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Since the beginning of travel, it has always been the greatest feat to go where no man has gone before. Dassen Island, the little piece of heaven off the Western Cape’s coastline, is almost otherworldly as it can’t be visited by car and it’s not viable for day boats. Daniel Jeeves, of Leland, NC, with a red drum that struck a live finger mullet in Carolina Beach Inlet while he was fishing with Capt. Kyle, of Island Tackle and Hardware, reports that the flounder bite seems to have gotten better since last week’s hurricane, and anglers are running into some fat flatfish throughout the area, with good action reported in Carolina Beach Inlet, the ICW, Snows Cut, and the Cape Fear River. Red drum are feeding in most of the same spots as the flatfish and in the bays off the lower Cape Fear River.
Surf casters are hooking a typical summer mixed bag of bottomfish, and good numbers of large sharks have also shown up along the beachfront. The spanish mackerel bite has slowed a bit since the storm, but anglers are already finding some along the beachfront again when they can find clean water. Dolphin had pushed into the 20-40 mile range before the blow, and they should be feeding in the same areas after. The few boats who went to the Gulf Stream last week reported more dolphin and some blackfin tuna action.
Dennis Perkerson with a citation sheepshead that bit a live fiddler crab under Snows Cut bridge. Robert, of Carolina Explorer, reports that all the rain that Hurricane Arthur dumped on the area moved the fish around a bit, but anglers have seen some decent action since the storm. There was a decent speckled trout bite in the river before the storm, but it’s slowed down a bit. Dirty water has also slowed the flounder and spanish mackerel bite out in the ocean, but both should recover within the week.
Brenda, of Carolina Beach Pier, reports that bottom fishermen are hooking some croaker and sea mullet on shrimp.
Chris, of Kure Beach Pier, reports that anglers are hooking some flounder on live baits fished near the pilings. The Titanic resurfaces in its extraordinary way this week with TV specials timed to the 100th anniversary of its sinking this month. Deep-sea explorer Robert Ballard holds a compass he received for being one of “Connecticut’s Finest,” at the state Capitol in 2007.
Actress Amanda Bynes, 26, attempted to pass a patrol car making a right turn when she hit it early Friday, the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department said. Ballard is perhaps the foremost advocate for protecting the wreck, which has become a target for salvagers and even deep-sea tourists.
As more deep-sea vehicles are developed, the ship will be increasingly looted, he believes.
He also visits Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the ship was built and examines the original plans for the liner. Tiny bacteria are feasting on Titanic’s iron bones, converting them to stalactite-like formations of rust. The Los Angeles County sheriff’s department said that Bynes attempted to pass a patrol car making a right turn when she hit it.
Lauer has signed a long-term contract to remain as co-host of the show, a long-anticipated deal that NBC announced Thursday night but Lauer made public Friday morning. Here at MaineToday Media we value our readers and are committed to growing our community by encouraging you to add to the discussion. We know that Microsoft's latest OS Windows 10 has been released to public and Windows 7 or 8.1 users can free upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 is based on Windows 8 operating system so you get a little bit similar interface as you get in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 but Microsoft has changed lots of things, modified user interface and implemented many useful and exclusive features in Windows 10 which will definitely please many Windows users. Today in this exclusive review article, we are going to talk about some cool new features and improvements in Windows 10.
After a huge demand, Microsoft has finally added a fully-functional Start Menu in Windows 10 as discussed in this article. In Windows 10, modern apps run in windowed mode on Desktop similar to other software programs such as Microsoft Office, etc. Apart from the titlebar buttons, all modern apps also contain a new Hamburger-style (3 lines) menu icon which can be used to collapse or expand the left-side pane in apps.
PS: Microsoft has replaced the good ol' Windows Photo Viewer program with the new Photos app in Windows 10 which takes some time in opening images. Windows 10 contains a new button "Task View" in Taskbar which allows you to create multiple desktops.
If you want to move a particular program from one Desktop to another, go to Task View screen, right-click on the desired program thumbnail and select the option "Move -> Desktop x".
Microsoft has also implemented Google Android and Windows Phone style Notification Center (or Action Center) in Windows 10 which notifies users about new activities in Windows 10. Notification Center can be accessed by clicking on its icon present in Taskbar notification area.
It shows apps and system notifications which can be removed by clicking on the close (x) button or by swiping them to the right.
Another instance of the new notification center can be seen in various notification pop-ups (toasts) such as safe to remove hardware, etc which are shown in bottom-right corner of the screen.
