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You can easily increase the font size of text displayed on webpages within Safari by hitting the text size change keyboard shortcuts Command and + keys together.
This sets a minimum font size within Safari, making all web pages display at least a font of the specified size or larger. I’ve found that 10 is a good minimum size for my eyes, but try a few different options to see the best fit for you.
The effect is immediately, and you can continue tapping the small A or Large A to adjust the font size up or down according to your preferences.
This works on just about any web site that has text articles (including ours), but many news sites and blogs will require that you clicked through an article link in order to load properly, or else only the top-most story will be rendered in Reader. Everyone has run into a webpage where the font size is unbearably small on an iOS device, typically a reverse pinch gesture will make the text legible but on some pages that have a fixed width you then have to scroll sideways in addition to up and down.
This addition is so useful that the concept should probably be included in future versions of Safari for iOS but only time will tell if that happens. Save the bookmark change and load a new web page, tap on the + or – buttons to test font size changes live.
These bookmarklet tweaks work by editing a bookmark URL and replacing it with a javascript that changes on page behavior, similar custom bookmarklets have allowed us to View Page Source in iOS Safari and even use Firebug on iOS. Totally agree with Joe, it won’t work in iOS 6 on an iphone because it converts the javascript to the encoded format. This font issue is particularly frustrating on the iPad mini, which obviously hadn’t been released when this was published. In addition to giving the bookmark a longer name than – or + as mentioned by others, you can also quickly show favorites (book icon to the left of the safari destination field), and tap the bookmark there if this bookmark is created as a favorite. I forgot to mention — on iOS 7 and 8 (at least for iPhone), Safari has no bookmarks bar, so you have to put these bookmarklets in your Favorites bookmark folder (or wherever).
Not being a programmer, I have no idea what I'm doing, but that helped in jumping quickly to a bigger font size rather than the tiny increases in the original script! Haven Holidays is a trading name of Bourne Leisure Ltd, registered in England and Wales, no 04011660. If you want to make reading a web page a bit easier on the Mac with Safari, you can issue some simple keyboard shortcuts to change the displayed font and text size on a page. To increase the Safari web browsers readable text size, hit the Command key and + key (plus key, it’s located next to the delete key on a Mac keyboard), it will instantly make the font size larger.
These keyboard shortcuts apply changes to page text and fonts instantly, and they also apply incrementally. I use these keyboard shortcuts all the time when I encounter a website with text that is far too small to be readable by any human without superpower eyesight, which frankly is not me.

For 99 cents, it’s a snip, and will hopefully put an end to the squinting and endless sliding that some of you have to endure.
It will be interesting to see how much of an improvement Apple brings with Safari in iOS 5.
In order to magnify your Safari webpages, you will of course need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.
You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. That increases the font size on a per-page basis, and you can reduce the font size with the opposite, Command and -. The changes take effect immediately so you can see how various text sizes looks without closing the preference window. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! If you think it’s not enough and bigger screen would be better, try one of samsungs Frankenstein sized galaxy series for couple of days. You can sort of get around that font size limitation by using the Reader feature on an iPhone or iPad, but that’s not ideal for every website either. We typically like to walk through every step of a process so I included the boomarklet steps that you left out, thus the full walkthrough being placed here.
If you drag them to the top of the list of Favorites, it’s still fairly easy to use them. On The New Yorker’s website it only increases the font size and you end up with text over top of each other. On the New Yorker for example, your script works but you end up with lines of text stacked on top of each other very close. Or to make the font size on pages smaller, use the Command and the – (minus) key to make text smaller. Every once in a while you find a page with text that is too big as well, and this trick is equally as useful there.
Remember that and you should be able to change the text sizes to your liking regardless of what you’re using. This is one of the things I dislike about Safari; having to re-set the font every time I visit.
Nonetheless, reading the small text, particularly on the smaller screen devices, can sometimes be challenging. It works nice and smoothly, and integrates with Safari as if it were stock a stock feature.

The browser has always been relatively solid, yet currently lacks some of the even more basic features which can be found on many of the alternative surfing clients.
But a problem with this is that you’ll notice that if you close the browser window or tab, the font size is changed back to its default size when a new page is visited. This is precisely what two handy bookmarklets aim to resolve, by creating two fontsize increase and decrease buttons that can be accessed directly in Safari. The altered code examples that appear in comments here do not have the same issue when copied since they do not have line numbers. I can’t believ that the most profitable company in the world can’t build this into their iPad browser! The font on the bookmark bar is so tiny it’s impossible to select any bookmark without using a stylus. Safari remembers the last bookmarks folder you used, so you just have to tap the bookmarks icon and then tap the bookmark you want to use.
Likewise, continuously hitting Command and – will make the pages fonts smaller and smaller.
There are no new icons in this app and an extra button is added to your Safari bookmark tab . Sure, you can pinch to zoom, but swiping across three times to read one sentence isn’t exactly convenient.
It doesn’t work for the iPad, but being a larger device, browsing is nowhere near as tedious as on its smaller counterparts. A Magnifier-For-Safari-like feature seems unlikely, but we will have to wait just a tad longer to see what’s in store. Meanwhile, the feature was again reintroduced to iOS 9 with Safari, so it’s those in between versions that do not have the improved readability and font size adjustment features.
You can use this to your advantage, but hitting it too much can also take fonts and page text elements to truly ridiculous levels if you want to. But for those who like to tinker and tweak, there are other options out there that can get the job done too. Like the ReaderA button, the bookmarket removes all the unnecessary clutter and displays only the text in a easy to read format.

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