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Samsung has announced its Samsung Galaxy A9 a 6 inch phone but it looks like company is about to launch a Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro uses the Snapdragon 652 that is interesting processor from Qualcomm. The new PRO version of the phone still uses a large 6 inch super AMOLED screen with 1920x1080 FHD resolution.
We are glad to see that this mainstream performance device starts  with 32GB as 16GB is simply too small. There will be a lot of phones coming with Snapdragon 650, 652 to take on the Helio X10, P10 mainstream phones which are about to flood the market. There are many quaint, traditional and charming villages in the beautiful Cotswolds, all with homes built from the warm, golden Cotswold stone, quarried in the area. This charming village is often called the "Venice of the Cotswolds," due to the fact that the River Windrush flows right through the centre of town. Perfect for lovers of history, Chedworth spreads itself along the side of a valley and in Chedworth Woods. This picturesque market town is often dubbed the "Capital of the Cotswolds" and was a popular place in Roman times, as it lies at the crossroads of three Roman roads. The town also offers green and lovely spaces to rest while exploring, including Cirencester Park, St.

For those wanting a stroll in the fresh air, the River Coln offers beautiful walks in the quiet and lovely countryside.
Those wishing for peace and quiet, head a little off the traditional tourist route and visit Naunton, a beautifully unspoiled destination.
Often known as the "Queen of the Cotswolds, this charming village in Gloucestershire offers some of the best preserved settlements in the region. This is but a small selection of some of the best villages to visit on your Cotswold holiday. Despite the renaming confusion, the Snapdragon 652 uses four Cortex A72 and four Cortex A53 cores. The battery size is unknown but we hope that the device has the 4000 mAh like the non-pro version if not larger.
There are so many lovely destinations to choose from and to save a little time on your Cotswold holiday, here are seven of the best, must-see villages in the area. The town is also situated on the River Windrush with a traditional medieval bridge spanning the water.
Visit the Corinium Museum to see treasures from the town's Roman past, including beautiful mosaics, medieval sculptures and Anglo Saxon gold. This is the perfect spot to have a quiet day out, eating lunch in a village pub and then strolling along the long-distance footpaths that crisscross the area.

Painswick, located at the mid-point of the Cotswold Way, is surrounded by some of the best walking country, with several interesting spots to visit close by, including the Rococo Gardens and the lovely and picturesque villages of Edge, Slad and Sheepscombe. The Cotswolds offer many fascinating and enjoyable locations, making it the perfect area to return, year after year. The Cortex A72 cores will work up to 1.8GHz while the Cortex A53 will have a lower clock, at an unannounced speed. Enjoy the Cotswold Motor Museum, a car lover's dream with vehicles on display from right through the 20th century.
In the town itself beautiful 17th and 18th century buildings are on display in the High Street and is a great place for exploring, looking for antiques to take home.
Besides the history of the village, it is a great shopping destination where visitors can shop until they drop, especially with the indoor and outdoor markets in town. Mary's, a "wood church" displaying a full set of 28 medieval stained glass windows depicting the story of the bible. Andrews there is an ancient spring or water spout, just beside the gate leading to the churchyard.

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