To balance Desktop PCs and touch-enabled devices, Microsoft has put a new feature Tablet Mode (codenamed Continuum) in Windows 10. It'll help users in accessing network settings as well as connecting to wireless networks quickly and easily. Microsoft has also put Windows Phone's Cortana feature in Windows 10 which talks and performs some basic tasks when the user types or speaks the commands similar to Windows Phones. You can either type your search queries or click on small microphone icon to use voice commands.
Please note that Cortana feature is only available in certain countries such as China, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, U.S.
Windows 10 Taskbar shows 2 extra items Cortana Search Box and Task View icon next to the Start Button. Windows 10 also comes with a new web browser "Microsoft Edge" which was previously known as Project Spartan. The funny part is that the good ol' Registry tweak to get Windows XP style classic Alt+Tab dialog box still works in Windows 10.
Aero Snap feature was introduced in Windows 7 which lets you minimize, maximize or resize program windows using a simple drag-n-drop to screen corners. Also a new Snap Assist feature has been added in Windows 10 which automatically shows a list of other running programs when you try to use Aero Snap feature. Settings app in Windows 10 comes with many new options such as Data Sense, Storage Sense, Battery Saver, etc. These new options provide useful information to end users for example, Data Sense has been developed for users who use metered Internet connection. Storage Sense option helps users in finding which files and folders are taking maximum space on your hard disk. In Windows 10, Windows Update shows a progress bar as well as download percentage information to users so you always have idea how much download has been completed. Windows 10 also comes with a hidden secret Easter egg which is known as "Retail Demo Mode".
There are a few useful hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts) present in Windows 10 which can make your Windows 10 experience better.
Whats the point of Win 10 if it looks like MS just added some features\fixes to Win 8.0\8.1 and now claim it to be a "new" OS? Stupid question but why can't MS tweak win 7 instead so I can finally go over to it instead and have a working pc instead of a badly messed up pc with win xp pro sp2!
I also request MS to at least allow users to change the font colors of different windows components like the title-bar etc. Actually Microsoft Indonesia already said free upgrade from windows 8 series to next version of windows. The Notifications aren't completely new - they exist in 8 and 8.1, but it looks like they have expanded where they are used in 10.
Hey VG , did you know in Windows 10 , if we snap any app (Metro or Desktop) in half or quadrant mode , and we drag it back , it doesn't resize back to its original size .
I'm trying to use Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts on VirtualBox, such as the Snap Assist feature. This build also add support lower resolution screen(e.g 1024 x 600 ) for opening modern apps.
When Hybrid Shutdown mode is enabled in Build 9860 , when you reboot after a hybrid shutdown , quadrant snap will become inaccessible . There also a new option to hide the Search Icon in the taskbar, just right-click the taskbar and uncheck the new box that says “Show Search button".

I've finally done this in Win 8.1 (usual registry change) and got a script to run on a schedule that reapplies the theme so on resuming from hibernation the colour (theme) is reapplied so the appearance appears uninterrupted.
Basically you have to defend yourself against Win 8 weaknesses that stop you from accessing recovery methods that were familiar. And the arcane way to get to Safe Mode and startup options via SHIFT restart is unbelievable.
Clicking on one option in that sequence, the next you'd click on takes you to Reset or Refresh unless you move your mouse! Hi, if you upgrade (free) from Win 8.1, and started with a Win 8 license, what is the reinstall path like?
Since Windows 8.1 update is free for Windows 8 users, all Windows 8 users will be able to qualify for free upgrade to Windows 10.
I installed the preview 9926 on the virtual machine (VMware), and Cortana get me one of these errors: Sorry, speech failed to start.
I have been using Win10Tech Preview and updating builds all along, but, I tried this latest 9926 and do not have my 1920x1080 resolution in the options and it defaults me to 1600x1200. I am looking forward to Windows 10, I would definitely upgrade to it as soon as possible, might just help my father with installing it on his computers as well. I've installed build 9926, I found my notebook looks-like work so hard (the fan was so noisy), help? It Show DefaultUser0 as User but when I Enter Password it Don't Respond and Login Screen Splash Automatically. I find that telling someone how to permanently disable Windows Update to be irresponsible; the reason that Microsoft has forced Windows 10 Home users to automatically download and install updates is because the people who turned off Windows Update and never installed security updates are the people whose PCs have been made part of botnets, made into spambots, and infest other PCs with malware.
