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PRATT – If summer temps have you seeing red, why not add a little green to the mix in the form of Christmas decorations?
Participants must bring their own shotguns, be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, and if age 16, must have a Kansas hunting license and Harvest Information Program (HIP) permit.Nontoxic shells will be provided to all youth hunters. Guides will be provided for each group.Hunters will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and hunts will be scheduled as requests dictate and hunting groups can be formed.
Although beautiful year-round, Carolina’s campus is particularly scenic when leaves change color each fall. Of all the Tar Heels heading back to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for the new school year, nearly 20 percent of them are first-generation college students.
Join us every Wednesday for the University’s new podcast as we talk with Carolina’s newsmakers and experts.
Join us each week as we attempt to unpack the latest cuckoobananas episode of The CBS Program Zoo, setting ablaze our hottest takes as a burnt offering to the animal gods.
Folks, if you are trying to keep track of the exact nature of the ecological threat that forms the central premise of The CBS Program Zoo, it is long past time to give up. Later that night, Jackson (who has super hearing now, a development that is shown briefly and never revisited) drives off with a shovel and without an explanation. Because you and I, like the writers of TCBSPZ, have read Jurassic Park, we recognize this jumble of A, G, C, and T as a mnemonic for a genetic sequence.
Delving deeper into his memory, Jackson recalls the day Robert Oz truly snapped — the day someone burned down his office, destroying all his research. After the fire, Robert Oz became even more unhinged, prompting Jackson and his mother to flee to Botswana.
Pierce’s old residence is just down the street, because literally everything in The CBS Program Zoo is crazy convenient, but The Gang is waylaid rescuing Annoying British Kid, who leads them to a church basement movie night and who is the unequivocal worst. At Church Basement Movie Night, The Gang learns that exceptionally loud bugs have kept the townspeople from a normal sleep schedule, wreaking havoc on their mental health while the other animals wreak havoc on their physical health.
After The Gang settles things down with the fastest-acting tranquilizers in known history, they powwow with Priesto, the generic priest character who always seems to show up in these tragedy-prone small towns. Just as Jamie points out that there is no higher power, she accidentally knocks over a stack of records that reveals exactly what they’re looking for. At this moment, Priesto decides to randomly mention that by the way there was a guy named Professor Robert Oz who stopped by with Raydon Global. Meanwhile, Dariela is having doubts about her vow to kill Jackson when she could be protecting Annoying British Kid and his pals. Dariela gathers up the townspeople and their supplies, and with Priesto by her side, the long journey begins. All this to say, what a shitty moment of product placement, because I can’t even tell what phone that is.
Trite as it was, that little exchange really resonated with this episode and its display of brave, stupid, hopeful acts. Brandon Michael Lowden is a writer of musicals, plays, children’s shows, novelty songs, album-oriented rock, underground rap, and apparently blog posts now. I remember someone tweeting they suspected Allison had known Mitch first (whether they dated, had a fling, or had just been friends with sexual tension), and only later met and married his father — much to Mitch’s chagrin — which I thought was a pretty plausible theory. Take his recent highly publicized address outlining specific economic policies he would push to benefit hard-hit working families. Sure, The Donald sounds like a populist on the stump, bellowing that the systems been jerry-rigged by and for the corporate and political elites, which is killing the middle class. As Groucho Marx said, "To know if a man is honest, ask him — if he says he is, he's a crook." Or, in the case of this phony populist, just look at the specific policies he laid out as his fixes for our economy.
But Trump's idea of "working class turns out to be millionaires and billionaires, for that's who would get the bulk of benefits from his agenda — rewarding the very corporate chieftains he denounces in his blustery speeches for knocking down middle-income families and grabbing all of the new wealth our economy is creating. What we have here is the same old failed, establishmentarian, economic elitist hokum that Republicans have been peddling for decades, only bigger and more extreme.
The trend of dressing corporately to do menial jobs in Nigeria and some parts of Africa seems to be on the increase as sole proprietors have been branding and packaging their businesses to maximize profits.
A man selling roasted meat popularly known as suya, has been pictured on suit and tie plying his trade in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, as the new trend now is for menial workers to dress well in plying their trade. Few weeks ago, a street vendor named Sosu Patrick, who sells roasted food products on the streets of Accra, Ghana, was seen donning a suit, white shirt, a beaded tie of the Ghana flag colors doing his business and dressed corporately.
We also reported it here some months ago that a man named Abdulahi Olatoyan, a University of Ilorin dropout, turned to the street after the demise of his father to make a living and save enough money to start a business. I have written numerous commentaries this election cycle on how Donald Trump is the "great white hope" to restore the White House and the US to representing the interests of white privilege, white tribalism and the restoration of blatant racism as an acceptable political and cultural stance among whites. When it comes to religion, Donald Trump's ongoing defamation of Muslims and draconian proposals for restricting the access of Muslims to the United States and even intensive monitoring of Muslims within the United States is certainly aimed at opportunistically ratcheting up xenophobia and Islamophobia. Trump's extension of Nixon's strategy to include not just southern whites, but all whites who believe in white privilege and that the United States is losing its "Christian heritage" is borne out by clear demographic trends. The number of white Christians in America has dwindled to 46 percent of the total population from 55 percent in 2007, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Monday by National Journal’s Next America project. The survey also found that while the percentage of white Christians fell, they still account for nearly seven in 10 Americans who identify as Republicans.
