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Measure the width, starting where you want the curtain to start (which is probably to the left of the window, if you want to have the first tab on the other side of the pole holder, this needs to be a minimum of 3”) to where you want to end (to the right of the window).
Bunting Triangles – The number of triangles required (see working out instructions above), if you are cutting these yourself, you can save some fabric by turning the template upside down of each other triangle, but only of there is no particular direction to the pattern! Start by ironing a ?” crease on the left and right side of each triangle.  Once you have ironed the creases in, you can cut out the excess fabric.
Now make the strips that the bunting triangles sit in.  Take a strip of fabric the width of the main fabric, fold in half and iron a crease in the centre.
Pin the bunting tapes the main fabric, starting 4.25” from the top, and spacing out approx.

You can now baste these tapes into place by opening them up and sewing along the side closest to the main fabric (this sew line will be hidden). Now stich the remaining two sides of each triangle into place (or cheat and apply heat n bond iron on adhesive!). Now we need to attach the lining.  We have instructions on this site for two methods for lining curtains, this is the easiest and for lightweight curtains is perfect. The lining is designed to be framed at the back of the curtain by 1” of the main fabric on each side, this prevents you seeing the sewn edges at the sided of the finished curtain and softens the look (much more professional).  So before pinning and sewing the top you need to line up your seams so they are equally spaced on each side (you should have approx. 15” apart (you will need to play around with the exact spacing for your curtain length, but don’t go below 10” above the bottom crease, or move the top tape higher).

5” apart (actual spacing will depend on the width of your curtain, start  minimum of 3” from the left and finishing a minimum of 3” from the right.  Once you are happy you can sew a line across the top of the bunting tape, securing the triangles in place.
Lay your curtain flat and pull the lining fabric over to meet the other side (doing this will move the seam you just made to the back of the curtain, this is right).  Pin and sew the second side seam.

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