Today Toyota released pricing for the Tacoma and 4Runner TRD Pro Models, which will be available at Toyota dealers this fall.
The TRD Pro 4Runner MSRP will be $41,110, which is $2,355 more than a similarly outfitted Trail Grade 4Runner Premium. Of all the TRD Pro trucks, the Tacoma features the most upgrades, although curiously the skid plate is the same as OEM. The bottom line for enthusiasts with both vehicles is this: Can you build your brand new truck for less than the TRD Pro line?
For those just dipping their toes into this crazy off-highway Toyota world, the TRD Pro is a great way to get started. We’re working with Toyota to get our hands on models for dedicated hands-on testing, so keep your FREE subscription to TCT Magazine current! Technology news - 2016 innovations future tech, Get the latest technology news, articles and op-eds. 5 easy ways delete history android device - wikihow, How delete history android device.
But seeing as around 10 000 years has passed since the first known boat was built, there’s little above water that remains untouched; yet, the lure of being an explorer still remains. The island itself is currently uninhabited, aside from the very select few folk who are occasionally granted permits to visit for research purposes. Most are falling for live baits on Carolina rigs, but anglers working Gulps are hooking up as well.
They’ll bite live baits, too, but topwater plugs, soft plastics, and other artificials can be effective. Live shrimp fished under floats are tough to beat for the specks, but anglers can also tempt them to bite soft plastics and suspending hard baits. Anglers can fool the kings with live baits (like menhaden) or dead cigar minnows and ballyhoo.
Anglers are hooking a few while working soft plastic baits for the reds, but most are falling for live menhaden and finger mullet on Carolina rigs. Anglers should be able to find some specks feeding around grass islands and oyster rocks in the area once the water cleans up a bit. Trolling Clarkspoons around the inlets and along the beachfront is the way to connect with the spanish.
Ballard has been vocal about preserving the wreck as a memorial to those who built the ship and died with it, a stance that has put him at odds with groups like RMS Titanic, which exhibits artifacts it plucked from the bottom in a Las Vegas casino. Ballard believes the ship is dying again, imperiled by the forces of nature and increasing pressure from human greed. Her publicist, Melissa Raubvogel, did not immediately return a call and an email from The Associated Press. Actually Windows Threshold is the codename of Windows 10 just like Longhorn was the codename of Windows Vista and Whistler was the codename of Windows XP. Windows 10 Start Menu contains All Apps entries similar to Windows 7 Start Menu along with live tiles taken from Start Screen.
Actually Microsoft has combined both Start Menu and Start Screen into a single feature which was previously referred to as Continuum mode. Just click on the button or press WIN+TAB keys together and you'll have a new screen on your desktop where you can add more Desktops. You can also preview items on each Desktop by hovering your mouse cursor on desired Desktop thumbnail. Also the status icons such as network, easy of access, etc are now shown at bottom-right corner of screen. You can also hide or mute notifications by right-clicking on its icon and selecting "Turn on quiet hours" option.
You can also enable the built-in hands-free feature "Hey Cortana" to direct search using your voice without clicking on microphone icon. If you are not using a supported locale but want to use Cortana, you can change your locale and language to United States (English) or other supported locales in Region and Language Settings (intl.cpl) and you'll be able to use Cortana. Microsoft has added some much awaited features such as text wrapping on resize, CTRL hotkeys, etc to Windows 10 Command Prompt.
Registry Editor is rarely improved or modified in any Windows version but in Windows 10, Microsoft has added a very useful feature to Registry Editor. Now when you press Alt+Tab keys together, it shows a full screen interface containing large thumbnails of running programs. Now Windows 10 allows users to snap program windows into quadrants as well so you can put four program windows at the same time on screen using Aero snap feature. You can also change default save locations for apps, documents, music, pictures and videos.
In previous Windows versions, Windows Update doesn't show any kind of status or download information to users.
Microsoft has disabled the ability to customize Windows Update download behavior in Windows 10. As the name suggests, this secret mode has been created for retail stores to advertise and show off Windows 10 devices. The M$ VP, Joe Belfiore, stated very clearly that by using WTP, you are using a highly incomplete written software. Would be much practical to be able to open several folders in the same explorer window just like using a web browser with tabs. Alternatively you can go to Programs Files folder and create a shortcut of your desired program to Desktop. We’ve been waiting to see what the additional functionality and cosmetic upgrades would cost, now we have our answers. The additional parts add up to approximately $2,998 (estimated using current internet pricing), so for a 1 to 1 replacement, the TRD Pro Package seems to be a decent deal.
