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The purpose of this article: to have Windows XP users acquire how to increase partition size in Windows XP.
Related tools: PC with Windows XP operating system, the partition magic MiniTool Partition Wizard. Functions of increasing partition size: Seeing the detailed demo, most users may have known how to increase Windows XP partition size, which is helpful, because increasing partition size is able to solve lots of problems.
Certainly, other operations of partition management can be acquired from our official website where operation videos are provided, facilitating users' learning. For users of Windows Server 2003 operating system, managing partition is an essential operation and increasing partition size in Windows Server 2003 is even more common. The above picture is the main interface of the built-in disk management tool of Windows Server 2003, from which we can see it only has some basic functions like Change Drive Letter, Delete Local Drive and Format Partition, unable to extend partition size. This is the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, from which we can see there is no unallocated space in Disk 1.
In this interface, we can drag the two triangles or input exact value to shorten Partition Handle, thereby shrinking Partition E: (here, we'll drag the left triangle rightward). In this interface, drag the right triangle rightward to extend partition and then click "OK" to return to the main interface again. In the main interface, we can see Partition C: has been extended and two pending operations appear in "Operations Pending" area.
The operation to increase partition size for server 2003 needs the help of professional partition software. Third-party partition magic is the very disk management software developed by non-operating system development companies.
To increase partition size with this third-party partition magic, we should own it at first. Since third-party partition magic develops unceasingly and its operability is enhanced, hard disk management becomes easier and easier. I don’t just mean important files and your favourite holiday snaps, I mean a backup of EVERYTHING. During the boot process, I was shown an error message saying that one of the hard drives installed on the computer was failing, and I should get a backup of everything ASAP. If you want to confirm everything has been backed up correctly, just open up your external drive and locate where you saved the backup. As I had a RAID 0 setup, which in very basic terms is a bit like having 2 disks running as 1, doubling your disk space. So I decided that instead if replacing just the faulty hard drive, I would replace both of them with brand new drives, in the process I’d increase the disk space on the computer from 300GB to 1TB, hard drives are dirt cheap now so it seemed silly not to.
My new drives arrived the next day, so my next task was to remove the 2 old drives and replace them with the new ones. The actual installing of the new drives is pretty simple, although I suppose it all depends on your PC case. You should now have either your Acronis rescue boot disk, or your Windows boot disk ready to go. To get into the BIOS on a Dell PC, power up the PC and keep tapping the F2 key until the blue screen appears.
Before changing the order of the boot sequence, make a note of the old boot sequence then you can easily change it back when we are done! Using the Acronis boot disk means we can skip the above step, and get straight down to restoring our backup. If you have chosen to go down the Windows reinstall route, you may see a warning saying that the drive contains useful data, and restoring the backup will delete that data. Your computer will then reboot and the restore process will begin, you’ll be able to see a dialog box showing you the progress of the restoration. Remember to go back into your BIOS and set the boot sequence back to normal, this will ensure you don’t keep booting from the CD each time you turn on your computer!
So, in a nutshell, that’s how you make a full system backup of your computer, and how you restore it. My computer was now restored to it’s old state, Windows Vista home was running as normal, and all of my installed programs were intact, but I did have one small problem. As the new hard drives I had installed had a larger capacity than the old drives I removed, I needed to resize the partition so I could use the new space I had gained from changing the drives.
Normally doing this would mean a loss of data, but luckily I found some more Acronis software to use. You will then be presented with an easy to use Wizard, go through the wizard until you get to the screen below, this then allows you to resize the partition.
When you have gone through the Wizard, you’ll see a confirmation on screen of the tasks that will be undertaken.
And there you have it, what started out as a simple blog post has morphed in what seems to have been one of my longest posts ever. But when I signed up to the affiliate program, they did send me a list of coupon codes that can be used against all Acronis products. I speak as someone who has seen two BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) – one laptop and one desktop :o( Very depressing to put it mildly!
From my experience the BSOD is usually memory related, so replacing the RAM might do the trick, so you’d be able to get away without doing the backup. I can’t remember the exact timing, I just set it running and then went off for some dinner!
BTW, whatever happened to that black flash animation about the mysterious ebay seller that was forced deep underground and was hard to locate except for a special few.
