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Disable Autodiscover I'd like to disable the Autodiscover This is specifically the Exchange HTTPS Autodiscover process for Cached Exchange on Outlook 2007. Describes a problem that occurs in which you cannot suppress the Autodiscover redirect warning in Outlook 2007. To ease this burden, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 includes a new Microsoft Exchange service named the Autodiscover service. To allow Autodiscover to function completely there is an important component in Exchange 2007 Server named Providers.
I have configured autodiscover for exchange 2007 but its not working properly when I try to configure an account side. For instance, both search and synchronization are supported in Exchange 2007 – but in a different way, which I guess is the point. The CAS role also has other services like Autodiscover that don't support EAS policies to connect to Exchange 2007. WebDav is definitely de-emphasized and not recommended to develop applications for Exchange 2007. Here's what I have learned so far: You need certificates for many of Exchange 2007's features.
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The receive connector is set at the Server Configuration level, I will modify the default receive connector and enable protocol logging for the inevitable debugging that will follow when troubleshooting mail flow issues. Move the Offline Address Book to the new Exchange 2007 mailbox server using the wizard in the Exchange Management Console to perform this procedure. At this point it is useful to create a mailbox on the Exchange 2010 server so that you can test mail flow into and from the organization. Microsoft has increased the maximum database size limit from 200GB in Exchange 2007 to 2TB in Exchange 2010.
However, if you have the Standard Edition of Exchange, you will only be able to mount five databases. Another strategy to use to take advantage of DAG is to create databases based on which users require high availability. One tip I have for you is to avoid immediately trying to mount the database after creating it.
The first step is to assign a computer certificate issued by the internal PKI to the UM Service using the built-in Certificate Wizard. If you were performing a full upgrade of UM (using the TechNet terminology from the URL above) then you would simply modify the UM server and add it to the existing dial plan.
Moving back to our co-existence reality, the next thing to do is to change the Startup mode to TLS. At this point you need to create additional dial plans and UM hunt groups with new pilot numbers. You can also add a phone number to use for Outlook Voice Access (Just enter a subscriber access number). Then, on the OCS side, you need to modify the Front End Properties and add the Exchange 2010 Server to the Host Authorization tab.

You need to create a location profile that matches the Exchange 2010 dialplan exactly in FQDN format and then associate an AutoAttendant.
Then, after mailboxes are migrated to Exchange 2010, you will have to disable UM, and then enable them for UM again so that they can be connected to the new Exchange 2010 dial plan (performs a PIN reset).
If you were trying to delete a mailbox database in Exchange 2010, you have to clear all move requests first.
Microsoft recommends that you back up the source mailbox server before you try to move any mailboxes.
If the user has Outlook open during the move, that is fine, but they’ll get prompted to restart Outlook when the move completes. After all mailboxes have been moved from 2007 to 2010, you can dismount and remove the databases from the Exchange 2007 mailbox server.
Providers are components that are specifically related to the type of client that is trying to connect and be configured. Another setting is "Allow attachments to be downloaded to device," which you can disable to prevent users from downloading attachments.
This is the last post in a series focusing on the transition to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2007. I will also increase the default message size to a more realistic size, ex: 40mb (this is fine for smaller organizations). We can do this because we have a hosted spam filter and our firewall restricts access to just that service’s IP address range. This helps eliminate problems that happen when outside spam filters perform reverse lookups against your IP and MX Record (or even SenderID).
Examine the message headers from your free web-based email service so that you can validate the proper masquerading of the outbound IP address. This change decouples databases from servers to enable automatic failover via the new Database Availability Group (DAG) feature (a topic for a future blog series) and therefore this requires that Databases be created at the Organizational level.
It is still recommended to separate databases into manageable buckets so that database restores can fit within your SLA, but if databases are replicated in a DAG group, then you may be able to avoid backups altogether and with BIG database sizes! See this blog article that describes moving the ‘arbitration mailboxes’ out of the default database so that it can be deleted. For example, if a very large organization did not want to pay for the bandwidth required to replicate thousands of users, but only wanted the executives to have their mailboxes replicated, you could create an ‘Executive’ mailbox store, and then selectively add this database to a DAG store and only replicate it and not the other mailbox databases. It seems that Exchange is not really ready for it, you need to give it a minute and then manually mount it otherwise you will get an error message. Mailbox moves in Exchange 2010 can now be performed online with zero impact to the user, and can therefore be performed during business hours. Additionally, perform a full online Exchange backup of the destination server after the mailbox moves are complete. If you have public folders, you will need to either replicate those or remove them before you can uninstall Exchange. In a future series of posts, I will cover backing up Exchange 2010, and monitoring Exchange with System Center Operations Manager 2010.
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I was not surprised to see it NOT working against Exchange 2007 to disable the OOF message.

Otherwise, allowing anonymous access on a server that is directly connected to the internet is not advisable. Since we already had an Exchange 2007 UM in our environment, we had to decide between a full upgrade or a partial upgrade. If you have any distribution lists that were hardcoded with an Exchange 2007 server as the Expansion server, you’ll need to resolve that as well. For example, it is interesting to note that if you have servers in a DAG group, Microsoft suggests that it may not be necessary to backup those servers any more, but instead turn on circular logging and let the DAG group provide the backup capability. And since we had already decided to have co-existence of the two systems for a period of time where mailboxes will reside in both the 2007 and 2010 environments, then full upgrade of UM is eliminated from being an option (but it is the preferred between the two for simplicity reasons). Lastly, if you have any legacy routing group connectors from a previous migration from Exchange 2003, you’ll need to remove the routing group connector before you can uninstall Exchange 2007. On the Move Offline Address Book page, click Browse to select the server to which you want to move the OAB generation process, and then click OK. For a full treatment of these two upgrade scenarios, I highly advise you to become intimately familiar with this TechNet article. Click Advanced and then check the box next to Include inheritable permissions from this objects parents. In the Result pane, click the Offline Address Book tab, and then select the OAB for which you want to move generation to a new server.
If you do not have sufficient free space on your transaction log drive for transaction log file generation, you could temporarily turn on circular logging. If you have turned on circular logging during the mailbox move, make sure that you turn circular logging off when the mailbox move is completed. On the Distribution tab, select the Enable Web-based distribution and the Enable public folder distribution check boxes and then click OK. A  I learned something from every man I met or exchanged emails with, and Lou taught me a few words in Spanish.A  Ole! We can take a little walk, maybe get our feet wet, and then lie on a blanket and listen to the waves. I do the same thing myself, when the mood strikes.A  And how about this for being an "in tune with women" kinda guy?A  A few days after I had ordered myself 2 new green dresses and several in black to add to my collection from a mail order company named Newport News, he sent an email asking:A  "So, what are you wearing right now?
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