The Tacoma is priced at $37,415 for the 4X4 Double Cab AT, which is only $1,396 more than a similarly configured model from the Toyota Website.
I’ve talked with many people that are NOT part of our community (yet) and to them, this is a great way to enter the hobby of vehicle-based exploring. Leisure Boating magazine goes in search of possibly the rarest gem in South Africa, found just a short way off the West Coast. Found in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, about 10 km west of Yzerfontein and 55 km north of Cape Town, this proclaimed nature reserve is second only to the biggest island off SA, Robben Island. Clarkspoons trolled behind planers and torpedo sinkers are the way to go for the spaniards. The reds are feeding in the bays and backwaters off the lower Cape Fear River and in the ICW and inlets. Anglers can find the ocean flounder feeding around bottom structure and hook them on the same baits as the fish inshore. Windows 10 comes with an improved Start Menu which can be converted into a full screen Start Menu which works quite similar to the previous Start Screen. To quickly switch between running virtual Desktops you can use WIN+CTRL+Left or Right hotkey. Actually the quick action buttons have been added to Notification Center to replace previous Charms Bar.

It provides a full screen user interface such as Modern (Metro) apps launch in full screen, Start Menu opens in full screen, etc. Just set the option "Let Cortana respond when you say Hey Cortana" to On in Cortana Settings. Users can manually turn the feature on or can set it to start automatically when the battery gets below the given percentage.
It just shows progress bar animation and users don't have any idea how much updates have been downloaded and how many updates are remaining.
Now users can't set Windows Update to notify before downloading and installing new updates in Windows 10. Even though, if they want classic XP users to switch to W10, they could have added XP UI scheme as a separate UI option to choose from.
The only one thing we need, is really gaming friendly setup, so we can install only things we need.
A new OS should have lots of different functionality than its previous version but here I am not finding much difference. Of course if you’re planning to add a full lift kit, heavy duty skid plates, and additional armor, you may be better served with a standard trail model. In fact, you could build a base model 4x4 4Runner with KDSS for about $38,420 MSRP, then add a lift, wheels, tires, and skids for another $3,500. Except for most of the northeastern shore, the island is surrounded by reefs and has something of a ‘rocky’ past as many ships have run aground here – especially when the island gained extreme popularity during the 19th and 20th centuries. Live baits like finger mullet have produced the best results with the reds recently, but anglers are also hooking up while working topwater plugs, soft plastic baits, and other lures.
When Battery Saver mode is on, it shows its icon next to battery icon in Taskbar notification area (system tray).
Although the warning was already given in the linked tutorial but as per your suggestion, I have added the same above.
Still, for those looking for a little more capability from the factory, the TRD Pro 4Runner is a good option to consider.
Just like the 4Runner, if you’re looking for a little more off road ability with direct from the factory, the extra $ for a TRD Pro Tacoma could be a good deal.
You would end up with more capability for the same price, but it wouldn’t be with OEM parts. For our trip, it was decided that we’d experience the true beauty this island has to offer from the privileged vantage point of Boating World’s elegant Targa 38 and I was fortunate to spend my time there with boating legend Derrick Levy and sales executive Greg Alice.
The Tacoma can be built in a similar manner, and for enthusiasts interested in building their own rig, that’s definitely the way to go. A second boat joined us for the getaway, an exquisite Riviera 33 with Jeremy Chaitman and Peter Sternberg aboard.
However, this option should be provided during the installation of the OS whether one wants to install the UI scheme or not.
Departing from the Granger Bay marina at 09h50, our guys weekend away was beginning – and for me, it all starts with the journey. Default and forced installation may offend some new generation customers and people who don't like junks on their system.
The cool ocean breeze at our backs took away some of the 25°C heat we were greeted with that morning, and the day warmed up to be over 30°C and a tad sweltering. For those interested, and when in season, some snoek can be caught which would be great come supper time – and if wetting some line isn’t your type of thing, be on the lookout for waving seals and dolphins frolicking in your wake. Try as you might to sever the tether of civilisation, I had cell phone reception throughout the trip. Take for example Robben Island; although most notably famous for its treacherous past as a prison island, it holds another less known secret. Towards the end of the 17th century, it is rumoured that a Dutch ship, laden with gold coins, disintegrated on the reefs of the island, just a short distance offshore, in relatively shallow but very restless waters. Earmarked for the payment of the salaries of employees of the Dutch East India Company in Batavia (now Jakarta, Indonesia), the gold today would be worth tens of millions of pounds sterling or U.S. A few coins have washed ashore over the centuries but apparently the treasure itself remains in the ocean.
