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Ne nje konference per shtyp, Bushati ka bere te ditur se Tirana zyrtare do te vijoje kontaktet me autoritetet maqedonase per te marre informacione mbi demet e shkaktuara, me qellim per te shfrytezuar sa me mire kete fond. Ky eshte nje fond paraprak pasi autoritetet maqedonase nuk kane nje bilanc te qarte te demeve dhe kerkesave. Favicons - short term for "Favorite Icon" - is the small icon that appears near the browser URL, often showing a company's logo or other images.
Most of the time, if you use WordPress or Joomla or other Content Management Systems, they will have a default favicon, not the one you may want to to use. Using Photoshop or other photo editing software to create a favicon, which is usually of the size of 16x16px (or maximum 32x32px), may be often difficult.
There may be times when we need to experement with several different values in an Excel Spreadsheet to make predictions and forecasts. By using Scenarios, you are able to enter a set of different values in a spreadsheet, and Excel will automatically calculate the resulting values.
Scenarios in Microsoft Excel allows you to enter multiple groups of variables which is substituted by Excel to produce the resulting cell values. In other words, scenarios in Excel helps you save and manipulate many different groups of values to change the end result and make comparisons. You may also want to check out how to create conditional formatting in Excel and how to switch data from columns to rows and rows to column easily. Clicking through each scenario and looking at the result can be difficult, especially when you want to compare the results of each scenario. Nanotechnology is a revolutionary new technology and a key economic driver for the twenty-first century.  Nanotechnology promises significant social benefits, including enhancements in medical diagnosis and treatment, more efficient energy sources, lighter, stronger and cheaper materials and electronic products and cleaner, cheaper water. On the other hand, the limited but growing scientific knowledge on the effects of nanomaterials has led to concern over the environmental, health and safety risks potentially associated with nanotechnology and its products.

International standardisation will play a critical role in ensuring that the full potential of nanotechnology is realised and that nanotechnology is safely integrated into society.  Standards will help create a smooth transition from the laboratory to the marketplace, promote progress along the nanotechnology value chain – from nanoscale materials that form the building blocks for components and devices to the integration of these devices into functional systems – and facilitate global trade. NT-001 membership consists of Nominating Organisations that represent various interest groups across Australian industries.
Standards Australia encourages interested organisations to participate in the work program. But what's more significant is that it's also the most feature-complete budget smartphone from the Redmond giant's mobile devices stable, addressing a number of deficiencies of its predecessors.
In the following example, we want to see how much profit you will make if you are able to sell 100 Toys, 80 Games and 120 Apps.
Decide which cells or values in the spreadsheet that you want to change and where the results should appear.
Then Click in the "Changing cells" field and select the cells where the values will be changing. To make this easier, Microsoft Excel allows us to create a Scenario Summary Report, comprising all the scenarios and results in a single report. Assume that you have a profit target to meet and you want to see how much profit you will make if you sell x number of each product. We also want to see, how much profit can be made if we are able to sell 140 Toys, 140 Games and 160 Apps or 160 Toys, 160 Games and 200 Apps, etc.
Please leave your comments in the comment section or contact me if you have any other questions. You can do this in an Excel Spreadsheet easily by making use of Scenarios in the What-If-Analysis tool. These set of values (100 Toys, 80 Games, 120 Apps, etc.) can be saved as different scenarios in Excel.

In fact, it's as 'Nokia' as the Lumia 530 and 630 and all the other predecessors and the only thing that stands out is the Microsoft logo at the front and back. The major difference is the larger size which is majorly due to the inclusion of a bigger display. The display also lacks the ClearBlack technology found in the Lumia 630 making blacks look grey-ish. One can also customize snooze time in the alarm app and configure a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to access a work network or use a VPN service to bypass geo-restricted website or service. The phone comes pre-loaded with Bing vision, Creative Studio, Lumia Camera, Lumia Selfie camera apps. Low light shots were not as good but the flash comes in handy in such situations and does a good job of filling light. Photos taken with the selfie camera show mostly natural colours, details are sufficient and more than what we have seen in any front camera shot at this price. We were able to take wide-angle selfies too, fitting in more people into the frame without compromising the photo. You can even take a selfie using a rear camera on Lumia 530, wherein the phone notifies you when your face and the camera lens are aligned. This means that it misses out on SensorCore which allows applications to use the sensors in a Lumia phone without affecting battery life. In tandem with a software solution, the functionality helps the phone track the user's activity, including steps travelled, and record location data.

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