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President Barack Obama is pushing Congress to authorize $200 million a year for research into clean energy technologies that can wean automobiles off oil.
Dog crate training can be useful for pets and is developed from concepts based off of their natural behavior. Teaching your dog to be comfortable in a crate is useful for housebreaking, traveling with your dog, or to create a safe sanctuary for more nervous animals.
When selecting a crate, you should purchase or rent one that your pet can both stand inside comfortably in as well as move around comfortably in.
If you have a dog that gets upset and tears up everything in your home when you are not home, a dog crate can be an excellent alternative. If you line the crate with a comfortable blanket, introduce it with food, and take your time doing so, just so that your pet will enjoy it much more.
When deciding if and how you will crate train your dog, you need to consider its age and temperament. Sometimes this form of dog training can help get rid of anxiety in pets, as it gives them the sense that they have a safe space of their own that they can go rest in. Long before they dogs were domesticated, wild dogs were pack animals, and their instincts are still active though remaining dormant.

This process must be done safely and thoroughly for the well being of your animals as well as your family. That is really the best way to figure out the perfect dog crate size and dimensions for your pet. All the efforts you put into Dog Crate Training can back fire if you don’t about the steps methodically.
If you ever hear your dog whine or cry, you have kept them in for too long and need to reduce the amount of time they stay in there until they have acclimatized to the environment. Puppies are still in their developmental stage, so you need to take care as to not leave them in the crate for extended periods of time, as it can impede their social development and cause anxiety. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC. Dog Crates can represent dens to dogs, as their ancestors used dens to sleep, give birth, and find shelter. You first introduce your pet to it and then gradually increase the time frame you leave your dog inside the crate. If you are teaching your dog to sleep in the crate at night, then you should keep the crate near by so that they do not begin to associate the dog crate to feeling isolated. Additionally, remember when Dog Crate Training young puppies under six months old, they still have difficulty controlling their bladders, and should not be left in for more than three to four hours.

If your dog seems upset or whines consistently at the thought of or while inside the dog crate, it may not be the right option for them. It is important to remember that the crate should never be used as a form of punishment because the idea is to create a safe space for them and reinforce positive behavior.
You then increase the time that you keep your dog safe in their crate, and you can relax in knowing that they are resting and that your belongings are not going to be destroyed by the time they get home. If your dog already suffers from  separation anxiety, your attempts at dog crate training will only exacerbate the situation.
If you have considered this technique with your pet, all you need is the proper sized crate, some time set aside, and a whole lot of patience.
With consistent attention and love, dog crate training can make life better for you and your loved pet dog.

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