmas come early. Its main bonus is that it helps blood flow in the penis, improving your erections, or even getting rid of erectile dysfunction altogether.
For those of us who live in the cold, icy north (lookina€™ at you, Canada), mushrooms put the a€?funa€™ into a€?fungusa€™.
The lists of its benefits are long and include everything from lowering your risk of heart attack to boosting your levels of arousal before sex.

This means more sperm that are all better at doing what theya€™re programmed to do: racing to that egg and fertilizing the heck out of it. For most of us, there is literally nothing better than heading home after a hard daya€™s work writing lists for the internet to a rare steak, a cold beer, and then some fantastic sex. This little miracle nutrient has been proven to increase sperm count and motility drastically. In especially good news for anyone struggling to conceive, the greatest increases came in men who had low baseline levels of sperm.
No, the real, secret reason your mom made you eat all those carrots was to secure herself some grandkids one day. Just prepare yourself to deal with broken bedsprings and neighbors complaining about all those screams your girlfriend was letting rip with. It turns out all you need to increase your sperm count is to hit the fridge and grab one of these dong-empowering wonder foods.
Dark chocolate is bursting with amino acid L-Arginine HCL, which does to sperm what spinach does to Popeye.

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