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The information found on this page covers the county as a whole, lists of items that cover more than one parish or the information cannot be pinned down to any one particular parish.
The name is derived from that of the former county town of Wilton and is recorded as Wiltunscir in an 870 AD document.
It is not widely known that the saying 'as different as chalk from cheese' originated in Wiltshire. The UK National Census was taken every ten years from 1801 until the present day with the exception of 1941 due to Word War II. This Register was compiled from details taken on the night of Friday 29th September 1939. The earliest Wiltshire newspaper to have survived is the Salisbury & Winchester Journal published as the Salisbury Journal or Weekly Advertiser in 1738 and still continues as the Salisbury Journal today. Several Trade Directories were published for the County which may be viewed via the University of Leicester's Historical Directories Website.

Postcard Index held by the administrators and OPCs that have postal information recorded. This is a record of fines imposed on those loyal to King Charles during the Civil War by the Parliament headed by Oliver Cromwell. On the individual parish pages TUck Family research items also contain the names of many Quaker births, marriages and deaths. Please be aware that comments are not checked daily, if you have a question it is better to contact the volunteer directly. In comparison with many modern counties, it may therefore be regarded as a shortened form of Wiltonshire.
However if you just wish to show appreciation or remark upon the page please feel free to do that here. Lors de votre escale dans l’une de ces communes, vous pourrez pratiquer des activites de pleine nature, en particulier nautiques.

If you can help, contact Teresa Lewis, Administrator via the Contact Us Tab at the top of the page.
Les venelles et ruelles fleuries ont un charme fou comme la rue Saint-Vincent ou s’epanouit un arbre de Judee couleur mauve intense. Commune classee “Station Verte “, elle est une destination touristique de loisirs et de vacances, reconnue au niveau national comme une station organisee, offrant les services et les plaisirs attendus dans l’univers Nature : une Nature respectee et preservee, une gamme de sejours a decliner selon les envies, des lieux et des activites a vivre et a partager, une Porte d’entree des terroirs.

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