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They are committed volunteers, active leaders and engaged alumni who support the work of the University in many ways.  As members of North Carolina’s Lumbee Nation, the Locklears are also pioneers, each with his or her own special story to tell.
In addition to the business partnership she shares with her mother, Nanci also shares common areas of support at the University, including the Dental Foundation and the School of Dentistry Dean’s Fund.  She rounds out her support with contributions to the Morehead-Cain Foundation and the College of Arts and Sciences.
Even then, Sarah took advantage of every opportunity at Carolina to ensure her success.   To transition to the rigors of medical school, Sarah participated in the Medical Education Development (MED) program, a pre-med prep program where minority undergraduate students complete coursework from the first year medical school curriculum. Sarah is also dedicated to giving back, and supports the American Indian Center, the Medical Alumni Loyalty Fund as well as the Children’s Program Fund. Christopher is also an active volunteer at UNC’s American Indian Center, where he is working to help facilitate the N.C. The Becker family inside Launch Chapel Hill’s Rosemary Street offices on grand opening day.
Eric and Jill Becker of Baltimore have their older son Greg, UNC class of 2012, to thank for introducing them to Chapel Hill. Public invited to May 1 Launch open house to meet new leader, venture teams, mentorsThe Launch Chapel Hill Open House is scheduled from 3 to 6 p.m.

During Greg’s time at Carolina, Eric and Jill considered ways they could be helpful to Carolina. Launch Chapel Hill recently celebrated the grand opening of its space on Rosemary Street, and all the Beckers were there–even Cara’s dogs, Happy and Chewy.
When it came time for Greg, as a high school student, to think about colleges, he visited many but chose Carolina. Their daughter Cara, Greg’s younger sister, was recovering from surgical complications on the day they came to drop Greg off. They explored several interests, including health, academics, and college access and affordability.
UNC, the Town of Chapel Hill, Orange County and the Downtown Partnership have combined efforts to create this “venture lab,” a combination of a business accelerator and co-working space for budding entrepreneurs from “town” (anywhere in Orange County) or “gown” (UNC).
In addition to visiting the incubator, younger son Jake will enter UNC as a freshman this fall.
They came away impressed with all the ways to give back to Carolina, and all the ways Carolina gives back.

And daughter Cara, who tragically passed away from leukemia last fall, is affectionately remembered inside the space with a plaque. The public is invited to tour the center and meet the people behind downtown Chapel Hill’s first startup accelerator to support the successful launch of entrepreneurial companies. We flew to Chapel Hill, walked with him to his dorm room, and had to turn around and walk out.
For a family that has gone through a tragedy, it’s wonderful to know that he will be welcomed into this very warm and very special community. For parents to know that their son could come from Baltimore not knowing anyone, and be warmly welcomed into the community, was such a relief.

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