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Any Photoshop user can mouse their way through Photoshop’s various complications, but professional users need keyboard combos like these to look and feel like a pro when the heat is on. For users who have found difficulty using any of their Photoshop CS4 keyboard shortcuts after installing a Photoshop upgrade, try this link with various solutions to solving the problem.
In the workplace, most of us work on several files at once, so there are often several windows open in Photoshop. From the Define menu, select Specials, Select “Select rear window,” enter your keystroke sequence, such as CMD + Shift + Tab. In the file with the dimensions you want to duplicate, press CMD + A, then press CMD + N, then press Enter. Working with layers is easily one of the most complicated tasks in Photoshop because of the multiplicity of layers that may be created for just one effect.
These combos will move you to the top and bottom of your layers stack without having to lift your hands from the keyboard.
Another way to get to the layer you want when you are buried in a distant layer, is to move to the layer you want.
To prevent your layers from getting out of hand, it is wise to group the layers associated with each aspect of your project. You can use the Paste Inside and Paste Behind commands to create a layer and mask in one step. Kerning adjusts the spaces between characters so that the blank spaces between all letters is even. To adjust the kerning on your text, press Option + CMD + left arrow or right arrow + Enter. Instead of opening another layer to change the size of your text, there are a couple of keyboard combos that will allow you to do that in your current window.
To use your eraser tool more efficiently, you can use keyboard commands to select the eraser type you want and control the opacity. A quicker way to undo your adjustments in Photoshop than deleting layer by layer, is to press Option and select the last edited feature from the Adjust pull down menu. In case something gets deleted while you are working on it, you can try the Fill command from the Edit menu.
This trick also works better than the Rubber Stamp or Magic Eraser for areas you can quickly select. To scroll through the tool selections for each letter, use Shift + the tool shortcut (ie: E selects the Eraser Tool, Shift + E will scroll through Background Eraser and Magic Eraser and back to Eraser).
These are just a selection of some of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop, as well as being the easiest to remember.
There are numerous Keyboard Shortcut Sheets available around the internet which are relevant depending on the version of Photoshop you are using. Just in case the shortcuts that are built in to Photoshop don't suit your needs or aren't enough for your requirements, you can easily create your own or change existing ones. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. As you select a mode, a preview will appear, which makes it easy to decide which mode works best for the image.
In the layers tab, move the opacity slider to the left (to reduce ) or the right (to increase) to change the opacity of the texture layer.

Subscribe to our free newsletter to get all our latest tutorials and articles delivered directly to your inbox! Today, I’m going to show you how using brushes and different adjustment layers in Adobe Photoshop CS5 you can create abstract wormhole background.
Click on Add a layer style icon from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Outer Glow. Insert the mask on the same layer by choosing Add layer mask on the bottom part of the Layers panel and choose the Soft Round brush of black color (set Opacity to 60% in Options bar).
Next we have to make a copy of the very first layer containing the dots and the last made layer painted with #FFB5D9 color.
Make a copy of the last made layer, set Fill to 50% for this layer and change the Blending mode to Hard Light.
Use this brush to represent a spot on the bottom part of the canvas and in the point containing the rays’ focus. Now we have to apply Smudge Tool to blur out the spot to get the same result as on the next picture. Create a new layer again and select for it the Soft Round brush mentioned in the previous example of white color to paint the indicated zones below.
Insert the mask on the layer by choosing Add layer mask on the bottom part of the Layers panel and choose the Soft Round brush of black color.
Click Create new fill or adjustment layer from bottom part of the Layers panel and click to Curves to adjust the curve shape as shown to make a little color corrections. Click Create new fill or adjustment layer from bottom part of the Layers panel and select Color Balance to change the overall mixture of colors. In the Adjustments panel, select Midtones. Create a new layer and select on it the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill the layer with yellow color.
In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Design a Shattered, Scrappy Metal Text Effect in Photoshop. Create a new document with black background (size doesn’t really matter for this tutorial, I used 1200px * 700px). We will use this new cloud layer as a guide for our text base – so increase the opacity to around 30% for it. Grab a soft eraser with the opacity and flow set to both around 40%, gently erase the edges of the metal texture to give it a little more depth.
Note: The following 3 screenshots indicate the Top Left, Center, and Bottom Right area of the metal texture.
Hint: make sure you reduce the brush tip size to a smaller scale, and set the brush flow and opacity to around 50%, DO NOT paint too much particles. You can choose your own color scheme and experiment with the result – I used a dark red kind of effect.
Hey,You article is excellent and quite in derived oriented for everybody who are in the field of designing especially. Step 3: Just like in the previous tutorials add a Pattern Fill Adjustment Layer and apply one of my Classical Halftone Patterns. Optional step 4: Colorize the text by adding a Color Fill Adjustment Layer with Blend Mode set to Screen. These Photoshop keyboard combos will help you handle creative stress with finesse and improve your workflow. These combinations will work with Photoshop CS4 and higher on either a MAC or Windows platform.

If you work in Mac, you can use QuickKeys to define a Select rear window shortcut and a Second rear window shortcut to quickly toggle to the windows at the bottom of the stack and then to the second window.
Select Specials, Select “Select second window,” enter your keystroke sequence, such as CMD + Tab + Tab.
Rather than creating a new file from scratch by entering the dimensions, there is a handy keyboard combo that will perform that function for you.
To simplify matters, there are a few shortcuts that will make working with layers a cakewalk. This allows you to view only one layer at a time, as Photoshop will hide each previous layer as you hop around the stacks of layers. If you use the keyboard shortcut for copy, it will only pick up the pixels for the current layer. On the Background Copy Layer, draw a selection that is shaped like the layer mask you need. This will fill a selection or the entire image with the pixel content from the last saved image. If you wish to revert to the default shortcut at any time, simply pull up the keyboard shortcuts menu again, highlight the new layer option and click Use Default. She enjoys surfing the net in search of outstanding art, design and photography, and enjoys nothing better than sharing her discoveries through article writing. We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. Remove the mask of the copied layer of the very first layer with the dots and put together both copies (hold Ctrl button, select them both layers and press CTRL+E to Merge Down).
Select Preserve Luminosity to prevent changing the luminosity values in the image while changing the color. You will learn how you utilise a range of selection and transformation techniques to manipulate textures in order to form certain effect.
Edit the text of the Smart Object file (Use Image > Canvas size to increase the canvas if neccessary) and save and close the Smart Object file. Many Photoshop users already utilize the common keyboard shortcuts that help you grab the tools you want or quickly save a file. We will also take a look at the most commonly used and easiest to remember keyboard shortcuts, as well as how to create your own, or change the default keyboard shortcuts. You will save a lot of time by using these keyboard shortcuts rather than clicking around on your Layers palette with your mouse. As a refresher, when you control the leading, you are adjusting the amount of space between the lines of text. The method may vary slightly depending on the version of Photoshop you use, so I’ve included alternative ways to reach the same goal. In this case create a new layer above the made layer and select both layers (hold Ctrl button when select the layers). Drag the slider to increase Green and Blue colors also decrease the Red color in the image.
If you have any questions about the Photoshop tutorials, feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to answer it.

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