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Amazon has been exploring changes to its Prime subscription service, and while drone air delivery may be years out, a music streaming service is a realistic possibility. An Amazon-run music streaming service would face stiff competition from existing competitors such as Spotify, but if any company can come in and make it work at scale in a competitive market it is Amazon. Should Amazon and the music labels nail down a pricing agreement, I am interested to see what Amazon is able to offer in terms of user experience, applications, and library size. Podcast #413 - NVIDIA Pascal Mobile, ARM and Intel partner on 10nm, Flash Memory Summit and more!
There is no doubt that Google Chrome browser has grown in popularity since its launch and could well become the most used browser in some years, primarily because of its speed and efficiency and also because it would now form the basis of a new operating system.
I personally use Google Chrome a lot on a daily basis and so far I’ve found it to be very useful.

The company already offers video streaming via its Prime service in the form of a limited selection of its total Instant Video library that can be streamed for free with a yearly Prime subscription. Amazon has the e-commerce and programing experience, distribution medium, and gobs of cloud storage and processing power. Especially if Amazon is able to replicate music streaming and offline caching using mobile apps like Spotify offers without charging extra for the privilege. Like in case of every tool, there are many cool tricks associated with this browser too which make working with the browser a breeze.
Hence you could do things like conversions, calculations and dictionary lookups directly from the address bar. Amazon simply needs the go-ahead from the labels in the form of licensing agreements which appear to be in progress according to Recode.

Music streaming seems to be a natural addition to its Prime Instant offering, and may just be the spoonful of sugar that makes a possible Prime subscription price increase easier to swallow.
Like in the screenshot below, I can resize the comment box of this blog easily by dragging it downwards.

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