The American religious landscape is being remade, most notably by the decline of the white Protestant majority and the rise of the religiously unaffiliated.

So many of Trump's supporters either agree with Trump's excessive hateful, sneering and racist stances -- along with his confused and frequently draconian foreign policy positions. As the US's non-white, non-Christian population has increased, the emotional desperation of people who tie their personal identities and senses of comfort and power to being white Christians increases.
America is heading toward the day when whites will no longer make up the majority of the population. By around 2020, "more than half of the nation's children are expected to be part of a minority race or ethnic group," the Census Bureau says, putting Americans under the age of 18 at the front of a trend that will see the overall population follow suit some 20 years later. In short, Donald Trump represents probably the last presidential campaign in which a white person running a campaign based on unabashed racism and bigotry has a chance of winning the presidency. My argument in the book is that we have already experienced the passing of White Christian America. The tumultuous Republican primaries and the ongoing reprehensible comments of Donald Trump, however, make it clear that in an immediate sense, the last gasps of white Christian identity will continue to create turmoil. Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service responded to a house fire at 1508 Bradley Lane (Just off Broadwood Road) in Rockville.
According to first responders, the fire started in the rear of the house, but was successfully extinguished. Public cynicism about politics and people spending more time online than outdoors at events has made it harder for public officials to communicate with their constituents, according to Rep. He attributed that attitudinal shift to the “huge” influence of money in politics and blamed reporters for “indulging impulses in the audience” rather than focusing on what they need to know.
Sarbanes explained raising money for campaigns as a sort of Catch 22, in which candidates relying on small donors have to spend more time chasing money than people who self-fund their campaigns. However, self-funders may not disclose the source of their income to the same extent as other candidates have to disclose the identities of their donors. Sarbanes said people who self-fund campaigns like real estate mogul Donald Trump (R) and former Democratic congressional candidate David Trone say they’re not bought and paid for by special interests. Despite $13 million of spending, Trone lost the eighth congressional district primary to state Sen.
According to Sarbanes, Trump is not likely to win the fall election but he may leave a legacy that will affect politics for a generation. Partisan polarization isn’t just limited to the campaign trail but, increasingly, also to governing, according to Sarbanes, a fifth-term congressman who sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce committee. He attributed that to the demands of fundraising, noting members of Congress typically spend between 30 percent and 70 percent of their day asking for money.
That leaves left time for members of opposing caucuses to mingle away from committee meetings. Five of the six bills sponsored by Sarbanes since the start of the 114th Congress have yet to make it out of committee and now have less than five months to clear both chambers in order to be signed into law prior to the start of the 115th Congress Jan. His one bill that passed this cycle makes it easier for people to administer Naloxone in order to prevent deaths from drug overdoses. Meanwhile, his “Government By the People” bill, which would allow the government to offer a $6 to $1or $9 to $1 match for small-donor donations raised by candidates, has languished in a subcommittee, despite 160 co-sponsors. Sarbanes also noted his district is one of the most gerrymandered in the country and has called for a “national solution” to redistricting reform, such as independent commissions, in order to limit the influence of politics on drawing congressional boundaries.
Locally, Sarbanes helped secure a $10 million TIGER grant for developing Bus Rapid Transit along 14 miles of U.S. The Chevrolet Trax is the smallest crossover offered by Chevy, and it is also one of its newest models, having just rolled out here in the US in the 2015 model year. GM bosses recognized the potential in the Chevrolet Trax, and it is preparing for a refresh for the 2017 model year. Once inside the vehicle, shoppers will notice that the 2017 Chevrolet Trax sports a newly configured dashboard that holds a newly available 7-inch infotainment system screen that is ready for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Gauges are configured to mimic a sporty motorcycle, and interior appointments have been reconsidered to ensure passengers are as comfortable as possible. If you’re shopping for a new SUV that’s nimble and easy maneuver, either generation of the Chevy Trax is a great idea.
That’s right, the staff at Lovewell State Park invite you to celebrate this winter holiday early at their 14th Annual Campground Christmas on Saturday, August 20. MARYS ­– The Westar Energy Green Team, a volunteer group of Westar Energy, invite youth 16 and younger to kick off dove season by participating in its annual youth dove hunt.
In this week’s, we talk with Vice Provost for Enrollment and Undergraduate Stephen Farmer about first-generation college students, their impact at Carolina and a new project designed to welcome them to campus. Each episode, students, faculty, staff and alumni will discuss what’s going on in classrooms, labs and around campus, and how it pertains to the local, national and international headlines. This being a rare example of something that would actually be taught in real-life vet school, Mitch is all over it.
Jackson recounts his difficult childhood and the ways his dad traumatized him by trepanning his pet ferrets, et cetera.
