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Before I started this, I went into Windows 8 and reduced it's size to allow roughly 10GB of unallocated data. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged partitioning gparted or ask your own question. You have to boot from Ubuntu live disk.So that you can be able to resize your installed Ubuntu partition on Virtualbox. Now strat the selected Ubuntu virtual machine(Ubuntu is name given for my virtual machine).
It will boot from the iso file(live disk) you have to select Try Ubuntu option on startup.Then open gparted from dash. After resizing, shutdown the virtual machine and change the boot-order to Hard-disk on virtual machine settings. You can insert the ISO image of Ubuntu into the VMWare's CD drive, and you should be able to run a live session of Ubuntu from there.
Make sure the option to boot from the CD drive is above booting from the hard drive, or if you can select the boot device, choose the CD drive. If you just want to have more space, no matter whether by increasing the size of an existing partition or by creating a new partition, you can simply create a new partition and mount it.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged partitioning vmware gparted or ask your own question. Why do many countries in the world still require citizens of states with a high HDI to get visas? In a business where staff churn is costly, should I let employees lead and request their salary increase? Why does the voltage of vinegar batteries in series not equal the sum of the individual voltages? We have no idea why Windows in your case can not handle the dynamically allocated virtual disk.
Note that obviously we can not change the virtual drive size if we had taken snapshots or saved the machine's state instead of power off.
After having resized the virtual drive we will then have to adapt the partition table of the guest to altered drive's size.
I would if I could, but my remove snapshot does not work (it dies, known bug it looks like), so I currently have created a new virtual drive (fixed size) and I am cloning it now from inside winwos vm. You could have added a 40,04GB growing disk, but the Windows partition itself should have been created with the full size at installation time. After resizing and restarting your virtual machine, Windows will do a partition check, please let Windows do it at least this time! Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged virtualbox vdi or ask your own question.

Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal? Did Hillary Clinton refuse to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organisation when the FBI, CIA and the Justice Department asked? You are using LVM so when you resized the partition, you just increased the size of the LVM physical volume. Just so I understand, I don’t disagree with any of this, but in the case of the original posters question, the physical volume LVM was on was expanded with GParted, but the issue was LVM had no idea the space was available. Sounds like while the device is all expanded, the filesystem on it is not filling up the space. Also note that if the volume you are expanding is the main boot volume of the system, you need to boot into another OS instance, mount the main volume of the first filesystem there and then run this whole expansion operation from there.
I just like to run e2fsck to be thorough in my own way; not really core to the process if you know the filesystem is clean and doesn’t need repair, but it’s generally nice to make sure the filesystem is clean before proceeding with any other operations. Then you know the filesystem had to be expanded and now is being expanded and you are good!
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged ubuntu partitioning lvm .
A good thing about creating multiple partitions is that you can run different operating systems on the same computer or laptop. Before proceeding please make sure that you have taken backup of your data because even a small mistake can destroy your entire hard disk, including your data. Free space following (MiB) begins to increase, and this will be the size of your new partition.
This entry was posted in ubuntu, Uncategorized and tagged disk management, ubuntu on December 13, 2010 by Sarah Watts.
After expanding a raid the partition and file system will need to be grown to utilize this extra space. Print the partition information and record the starting sector, partition code, partition name, and Partition unique ID.
Delete, and then recreate, the partition setting the starting sector to the value that was recorded earlier. Reprint the partition information and verify that it matches the original information (excluding the increase in size).
At this point you have grown the partition, in order to make use of the extra space the file system will need to be grown too. Work on the ubuntu partition in Windows, or get another program that you can boot from a CD. You need more space Ok that's fine so you can just make another partition and move your home to.

Then, a menu should come up, asking you if you want to install Ubuntu or run a live session (run without installing).
It may be worth to check the filesystem integrity or perform a defragmentation from your Windows guest OS. Before we change the virtual drive's size we therefore need to delete all snapshots, or work on a clone to makes sure we do not loose a snapshot's content.
You may also do this with booting an Ubuntu live .iso on this virtual machine to resize partitions using gparted.
If you see a smaller partition and free space, use this own tool to resize and grow the existing partition. Increased the size of my Ubuntu server’s virtual machine disk to 12TB, and then used GParted to expand the partition from the original size to use all of the available 12TB. So the solution is to expand with LVM after the GParted operation and then run resize2fs on that LVM, correct? But when you say, “LVM knew it was available to be assigned to a logical volume, but is not yet assigned to one.” I assumed that vgextend and lvextend would be the way that would be handled and not lvresize?
The filesystem just cannot be mounted for any reason for this stuff to happen so you can never expand the space on a volume you have booted into.
The thing is whatever the specifics are the broad concept is quite basic: For the expansion process device should be connected and recognized by the OS but the filesystem itself cannot be mounted for any reason. For instance, you can work both in Ubuntu and in Windows if you can create more than one disk partitions. Don't worry too much about your data though, it's a normal procedure when resizing NTFS partitions.
But maybe I am thinking about adding a new volume to a volume group where I have used vgextend and lvextend to extend the volume group and in this case, lvresize is just resizing what already exists to fill space, correct? Once those criteria are met, you can expand the filesystem and then just use it as you wish afterwards.
The trouble came when I tried to resize the filesystem, which I could not do from a live cd. It’s actually very easy to create multiple disk partitions both in Ubuntu and in Windows, but in this blog post we’ll be creating in Ubuntu. It doesn’t come with the installation of Ubuntu and you’ve to install it first if you want to use it. You might have to boot from a live CD or another OS, attach the volume you want to expand that that instance and then run the commands as outlined.

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