I’d make a full backup, do a clean reinstall of windows, then just restore any important files.

Seeing your expertise and honesty in sharing information, I am also contacting you via your contact form as I want to work with you on certain projects (provided you accept me as an affiliate).
Regarding eliminating viruses,spyware and malaware before backup this is also an ongoing process using Fix-it Utilities with Vista Home.
In reference to the partitioning software, you can pull down a Live CD ISO of GParted, burn it to CD, then boot it as you specified in the article. There are also some open source Live CD disk-imaging ISOs, but not having used them, cannot speak to their efficacy. I’ve been meaning to do a full system backup since my teenage son suffered a hard drive failure a few weeks back but had no idea where to start. I followed your advice, picked up an external hard drive (500gb ?53.79 at Argos with a free 2gb flash pen!) downloaded Acronis True Image and followed your screen shots and 20 minutes later I was done. People are storing more and more on their computer, but upload speeds on standard Broadband connections are no higher than 1Mbps. So I think the cheapest and quickest route would be to get an external hard drive, and back everything up to that.
I used Acronis 2009 and then Acronis Home, and Acronis 2010 and when I tried to restore from the CD after a failure on my HP Pavillion G60-120US running Windows Vista Home the restore started and within a few minutes the computer power was shut off leaving my computer as a paper weight and no longer bootable. Yes, I used the boot up media and booted up from the restore media CD made from within Acronis.
If it keeps powering off, maybe it’s an issue with the laptop over heating rather than Acronis? Then detailed operation demonstration will be shown to make users grasp the method for increasing partition size in Windows XP. To increase a partition, there must be unallocated space (marked with "Unallocated" in the above picture) on the same disk. For example, when we encounter the situation where a partition is lacking in space or where partition condition is unreasonable, resizing partition could fix the problem easily. However, it is not easy to increase partition size in Windows Server 2003 due to the defects of the built-in disk management tool.
If we want to increase Partition C:, we need to shrink other partitions to get unallocated space. As computer software industry develops quickly, adding marketing demands, this kind of disk management software emerges as time requires. This third-party partition magic provides users with different editions according to demands, such as Free Edition, Professional Edition, Server Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Technician Edition.
This third-party partition magic is easy to use and has graphical interface, graphical operations, and extremely high operability.
To increase partition size, we should select the partition needing to be expanded and right click mouse. Here, we need to increase partition size, so we drag the right triangle rightwards, and then click "OK" button (note: increasing partition should be on the condition that there is unallocated space.
MiniTool Partition Wizard is just such a partition magic which can help you accomplish hard disk management easily.
I’m going to show you how to do something everyone with a computer should do at some point – get a full backup of your computer! You can then choose to exclude certain files from the backup, this includes hidden files, system files, or any other filenames that you specify using custom criteria.
It only takes a few minutes to start the backup process, and it will save you LOTS of hassle if your computer goes belly up like mine did. When I was taking them out, I made sure to make a note of which was the faulty drive so I could keep the remaining good drive for future use.
From the image below, you can see that my 2 drives are at the bottom of the case, and slide in and out. This next step depends on your computer setup, but you may be able to see a screen showing you the drives that are installed on your computer. The Acronis boot disk allows you to boot up, without an operating system, and restore your computer from the backup we took earlier.
You can then insert your CD (Windows or the Acronis boot CD), save the changes and then exit. If you are reinstalling Windows go through the installation process to do a clean install, once installed, you can download the free 15 day trial of Acronis True image home.
You can then choose the restoration method, you can either restore individual files and folders, or you can do a full restore. The next step asks us where we’d like to restore the data to, we need to select the new drive (or drives) that we have just installed. When I restored using True Image home, it restores a full image of the old hard drive, including the drive size. I used the Acronis Disk Director suite, to quickly and easily increase the size of the partition, without losing any of the data I had just restored. You can either take the space from another partition, or you can use the un-used space on the drive. I should really have turned it into an eBook…maybe I still could, but I think it should prove to be a very useful free resource. I don’t even know if I have it on my PC any more, I’ll have to have a look round and upload it to the blog for prosperity!
