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I am using font-awesome with bootstrap 4 cards, is there anyway to increase the size of the font-awesome icon (bottom right) when I mouse over the button? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged css twitter-bootstrap font-awesome or ask your own question. Why does the voltage of vinegar batteries in series not equal the sum of the individual voltages?
Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid Reyoungel Dermal Filler Plumping Up Cheeks What Reyoungel Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler Do For Your Beauty? English Version 80g Natural Slimming Cream Moisturizing For Ladies Description: Care for your skin to eliminate the fat, orange peel-like skin healed, remodeling Body Contour. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS (Secure Trading)Secure Trading is the most popular payment method amongst our customers allowing customers to pay by various debit and credit cards. Any orders placed weighing over 2kg will be sent via FED EX courier service (1-3 working days) which will require a signature upon receipt.
To collect your order in store at Sinclairs Jewellers, please select this option at checkout.
Due to the nature and value of our products all deliveries require a signature upon receipt. We endeavour to process orders as soon as possible and the majority of our orders within UK mainland are delivered within 24 hours of being received, provided it is before the 3.00pm deadline. Duval County principals might soon get paid more for leading schools with a larger enrollment, as well as students performing below grade level.
A briefing issued this morning by the weather service's Binghamton office says high winds and lightning are the most likely outcome today, but that the risk of flash flooding and a few tornadoes is now greater than it was Monday afternoon.
The storms will start to fire up in Western New York after noon and move east as the surge of air comes up from the southwest.
The weather service's Storm Prediction Center says there's a 2 percent chance of tornadoes in much of the state, with a 5 percent chance in the eastern half.
The worst of the rain might bypass New York to the north, and the storms will be moving relatively quickly from southwest to northeast, which would limit the amount of rain they dump.
The Binghamton weather service office has increased the chances of flash flooding since Monday from low to medium. Get our must-read email featuring quality content and insights from the finest writers direct to your inbox. Accountants often ask: “Can we really increase our accounting firm’s profits by working less?” The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Long has there been a crusade to for this elusive eventuality yet many have been unsuccessful. Did you you know that many accounting firms are now achieving ?500K profit per partner whilst delivering just 500 hours of client time? Knowing this, the question then becomes: “Why should we do this?” There is a vital difference brought about by this change. To give prices upfront, we must learn how to give value to whatever specific service we provide. Essential to this aspect of your business is having the right tools and technology as well as the education to put yourself on the right track. If you want your accounting firm to hit that ?500K profit mark or perhaps just double your earnings, then you most definitely can.
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We accept all major cards, credit cards, as well as Paypal payments, allowing you to choose the most suitable payment method at checkout. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information. Due to the nature of the products which we sell, we operate a strict fraud screening process and therefore we are only able to offer our next day delivery services if the order is validated by our network easily. Should you wish to track your item please contact us and an email will be sent with a tracking number to help you know when to expect your parcel. For security purposes, the person who placed the order must collect it from the store and must take along a copy of the emailed invoice with the order number.
If there is no one at the address supplied at the time of delivery a notifying card will be left your item(s) will be taken to the nearest Royal Mail sorting centre, where it is YOUR responsibility to collect or arrange re-delivery. Please be aware that there may be rare circumstances where our shipping capacity may be exceeded and cause a delay of one extra day.
Any severe storms will likely be short-lived and scattered, but power outages and wind damage are possible throughout Upstate. They will be most intense in the Finger Lakes early to mid-afternoon, the Mohawk Valley and northern New York around dinner time, and eastern New York in the evening. The atmosphere is holding a lot of water right now as the atmosphere's conveyor belt draws water from the Southeast, where record flooding is still going on. The big concern will be what the weather service calls "training," when a series of storms passes over the same area, like cars on a train, dumping heavy rain with each passing.
Flash flooding occurs when rain falls too fast for the ground to absorb it, or when it falls on pavement and ponds up on roads. But what is seemingly intangible may, in fact, simply be just a matter of beautiful common sense. You and your team are now directly incentivised to drive as much time out of the client job as possible. Having a ‘how-to’ methodology readily available enables you to take your accounting business to that next level.
