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If you want to make reading a web page a bit easier on the Mac with Safari, you can issue some simple keyboard shortcuts to change the displayed font and text size on a page. To increase the Safari web browsers readable text size, hit the Command key and + key (plus key, it’s located next to the delete key on a Mac keyboard), it will instantly make the font size larger.
These keyboard shortcuts apply changes to page text and fonts instantly, and they also apply incrementally.
I use these keyboard shortcuts all the time when I encounter a website with text that is far too small to be readable by any human without superpower eyesight, which frankly is not me.
The font size of mail messages can appear really small on the iPhone and iPod touch screens, but the default setting can be adjusted and increased substantially if the text size just looks too small. Try a few different options out, and ultimately it will depend on the quality of your eyesight as to what you’re most comfortable with. This is nice because it gives you a live preview of what the text size will end up looking like in mail app and elsewhere.
Have you ever noticed that your website layout changes slightly when viewed on someone else’s computer? The reason this happens is because each company’s browser is written from original code with the intention of following certain standards of web design. One of the number one rules of web design is to always test your website in multiple browsers to ensure consistency! With operating systems, font settings (among other settings) may cause differences between computers even when using the same browser. The browser provides its own default style sheet, which applies its own style rules to your webpage. The pros generally use what is called a Reset CSS style sheet, of which the most popular has been written by Eric Meyers and can be found here.
Enabling advanced text allows you to configure advanced settings that can only be applied to images; as a result, your text block will be converted into an image as soon as you apply an advanced text setting. Now your text block has been converted into an image and should appear identical in every browser! If you answer yes to the first question, the Advanced Text options may be your best bet, although coding your website by hand using HTML and CSS is a great option, albeit more difficult. If you answer yes to the second question, you can't use Advanced Text since it converts the text into an image. All different kinds of browsers have a system for increasing text size for users who find reading small print a problem.
Or to make the font size on pages smaller, use the Command and the – (minus) key to make text smaller.

Every once in a while you find a page with text that is too big as well, and this trick is equally as useful there. Remember that and you should be able to change the text sizes to your liking regardless of what you’re using. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! This is one of the things I dislike about Safari; having to re-set the font every time I visit. I have fairly decent eyesight but wear corrective glasses, and find that increasing the size a little bit is enough for me.
Extra Large and Giant are accurate descriptions of their accompanying text sizes, you will want to take a look at just how big they are before using them as primary settings. You can put the AA in your Toolbar by going to View>Customize Toolbar and increase the website text using it without Reader.
This is a common theme in web design, which is why the best in the business compose their websites to be compatible with all major browsers and operating systems.
It’s tough to get them all to line up perfectly in the way that they render web pages, so we just have to be careful in the way that we format things when building our websites. The answer is in CSS (style sheets), which determine all of the styling rules on the website. As a result, each browser's differing style sheet has different rules about what 8-point means, how much line-spacing to use, etc. This collection of style rules resets all of those browser-supplied rules to neutral values, so that your webpage can render as close as possible to the way you intend for it to. This is actually a great option, as it gives you complete control over the styling of your website.
Since the browser no longer recognizes it as words, but just pixels within an image, the browser will not allow you to highlight and copy the text. Our philosophy has always been to create web design software and services so you can make better Websites. Likewise, continuously hitting Command and – will make the pages fonts smaller and smaller. If you're not already familiar with how the Text tool works in VSD, you may want to read this article first. Visual Site Designer helps you build your site in a WYSIWYG workspace so that you can avoid having to mess with confusing code.
If you had included a reference to your own style sheet in the webpage's code, you would be able to supply more specific rules that would override those of the browser.

We have an excellent HTML Editor that makes this process significantly easier than writing it on your own.
As long as the content is there, the browser can use its discretion to determine where the words are placed. At the very least, test with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer to get a good cross-section of the different types of web browsers. Rather it tells me I can browse their marketing site while at the same time listing all customer options in the top navigation. You can use this to your advantage, but hitting it too much can also take fonts and page text elements to truly ridiculous levels if you want to.
However, without messing with the code of your website, there is no way to edit the style sheet. Now click the Object button in the main toolbar at the top of the program to bring up the Object Properties window. You probably only need the placement to be exact for things like titles (headers) and other small bits of text. If you see something that's too far from the intended format, you should now have the knowledge you need to whip it into shape. If it appears that some browsers do wacky things like move your text outside of the boundaries you've intended, you may need to choose one of these other methods. The fact that it always comes up makes me think Microsoft could have spent time on a more elegant solution.
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Turns out the resulting boarding passes don’t page break correctly when printed from a mac. I had to increase my viewing font-size in safari in order to avoid passes running off page one and continuing on page two. Working to spend each day doing a little less crap and a little more not crap than the day before.

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