It must have been someone who found out about the new experiments he was planning… dark experiments. Somehow, this makes her decide to stay and help, presumably so she can push Annoying British Kid into a sinkhole when no one’s looking. He holds an MFA from the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he was a recipient of the Mel Silverman Scholarship. I do think this plot wrinkle is intended more as a complication for Mitch than an actual romantic possibility, and it seems like we’re going to get a little backstory on it in future eps.
It's an almost-hilarious compilation of Trumpian fabrications, including his bold, statesmanlike discourse on the rank unfairness of the estate tax: "No family will have to pay the death tax," he solemnly pledged, adopting the right-wing pejorative for a tax assessed on certain properties of the dearly departed.

Trumpeting the package as his blueprint for the "economic renewal" of America's working class. His proposed tax cuts, for example, don't benefit low-wage workers at all and provide only a pittance of gain for those with middle-class paychecks, but corporations are given a huuuuuuuge windfall with over a 50 percent cut in their rate.
Thus, the big majority of Americans that are most in need of child care help get nothing from Trump's melodramatic gesture.
Rhetoric aside, the reality of Trump's plan is to replace Ronald Reagan's trickle-down theory with his own arrogant, anti-worker scheme of tinkle-down economics.
StudentAfrica School Management Information System (SASMIS) is an integrated school management information system  for academic institutions with focus on operational excellence in Education. That's the question academic John Sides implies in a Washington Post interview with Robert P. However, it is also an attempt to corral white Christians -- particularly Evangelicals -- behind an unabashed bigoted white authoritarian Christian – although perhaps in name only -- presidential candidate.
These religious transformations have been swift and dramatic, occurring largely within the last four decades. Others of his supporters forgive him his misstatements of facts and "un-Christian" lifestyle.
While this claim is grounded in demographic changes, it is also supported by the fading power of major institutions, such as the National Council of Churches or the Christian Coalition of America. They’re so turned off,” said Sarbanes Monday at the office of the Montgomery County Sentinel.
Paul Sarbanes (D), first started campaigning for the third congressional district during the 2006 campaign cycle, he said “a lot more people” attended parades, festivals and carnivals, making it easier for him to interact with members of the public at events. Jamie Raskin (D-20), who is competing against Frederick resident Dan Cox (R) in the general election. Its relative youth and small size haven’t stopped it from rolling out some impressive sales numbers, though, proving that this SUV is just what American shoppers are looking for.
This is a 54.9% increase from the 6,222 Trax SUVs that were sold in the same period last year, making last month the Trax’s best-ever sales month. As part of the festivities, campers are encouraged to decorate their campsites in a Christmas theme using any decorations they choose. Organized youth dove hunts such as this are an excellent way for kiddos to learn dove hunting basics, with plenty of birds flying at close range over wheat and sunflower fields managed to attract doves.
All you need to know is they need seven animals, they have five of them, and the dusty records of a Victorian idiot might help them find the rest.
They find out that Pierce buried the animal bones in the cemetery under a fake brother’s name, so Abe and Priesto start digging. Mitch forces Jackson into a drug-incuced therapy session because it’s the only way to save him.
Prior to that, while earning a BS in Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, he was an award-winning writer for both the Daily Princetonian and the Triangle Club (who still perform his songs annually). He still has serious feelings for Jamie and until all hope for that relationship has been buried in the cold, cold ground, I can’t see anything happening with the stepmother. Fine, but next came his slick prevarication: "American workers have paid taxes their whole lives, and they should not be taxed again at death." Workers?
His tax giveaway will also take $240 billion a year out of our public treasury — money desperately needed for such basics as expanding educational opportunities and restoring our nation's dilapidated infrastructure. Once again, his generosity is for his own elite class, for the tax benefits would flow uphill to wealthy families like his who can purchase the platinum packages of care for their children. As an early 19th Century labor leader noted, "Figures don't lie, but liars do figure." That fits The Donald perfectly. SASMIS is a high quality educational management system that innovates the trends in Education Administration. There are no indicators that the country will see the likes of White Christian America as a dominant cultural force again. All together in the first seven months of 2016, the Chevrolet Trax has seen a 24.82% growth in sales year-over-year. The exterior of the 2017 Chevrolet Trax has been modified to fit in with the other refreshed Chevy models for sale, like the Cruze, Volt, and Malibu, making the small crossover look sportier than ever. Whatever the answer, The Gang is going to have to find another solution — Pierce’s leftover animal bones.
Jackson destroyed his dad’s lab, knowing he must stop the experiments but ignorant of the wider consequences.
A native of Pittsburgh, Brandon now resides in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan and works an office gig to support his real job (writing).
I is the disappearance of White Christian America that is driving their strong, sometimes apocalyptic reactions.
So Trump is trying to deceive real workers into thinking he's standing for them, when in fact it's his own wealth he's protecting.
Falling numbers and the marginalization of a once-dominant racial and religious identity — one that has been central not just to white Christians themselves but to the national mythos — threatens white Christians’ understanding of America itself.
In Canada, sales of the Trax have risen a modest 2.89%, meaning that the car is still finding new fans in a market where it’s more established.

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