If you do not collect your items, or have them re-delivered within 18 working days then your item(s) will then be sent back to Sinclairs where you will have to pay for re-delivery.
We regret that this situation can occur and, should this occur, your order will be marked for urgent delivery the following day. Much of it will depend on how much sun we see this afternoon, because more heat from sunlight strengthens storms. If tornadoes do develop -- and they might not -- they would most likely be in the Mohawk Valley, Catskills and eastern New York, the weather service said. The storm center says there's a 15 percent chance of winds that strong developing across the state this afternoon. One of the measurements of how much water is in the air, the precipitable water value, is at near-record highs again above New York. The storm center says any damaging hail would likely fall in the southern Hudson Valley and Catskills. Humidity levels will be on the rise again because there's so much water in the air, pushing the heat index up into the 90s for the Hudson Valley this afternoon. Pricing upfront involves setting the price and scope at the outset and then communicating this with your clients to have them sign off on it.
This increases your accounting firm’s capacity, and thus, you can now re-sell that increased capacity for new projects or new clients. And, armed with this knowledge, you and your team can reach that goal of massive earnings with minimal effort.

A copy of the full invoice will be sent to the billing address by email or by post if requested. Orders placed on a Friday before 3.00pm requesting next day service will not be delivered until the following Monday.
Your order must be collected from the store within 30 days.GIFT RECEIPTSSinclairs can arrange a gift receipt to be sent with your parcel. Items over 2kg are sent by courier and if there is no one in at the time of delivery a notifying card will be left stating the tracking number and local depot telephone number and it is YOUR responsibility to re-arrange a suitable delivery day.
In the event of a delay causing delivery not to be processed for next day then a notifying email will be sent. That means the right storm can wring out enough water to drop several inches of rain per hour.
When you price clients in advance, you will be able to set achievable parameters and earn more in the long run. You might say that you are not good at selling, but the mere fact that you are writing an invoice for your clients means that you are doing something right.
To arrange a gift receipt please tick the Gift Receipt box at checkout and we will be delighted to process this for you. If you require delivery on a Saturday please contact us on 01467 620275 and we can amend your order with the appropriate additional charge. Lead times for delivery will be extended over public holidays, we endeavour to regularly update the website with cut off dates to ensure your order arrives in time.
If you do not re-arrange delivery after 5 working days then the items will be returned to Sinclairs where you will have to pay for re-delivery.
As we use a third party for deliveries we cannot be held responsible for late deliveries due to postal strikes, transport strikes and incidents such as flood, drought or severe snow. It all boils down to making a slight shift in your business model and doing your math right, so to speak. Simple arithmetic can empower your accounting firm to be the profit-earning machine that you want it to be. But, the fact of the matter is that you will never make decent profits by pricing in arrears. Take a look at a scenario where applying a ‘value pricing’ scheme can increase your firm’s profits.
FEG Breast Enlargement Cream adopts multiple kinds of herbal extracts, which activate breast cell. These circumstances are rare and we will do our very best to take responsibility and rectify the situation as quickly as possible. To arrange a gift receipt please tick the GIFT RECEIPT box at checkout and we will be delighted to process this for you.
So, he wants to pay them more. “Which then creates a greater incentive for our strongest principals to go to those schools,” he said. Vitti said it moves the district away from using experience as the main indicator for increasing pay, “and it moves us closer to a salary schedule that recognizes performance,” Vitti said.
For example, under this plan, if a principal is leading a school with 40 percent of students performing below grade level, they’d receive $7,000 on top of base pay.
Vitti added principals are incentivized to improve student performance by awarding pay increases based on factors including reading and math scores, and enrollment numbers.  Once a school improves enough, if the current principal leaves and a new principal begins, they'd start at a lower pay tier. Experience, however, still counts for something: If someone has been a principal for 16 years or longer, they’d get $5,000 extra.

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