This forced the birds to concentrate in coastal areas and made egg collection easier and the population fell from over 1 million birds in 1900 to less than 50 000 in the 1960’s. Egg collection was made illegal in 1967, but until then, penguin eggs were a delicacy – even served in the Houses of Parliament.
This has meant pristine white beaches and an almost uninterrupted bird life, as seen from the huge Pelican and Cape Cormorants that cruise around looking for a quick meal. At Huisbaai, we were greeted by as many as 25 commercial “Kreef” boats and a navigable maze of crayfishing nets.
We hung out for the day, taking in the sights and appreciating the serenity of it all – especially since we weren’t having much luck with the rod. We had some red bait on the hook, but looking back now, we might’ve been better off with some white muscle. Hottentot fish are a great eat, and some can be found while you venture around the island; but rather save your precious time here and try hook one (or other bottom feeders) while you’re at anchor.
When evenings begin to set in, it would be rather romantic – but, not a word of it was mentioned between us five guys.
Jeremy, being from a restaurant background, really knows what good food consists of; and the meat, fresh from being licked by the flames, gave Jeremy the honorary title as Master Chef, Dassen Island. Once the sun had set over the horizon, it does get a little chilly on the ocean, so make sure to take something warm. The water during the day was, according to WindGuru, around 12 degrees – and this was proven relatively accurate when I dipped my hand in. In daylight, there is a certain sort of black haze in the water, but if you look closer, you’ll notice it is millions upon millions of little swimming creatures, almost like miniature black prawns or shrimp. Come night time when we switched the underwater lights on, the water became a hive of activity as a mindboggling amount of life lurks from the darkness. While your boat is parked off, water creatures eat marine growth from your hull – cleaning it almost entirely in a 2-3 day period. It is said that there are only two places in the world where this occurs – and the other is in Brazil. After a good few laughs had been shared, we corked the wine before a groggy morning became imminent. We had spent the evening on the Riviera 33, and like three sailors of old, Derrick, Greg and I paddled the high seas in our four man inflatable to the sanctuary of the Targa, anchored just a short distance away. Now, this is the first time I’ve slept on a boat of this style in this type of setting, and I was anxious to see what it was all about.
The Targa is a luxury cruiser with a deep-Vee hull – and this gives the boat a gentle rock as you drift off to dreamland. The peacefulness of the waves, softly washing onto the beach nearby, plays as the soundtrack to your dreams - diminishing stress and making everyday life something of the past. It was one of the most pleasant sleeps I’ve ever had, and although the headroom in my stern cabin wasn’t quite like that found in a five-star hotel, everything else certainly was, such as superb lighting, a comfy bed, wooden cupboards, mirrors, blinds and a solid counter top. Naturally, this luxury runs throughout the boat, and when morning came, a steaming hot shower and a cup of coffee waited. If you’re planning a trip to Dassen Island, plan for a two- to three-day window of opportunity to ensure great weather.
A south-westerly wind is ideal as the island protects you when you’re staying at Huisbaai, but as our luck would have it, the clouds had closed in overnight and the sea was going to be a little rougher for our trip back, heading into the swell and wind. We had put the full covers onto the boat the day before and were ready to travel back – no matter what nature could throw at us!
As we departed the island, we dropped a spoon and a lure into the water in the hopes of picking up a decent sized snoek or yellow tail as we idled along.
Without much result after some time, Derrick and I began changing our modus operandi by varying the line length and giving the ‘bait’ some more life-like movement. When we were clear of the island with no potential hook-ups, we packed the rods away and headed for home. It makes for a great stop off for those skippering between Cape Town and Langebaan and is perfect if you’re simply looking to get away on your boat.
What’s more, travelling to the island in the Targa would cost roughly the same as taking the boat out of the water for cleaning.
At Leisure Boating, we vow that 2013 is going to be a memorable year – and although leaving the island leaves you heartsore, it gives you a wealth of life-long memories. I can’t express my thanks enough to Derrick and Greg for taking me to this magical island… For more information on the Fairline or Riviera ranges contact Derrick Levy on (021) 418 0840.

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