As soon as i get my PC back i will be following your guide step by step and will not have to suffer the agro of the last 2 weeks again. Then if things do go badly wrong, you can be back up and running in hours rather than days. I liked the acronis interface but after two occasions of this happening I am a little gun shy to depend on it again.

I dont recall if I used the quiet no acpi mode or not and not sure how I would tell if that is the problem or not. I guess I can give Acronis tech support a try but from what I have been reading on the blogs their Tech support leaves a lot to be desired. If the unallocated space exists, we can extend partition directly; if there is no unallocated space, we should delete other partitions or shrink a partition with amounts of unused space to get the unallocated space. After all operations are finished, increasing partition size in Windows XP is accomplished as well. For individual computer users, MiniTool Partition Wizard is free partition magic, possessing many other partition management functions besides resizing partition, the best choice for partition management operations. However, the idea is hard to realize because much partition magic of function defects appears in the software market along with users' increasing demands for partition mangers. After all operations are finished, increasing partition size in Windows Server 2003 is achieved successfully.
When formatting hard disk at the first time, we often appoint partition size according to our experience or will. Third-party partition magic facilitates managing hard disk, and users can perform hard disk management like a professional. We can perform hard disk management without damaging data even if power outage happens suddenly.
Then, we had better install it to the partition where no operation will be performed, avoiding troubles brought by rebooting computer. If there is no unallocated space, we can shrink other partitions to get unallocated space).
If you have a backup of absolutely everything on your computer, you are covered in the event of a hard drive failure and can be back up and running as if nothing has happened in a matter of minutes. So you really need another drive to store your backups on, I personally use an external USB hard drive. When the backup generation is complete, a confirmation will appear on screen and you can unplug your external hard drive, safe in the knowledge you have a full backup incase of a system, or hardware failure. With a full system backup you can restore everything to exactly how it was before a crash, you don’t need to reinstall any programs or operating systems!
But it’s only available if you purchase the full version of the software, not the 15 day trial.
Apologies for the quality of these pictures by the way, they were taken using my digital camera as I was doing the backup of my own PC!
This restores your computer back to the exact state it was in when you took the backup, this includes absolutely everything!
If something like this existed when my hard drive died it would have saved me a lot of research time, so hopefully it will help someone out there do the same. I liked it, You really did hard work as usual in compiling this lengthy post without missing any important step. I have used it sucessfully on my two home desktop computers to do restorations when things went bad but with this HP notebook it shuts the powers off to the computer just a few minutes into the recovery.
Once used, that kind of software may lead to data losses, let alone increase partition size in Windows Server 2003.
As we continuously use hard disk, a certain partition may be out of space, bringing some troubles. Sine this kind of disk management software is developed by different companies, their effect and operability are different.
You need to slide out the dock, and unscrew the old hard drive, replacing it with the new one.
This leaves the computer in an unbootable state with no chance to recover my data or Operating system after having destroyed the partition giving the blue screen of death. I do know I am not going to try Acronis again until I get some kind of an answer on the solution or what causes it unless I have an alternate method of disaster recovery.
To avoid the dangerous situation, the partition manager server MiniTool Partition Wizard, published by the renowned software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd., is suggested. For example, some HD movie or lossless music lovers often assign a partition to store media files, but with more and more good files storing on this partition, this partition will be out of space.
You’ll then have 2 connections going into the drive, the blue connector you can see on the image is the SATA cable that will go into your motherboard, and the wider, multi-coloured cable is the power cable, and this goes into the power supply. There is some incompatibility with the standard windows Vista HP notebook which I would like to remedy to keep being able to depend on Acronis. It wouldnt be so bad if it failed to restore but it destroys the bootable OS leaving a bricked computer until the partition and MBR are restored with the recovery sector of HP recovery and I hate having to rip out all the bloat afterwards and reinstall everything. At this time, if we do not want to store new video files or music files to another partition, we have to delete some old files which cost us much energy. Therefore, to accomplish hard disk management successfully, it is quite important to select third-party partition magic.
We have said MiniTool Partition Wizard developed by famous software development company MiniTool Solution Ltd. Formatting partition means all files stored on this partition will be lost, and I believe nobody is wiling to see this result.
Somebody may say we can back up the partition before formatting it, but this work is so troublesome.

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