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Scientologists will tell you how they are constantly finding that no matter what problems they face, there is some aspect of Scientology technology that can be applied to resolve any difficulty. For Scientology brings to the individual an understanding about why people have the problems they do, why they sometimes have trouble communicating with family and friends or co-workers, what are the root causes of upsets in life, and how one can successfully handle and solve the problems one encounters. And a major part of Scientology’s attraction is its workability, its practicality, and that it contains nothing which must be accepted on faith and presents no arbitrary authority. What follows are the testimonials of but a few of those whose lives have been changed for the better through a religion now embraced by millions and spanning Europe, and every other continent on Earth.

If they had a greater understanding of themselves and their fellows, they would be able to improve conditions and live happier lives.
No matter what improvements they seek, there is something in Scientology to help them achieve that goal.
Scientology provides tools one can use to help others — enabling a child to learn, assisting a friend to recover from the trauma of an accident, repairing a failing marriage or simply helping another to lead a happy and productive life.
And that is what is achieved through Scientology: enabling man to improve his lot and increase his most native and essential abilities.

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