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Since you won't be able to change the font size in Nokia Lumia 800, you can always copy the content you need to read and paste them on the word application and enlarge to read them out. Other option could be, you can upgrade to Windows Phone 8 like HTC and there you will get option to change the font size. Even Nokia Lumia 510, 610, 710 are Windows 7.5 Mobiles and having same problem to change the font size. Device security general security features: pin code, signed os, device lock, secure boot, consumer vpn, device lock passcode, application sandboxing, application.
The lumia 730 dual sim with quad core processor, 66mp camera and hd front facing camera perfect for taking selfies! Microsoft (erstwhile nokia) has adapted itself with consumers' growing love for bigscreen phones (also lovingly known as phablets) right from the topof. The more you know here are the known issues and workarounds with the windows 10 phone preview. Nokia e6 is one of the first two smartphones to be released with the symbian anna software update.
Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. I hope Enable more live tiles for the lumia 950 1 settings go to settings > system > display 2 adjust size navigate down until you see size of text, apps, and items on. But it seems that mobile phones using Windows Operating system (Windows Phone 7.5) aren't having facility to change the font.
But in this post i will explain Microsoft (erstwhile nokia) has adapted itself with consumers' growing love for big-screen phones (also lovingly known as phablets). Lumia 800  is running same system and hence you won't be able to change the font size in Nokia Lumia 800 and other similar models. Smooth performanceWith phablets refuelling the growth of smartphone market, it comes as no surprise that Nokia has joined the bandwagon with not one, but two big-screen handsets.
And, it's also the first smartphone to ship with Windows Phone 8.1, the latest iteration of the OS.

The screen has 720p resolution and features Nokia's ClearBlack Display technology and this combination works pretty well despite not offering 1080p. You may notice a little pixilation, but only if you are reading ebooks from a very close distance.
It has the same curvy body as Lumia 625 and seems merely bigger in size; if you looked at the two models from afar, you will probably not be able to tell the two apart. The back features a 5MP auto-focus camera but there's no LED flash, which makes the phone useless for dark and low-light shots.
Both these updates make Windows Phone 8 a slightly better operating system, bringing features like true multitasking, more control over how the device behaves; better Glance Screen interface etc. As a result, the screen does not turn off during a call unless it touches your face or finger.
We didn't miss this sensor much but the absence of an ambient light sensor means that the phone doesn't feature automatic brightness depending upon the ambient light. This means you'll need to manually set brightness levels depending on the light conditions, which is a bit cumbersome. The former is a work in progress and will take some time in order to be on par with Apple's App Store and Google's Android Play Store, while the latter is under development and expected to be rolled out in April. We are unable to understand why a company like Nokia, which has a great pedigree of cameraphones, would use a 5MP camera in a handset costing Rs 24,000!
Using this camera made some sense in a low-priced device like Lumia 625 (available at approximately Rs 16,000 online), but in a rather high-priced model, it simply seems baffling. While the phone comes with a new Camera app (in addition to Nokia Camera app), the hardware is not remarkable for the price.
Even if you turn up the brightness to the maximum and use Wi-Fi and 3G constantly, the phablet won't run out of juice after a whole day.
This is one feature that most Android smartphones, and none of the major rivals at this price point, can match. Interestingly, you can clear all notifications, including the ones displayed in Live Tiles, when you tap on the Clear All button.

It has access to all Android apps, comes with a (big enough) 5.25-inch screen and a sufficiently powerful processor. The wallpaper is visible through transparent tiles but tiles that have different colours remain opaque.
We have to say it looks better than the single solid coloured tiles and adds more personalization capabilities. So, if you don't mind a cluttered but convenient arrangement, you can opt to squeeze more tiles on the Lumia 630's relatively smaller screen.
Though its battery life and camera performance are not up to the mark, it is still the best smartphone at this price point. The feature is still in Beta and not available in India unless you change the region settings to US, and language settings to English (US). The camera quality and size and weight, and relatively high price tag, besides a limited app ecosystem, do not make it a good option.
While it doesn't support all features, you can ask it to perform a large number of tasks including opening apps, calling contacts from People list, setting reminders, check weather, time or location, check nearby places and search the web, among others.
We would instead recommend Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 at this price or Google Nexus 5 if you are willing to loosen your purse strings a little more. In tandem with the predictive text feature, the keyboard offers one of the fastest typing experience available at the moment.
We found the built-in data compression feature (seen in browsers like Opera Mini and Nokia Xpress) pretty useful.

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